Acura TLX A-Spec 2018

Recently we had the privilege of test driving the 2018 Acura TLX, A-Spec and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

First of all, the 2018 edition comes with a new look. It is a lot bolder than it predecessor, outfitted with a new front grill. With it and the foglight, rear spoiler, and 19 inch and wide wheels, the TLX is a mean and sporty mid sized sedan.

Its interior is beautifully done with a black and red finish, it reminded my partner of the new NSX, and should be taken as a compliment. We especially liked the red leather seats, for its extra pop of colour and feel of luxury. And the LED accent lights that shone neon blue during our night drives. Buckled within, the seats hold you tight, a feature we found comforting on longer drives.

Like other Acuras we have driven, the TLX come with a dual screen display. And it might just be that we have grown accustomed to it, but all the buttons and controls were effortless to reach, on its well flowing dashboard. And with the chill of winter fast approaching, the heated seats and heated steering wheel will be one of those little extras you’ll be happy to have.¬†Powertrain wise the A-Spec comes with a 3.5L V6, giving it 290hp and an automatic 9 speed transmission. The latter with four different modes: Econ, Normal, Sport, and Sport +.

With the weight of the car, my partner wasn’t expecting much performance wise, but he would be mistaken. The Acura pulled nicely and reach 0-100km in less than 6 seconds. He also liked its all wheel drive system, declaring it top notch. The (SH-AWD) relies on an electronic brain that evaluates a number of parameters. Measurements like the engine’s torque, the transmission’s gear, wheel speed, steering angle, and lateral acceleration. Taking all these into consider helps to determine the optimal torque distribution of the Acura, this improving its handling. Handling that was even more noticeable in our A-Spec, sport version for the week. It had firmer springs, a thicker anti-roll bar, and some tweaks to the power steering; making it all the more stable and precise.

In conclusion there wasn’t anything not to love about the Acura TLX. This dual-role car replaced both the TSX and TL and it did so, gracefully. A great ride for wanting a good looking, modern, and sporty mid size sedan; that fulfills all the expectations of an Acura.