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IMG_0255On our latest trip to the Okanagan we found ourselves hungry in Peachland, a city that was a street wide, with each one was facing Lake Okanagan. Our options were ironically limited to the numerous themed bars. But when we saw it we knew we would have a great meal at “Gasthaus”. A restaurant and pub side by side, joined together by their patio created from the space in between both buildings. A great way to take advantage of their long summers out in the sun. There were several individual rooms with only three walls and an open space facing the patio. The perfect option for those wanting the fresh air without the heat from the sun’s direct rays. And truly it was needed. I did not make it through my lunch without dabbing by brow every 5 to 10 minutes. IMG_0263The umbrellas hardly helped, and we were forced to huddle into the slice of shade at our table. There was the option to be seated inside. But given the fact that visitors to the Okanangan come to enjoy the blistering heat not available in Vancouver, it seems foolish to hide from it now. The thought of a beer was as refreshing as the mug I chugged. I choose the “Gasthaus Lager” and it was gone before our lunch arrived. 



The menu was a laminated page of tiny print back to back. The cuisine, a mix of pub classics and German favourites. Schnitzel fingers came before the calamari, and the Bavarian pretzels after the cheese platter. All the pub categories were present: salads, burger with fries, pastas, and meaty entrees. I appreciated their listing events at the very bottom, a great way to get customers in on slower days. Today was Friday and we were eligible to partake in the all you can eat soup and salad buffet for under $10. Truthfully we could have spent the $20 and be full for cheap for two. But on a hot day like this salad was a wise choice, but the soup was definitely not an option. I wished we visited on a Thursday to enjoy the all you can eat schnitzel and desert buffet for just under $20. Schnitzel is a boneless meat thinned with a meat tenderizer; and coated in a breading of flour, egg, and bread crumbs; before it is deep fried. Sounds good to me. And desserts I can gorge on, especially if its ice cream and as hot as it was today.

You know the feeling when you are so hungry in air conditioning, but as soon as you are outdoors, and it becomes too hot to eat, you lose your appetite? Well that was where we were, and the food had arrived and I refused to allow it to go to waste.


I wanted to go authentic and had the grilled Nuremberg style “Bratwurst & Sauerkraut”. Why go to a German restaurant and not enjoy its native cuisine? The portion was huge for an appetizer. I ate half of everything that came in pairs. The potato pancakes were fried to a delightful crisp, with the edges crunchy and the middle moist. A milder taste to run parallel with the strong savoury spice of the sausage and the pickled kick of the bratwurst. The mustard was a great way to mix up the taste, but completely not needed in this already fully flavourful dish.


My guest went safe with the “Cabo Clubhouse”. It is grilled chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and pineapple sandwiched between two ends of a fresh ciabatta bun. Overall a light sandwich made refreshing with bursts of the pineapple’s tang. The bread was toasted, the bacon baked, and the cheese melted. A solid entree I would liked to have ordered myself.

IMG_0256Our server was friendly. But I find everyone in small towns has the same genuine sincerity that is indicative of great customer service. The patio filled quickly after us and all the four waitresses were seen buzzing from table to table, indoors and out.

Would I come back? – I would be willing to, but given its proximity to my home in Vancouver, I would conclude this would be highly doubtful. The decor was distinctive, the theme fun, and the food kept you smiling bite after bite.
Would I recommend it? – Yes. Besides the solid food in the whimsical setting, their events make a statement, one worth coming to see first hand. If you have a party of 10 or more inquire about their “Medieval Feast”, a set menu of all you can goodness. Of course this is probably your Oktoberfest go-to in the Okanagan. And they are not shy to deem themselves the best in this category. Though I cannot imagine many other restaurants in Peachland, let alone German specific ones. Don’t deny your cravings.


5790 Beach Ave, Peachland BC, V0H 1X6
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