Earlier this month we had the privilege of driving around town in the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid. This is Acura’s first three row seater in an SUV hybrid. We found that the extra room helped to make this a great daily driver. Great for larger grocery runs or for those trips to storage. But I can absolutely imagine this being the perfect family vehicle for the mommies and daddies out there who want a safe and reliable vehicle with plenty of storage and cargo room. A car that is function, but still looks “cool”, with that high end vibe. The MDX doesn’t look like that soccer mom van, or that family bus. But instead, a handsome vehicle that can play both parts and look good doing it.

Once again we drove it around town, then utilized it for our weekend getaway to Whistler. My partner was especially excited for this test drive. Having really enjoyed the Honda Pilot Touring just this summer, he figured the MDX would most likely be better in every aspect. This is considering that Acura is the luxury brand of Honda.

And he couldn’t have been more right. The MDX Hybrid did not disappoint. It was an amazing looking vehicle with its low roof line, newly design “diamond pentagon” front grill, and the Acura exclusive ” Jewel Eye ” LED headlights that sandwich them. On the inside it was just as elegantly designed and refined as its exterior. You found all the latest mechanical conveniences and applicable gadgets. The same its competitors are offering in their models, but at a more conscious price point. Here there was value in your purchases of a Acura MDX.

My partner liked their use of a dual display screen. It does taking some getting use to, but once you do, it is very easy to navigate with, making the interior look even more luxurious, with technology.

Under the hood sits a 3.0 litre V6 gas engine. The hybrid system boosts its power to 321hp and 289lb-ft, that’s 31 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque more than the regular MDX. The regular MDX model comes with a 9 speed automatic transmission, whereas the hybrid model uses a more sophisticated 7 speed dual clutch transmission; resulting in smoother and more precise shift. The hybrid system is also very quiet. It barely noticeable, accept for the fact that it sings. A low hum sounds when it slowly rolls. It reminds me of the back-track that night play, when walking into a sun drenched meadow of wild flowers. This unique hybrid technology is borrowed from their supercar NSX.

Notably, the MDX hybrid is more powerful than its non hybrid version, and with the same fuel economy of a small hatchback. It was easy to navigate around town with. The power tailgate came in handy for everyday errands, and the heated seat aided us in those chilly early morning drives to work. As for our drive up to Whistler, it made the travel distance more enjoyable. The MDX never felt out of “breath” going up hill, it handled extremely well. The body rolls were very minimal for a 7 passenger SUV. The ride was so smooth and so quiet that I couldn’t help but be soothed by its motion. I found myself falling asleep several times, leaving my partner to navigate himself, behind the wheel. In conclusion the MDX exceeded all our expectations and we already miss having it in our driveway. Maybe next year again, Acura Canada?