In 2014 Acura introduced the RLX as their new redesigned flagship luxury sedan, it was longer and wider than the RL that it replaced. And today, four years later we would be given a week with the newest incarnation, which included another makeover.

Most noticeable is the new redesign of the front end, with restyled LED headlights and taillights. Less visual is the handful of updated tech, exclusive to this RLX sport hybrid edition.

Keeping in mind that I don’t know as much as my partner does when it comes to cars and what I am looking for, or need; I found this one particularly beautiful. A vehicle a non car enthusiast like myself can enjoy aesthetically. And you would think it feels the same when it greets you with blue LED lit door handles on all four for its doors. A nice feature and way to say “hi” in the dark.

Inside the car was considerate with luxury perks. The mirror at the back of the sun visor has lights on either sides of it. It was better lit than the one I use at home, giving you the perfect reflection, for that last minute make up application on your way to work. All while you recline in comfortable leather seats, with detailed stitching that hug you with cushiony lumbar support. And with a flick of a button give you a warming or cooling sensation to help regulate your core temperature from your butt to your back.

The sun roof window slides with ease, but sadly I would not be using it. I did this test in the underground parkade of my apartment building, because Vancouver gave us rain for the week. A shame, considering how stunning the car looks and how shiny it is, even on an overcast day. This is the type of vehicle you drive around in just to be seen in. Especially with roof and windows rolled down and your new 14 speakers Krell audio system pumped up.

And if and when you hit traffic, the new traffic jam assist comes to the rescue. It basically combines the active lane keep assist technology with the adaptive cruise control and low speed follow. All together these three help to take most of the work out of driving in stop and go traffic.

Under the hood the RLX Sport Hybrid is powered by a 3.5 litre, V-6 gas engine. Combined with 3 electric motors, it has an all wheel drive system. These electric motors are borrowed from the $200,000 NSX and everything together gives you a whooping 377hp and 341lb-ft. This is mated to a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission, which is nothing to laugh at. Giving the RLX more power than his German rivals. While the hybrid system helps to save a good amount of fuel, even as you are taking advantage of this power. Ideal if you are doing all that driving around town that I mentioned above. And for those who don’t understand exactly how the hybrid system works, the RLX’s dash display illustrates this for you. Showing how the hybrid energy gets collected with every break and gets distributed to all for wheels of the car with every acceleration.

The RLX is a quiet and comfortable car. It is perfectly suited for both road trips and daily commutes. With a light and neutral steering wheel, that offers a touch more feel than its rival. In short, it is a seriously stunning car. And luxury label aside, a beautiful vehicle I want to own and would love to be able to get in and out of day to day. I will have to remember to loan this one again during summer for all of the above. Thanks Acura for the spectacular vehicle and the wonderful week we had in it.