I am shopping for a new vehicle. It has been five years with my current and after three rear ends, one side swipe, and numerous parking violations, it is time for an upgrade. A new vehicle with less mileage and less issues.

So when shopping for car with a great resell value, along with nice handling and look, my partner decided it should be an Acura. So when given the chance, we jumped at being able to try out the Acura RDX for a week. My partner wants a larger vehicle to be able to transport materials with, and I wanted a more compact and easy to park car, so this smaller SUV was a good compromise.

My partner was most giddy about picking her up for the week, taking multiple photos at the Honda Canada regional offices as soon as he was handed the keys. As a result, he has offered a lot of insight on this post.

The RDX drove more like a car than an SUV. Its power and handling gave you an amazing drive. It didn’t felt blocky or choppy like you would expect with an suv. This included transmission shifts that were both smooth and crisp.

As for its appearance, the headlights looked really menacing (I am told this is a good thing), with all the projectors lining up next to the other. inside. It is one of those vehicle you were proud to be seen in. And with the modern conveniences of satellite radio and cooling seats, it was a vehicle you wanted to get in to.

Not many people get such an opportunity to try before they buy, as thoroughly as we were given. So we took the RDX through the ringer. And what we found was a sense of confidence in the Acura badge. We might not get this exact model, but she was most helpful in helping us narrow down our search. Thank you Acura Canada.