Not the brand or the label, not what’s under the hood. Reviews written by a regular woman for other regular folk. I don’t care how many horses it has under the hood, what I care about is how it drives for my needs. These reviews are my personal experience, I am not pulling from any expertise or any manual or technical review. These are just things that I notice as a regular driver, one that commutes over two hours a day. Additionally, I don’t care if something comes standard or may be considered a minute detail, if I think it is interesting and worth mentioning, I will be doing it here. Like do the seats raise high enough. Can I see past the front of the car, can I reach all the buttons on the centre console and dash with ease? And how do I feel when I am behind the wheel? Powerful? Professional?

This week I was in the front seat of the 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan, having driven the sport edition just a couple of weeks ago I knew what to expect for the automatic version.

For me Mazda’s are a great staple, no real out standing hits or misses, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I get in to one I know exactly what to expect from it, and it delivers. Simple easy driving, reliable comfort; that car that brings you from point A to B without issue. Therefore, this is going to be short one because I don’t need to oversell it, I don’t need to talk it up, the Mazda 3 is just a solid vehicle.

When it comes to getting into a new vehicle, I don’t invest time in reading a manual. I simply adjust the driver’s seat, sit down, and begin pushing buttons. Tuning the sound system to the way I like it, favouriting my preferred satellite radio stations, and getting acquainted with all the features I will need to use for the week. And considering this, upon first blush impressions the Mazda 3 is easy.

Its standard features include lane assist, seat and wheel heating, automatic windshield wiping, and your speed and the limit projected on to the windshield for easy viewing. Along with keyless entry the vehicle is effortless. You don’t feel like you are exerting yourself in the least bit when you are driving, giving you easy and effortless commuting.

Although if you are planning on carpooling you might have issues. There is no room in the back seat. I ended up shooting and impromptu taste test video back there, and had to move the front seats as far up as the could go in order to do so. Meaning either the driver has leg room or the back seat passengers do. Similarly, if you had a car seat back here, you won’t be able to fit in the front seat. Thus, making it not very practical as the family sedan.

But as a single person vehicle it works, especially with the great fuel economy. A week worth of work and extracurriculars only had me filling up once, and even then it wasn’t over $60.

In summary, comparing it to the restaurant reviews that I also write, there isn’t anything out of sorts with the Mazda 3, but at the same time it isn’t necessary your favourite restaurant or the one you are excited to recommend. This is the one you go back to time and time again because it’s by your house and inexpensive. Like your comfortable, local neighbourhood pub. Thank you Mazda Canada for the wheels of the week!