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 Beautiful Deep Cove from View Point
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In attempt to bring fine dining to a small country town; the answer was found in “Arms Reach Bistro” at Deep Cove. This restaurant is the closest to the water and therefore gives you the best view of the sun setting behind the mountains.

If there was one word to describe this restaurant, it’s plain. Plain in both decor and food. The interior was lit dimly in your standard fixtures and table top tea lights. Everything is coloured beige and off white from the booth seats, chair backs, framed art work and other furniture. I believe it is so that you are not distracted by anything that could take away from the large windows and beautiful views. You get a wonderful, but obstructed view from any window facing seat. Everything really comes together to provide a very soothing dining experience. Nothing more suitable for this quite town. 

Our waiter didn’t say what they were out of until we ordered and by then I had my heart set on the roasted lamb and couldn’t be swayed on anything else. We ended up sharing the “Angry Chicken”. The only other thing we both wanted and felt like. Though they do offer a large array of dishes from curries to salads and pastas.

The breast was from a Fraser Valley free range chicken. It and all the market vegetable were soft. While great in the chicken breast, it would have been nicer to have the potatoes firmer and less crumbly. This dish needed one element to give it some contrast and a much needed crispy texture. 

Good thing we only got this one plate. Our chicken was good but nothing you couldn’t duplicate in your own kitchen. We go out to enjoy that which we cannot cook ourselves. We pay for the skills of the chefs on the cooking stage. And this was certainly not worth $26 for. We should have gotten two plates of this level of quality.

I think I was the only one that came to this conclusion. The local couple at the table next to us spoke highly of “Arms Reach Bistro”, when I mentioned writing about it on this blog. I was also able to watch from the corner of my eye, the man tilt his plate and scrape clean the sauce left behind from his pasta. He was basically just shy of licking his plate clean, but instead moved on to his wife’s. I don’t know if that was a show put on just for us. 

And then there was the multicultural group at the table in front of us. They really spoke to how good everything was. And they really must have meant it, seeing as they made a reservation for the following night, on the spot. 

I also don’t like the name “Arms Reach Bistro”. It does nothing to elude to the food. Instead it just refers to its location in proximity to the shore line. Also, to me bistro means smalls plates and not full dining. And it really should have been the case tonight. 

Would I come back? – No, I was not wowed by the taste and feel it is not worth what they are asking for. 

Would I recommend it? – No. Even 

though this was the busiest place at Deep Cove on the Easter weekend; and it is one of the only sit down, more refined meal destinations in the area. It is not worth the price you have to pay to try it. You don’t go to Deep Cove for a three course meal; you come for ice creams and sweets by the water. Leave the fancy dinners for city. In this case there are no cravings so nothing to deny. This is worth skipping.

107c-4390 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver BC, V7G 1L2
778 866 7120

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