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I have previously seen pictures of their delicious looking pies on Instagram, so was excited when the “Aussie Pie Guy” food truck rolled up by my work. A chance to have a taste for myself, instead of asking “how was it?” to others. Their truck was red and white, with a map of Australia on the back and their pie-ed logo all around.


The menu was a sheet of neon coloured metal with each type of pie adhered to it by magnets. Scanning through the list I was slightly disappointed by the absence of any dessert pies. They offerings were all savoury meats or veggie full. Having this be my first exposure to Aussie pie, I guest this was to be expected.


The truck was run by two true Australians, accents and all. They were a friendly pair, patient with my questions and friendly with service. They advertised through pictures and a pleading sign that their goal was to save enough money for an Aussie holiday. The photos were happy memories from their last trip to be used as reference.


Your choices are eight regular pies and one on special. Each came with the option to pay a little more for a combo. The combo came with peas, mashed potatoes and gravy; or a sausage roll on the side. Majority of the pies were premade and kept warm within a glass case. I was luckily enough to get one fresh out of the oven. After my pies were bagged or boxed to go, I asked for cutlery, but other than the pie combo, was told none was needed. The expectation is that you eat the pie as a hand held. Guess this made sense coming from a food truck. But I don’t like having to eat it with my hands of possible.


I wanted the true Australian experience so went with what I thought were the most outside the box pie fillings. The pie crusts were all the same. Buttery and flaky but held together well, it a non greasy way. It was flavourful enough to enjoy as is, but light enough to not distract from each of the fillings within.


The “Steak & Guinness” because it was the special with limited supplies left by the time I got there. Chunks of steak in a Guinness gravy with chopped vegetables and softened potatoes. This I got topped with potatoes and peas. The filling was nice, but the most normal out of the other pies I tried. I was disappointed to not be able to make out any of that sharp Guinness taste. The potatoes and peas on top just added to the filling. The peas surprisingly were of the mushed up canned variety.


“Kanga Pie”, ground kangaroo meat with mashed sweet potato in a peppery red wine sauce. To quote my guest, “Mmmm marsupial”. Kangaroo meat, this is a first for me, and something I can cross one of the food to try list. This was a hearty mouthful with a generous filling of the yam purée. Tangy and a little gamey in a good way, thanks to the exotic meat. It was reminiscent of some sort of meat that we quite couldn’t put our finger on. The yam was the perfect base to balanced it out. A set of complimenting flavours that were well spiced and uniquely flavoured. It definitely came with a very different taste and a different texture from that of your regular pies.


The traditional “Aussie Pie” made with chunks of free range BC beef and organic onion in a peppery gravy made with “Howe Sound Rail ale”; from Squamish BC. This reminded a guest of her family’s Sunday roast. It was a meal in a pie crust. The really big chunks of meat became a mouth full, you either got too much in a bite or not enough. It was split between whether we liked the generous cuts of beef or not. I prefer to have them shredded and more evenly distributed. Other than it, the gravy and filling were pretty generic. Thick gravy, stewed vegetables. The pastry was certainly the best part.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Who doesn’t love pie? And we love it better when it comes to us! The pies were good, but nothing too different than the frozen pot pie variety, which I almost prefer more. I like the filling of my savoury pies, thick and creamy, heavy with evenly chopped ingredients. Though nothing beats a freshly baked pie pastry, and this was certainly some of the best. I would like to go back for more of their “normal” flavours, the ones with cheese, bacon, and homemade sausage. Don’t deny your cravings.

West Georgia St & Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC
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