The Marquis

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A hole in the wall, or rather a door in the block. It caught my attention with a sign post of cheap drinks specials, a knee level sandwich board, and a rotating strobe light in red LED. Inside, a narrow space with a row of tables and booths on right and swivelling hightop seats by the bar on the left. The mirror at the back of the restaurant gives the illusion that the place is larger than it really is. No decorations, no conversation starters. Just seats and shelves for bottles and drinks. Be warned everyone here knows the food isn’t good, you come for the cheap drinks and the $3.50 highballs.


“White strawberry”. Fruli and 1664 blanc. Surprised that I could taste this much strawberry.

Stanley park beer on tap.


“Potato and cheddar perogies”. Topped with spicy caramelized onions and green onions, and topped with sour cream. You can also add chorizo into the mix at cost. They were only slightly better than the frozen perogies you are too lazy to make yourself at home. Though it all honesty these are probably not in house made and started frozen as well. The skin was baked to a slight crisp, with an average amount of filling per pocket. I was unable to get to it to take a picture before my guest started eating.


“Cranberry apple pork loin”. Rolled pork loin stuffed with their sweet and savory cranberry-apple stuffing. Served with a spicy potato croquet and root vegetables. And topped with a red wine balsamic demi. My guests found the meat unbearably dry. After asking for more gravy, it didn’t do enough to moisten “the cardboard that they call a pork loin”. (To quote my guest) The vegetables sides were better, but nothing more than under seasoned mush. This too was left unfinished.


Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. Not listed on menu. It was warm enough and tasted fresh, probably purchase from else where. The slices resembled the store bought variety, with the hearty look of something done homemade.

The following are dishes I have tried and disliked on a past visit.


“Spicy house calamari”. Tubes, tentacles, and banana peppers, dusted in a rice flour batter. Served with spicy beans and a mint cucumber aioli. Barely crispy, with none of the spice promised in the title. Chewy and flavourless, not worth finishing.


“The Marquis chicken burger”. Chicken breast, fresh tomato, shaved romaine, sweet red onion, and mayonnaise. Plain and unmemorable. Nothing I couldn’t improve on myself.


Fettuccine Alfredo with prawn and a side of garlic toast. Bland and over cooked. Is it even possible to have too much Alfredo sauce? It felt like it in this dish.


Lobster ravioli. In reality this was three squares of over cooked pasta, topped carelessly with lobster chunks. Disappointing in quantity and quality. I should have known better than to order lobster anything at a pub.

Would I come back? – Yes. Only for cheap drinks, after I have had dinner else where in the neighbourhood.
Would I recommend it? – No. The food is not good, the drinks are only average, and the space is nothing special to write about.

2666 Granville Street, Vancouver BC
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