Located in a warehouse area of New Westminster, just off Sapperton skytrain; over the train tracks, and past the dump is the aptly named “Another Beer Co.”. They are a little hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. Although standing signs pointing the way like breadcrumbs, help. The elusiveness of it all adds to the small batch charm of this microbrewery. Which, as it stands, is the only one I can name in New Westminster.

One unit in a warehouse complex, their neon sign lights the way. You needn’t be afraid to open the closed door, as the hours of operation are listed for you to review before turning the handle.

Inside, their bar greets you on the right. Behind it the lone employee tending to their operations on thus Saturday night. Here, they have their beers on taps that spell out their name. And merchandise like caps, t-shirts, and hoodies; should you want to take a keepsake home with you.

On the left are stainless steel vats, sectioned off by a stanchion. They are close enough to touch and admire, as they tower above you. I liked how they add a certain authenticity to the space.

But most eye catching is their logo “abc.” lit in neon, mounted against a blacksplash of blue and black watercolour. They cast a nightclub-like glow over the more intimate concrete space.

You help yourself to a printed menu by the cash register. It makes ordering easy with descriptive names and detailed rundowns. We caught the tail end of its run from December 31st, 2019 to January 5th, 2020. You order and pay right away with the clerk behind the bar, and then help yourself to any of their available seating. Grab a stool by the bar, individual tables offer group seating; and for more sprawling room and a bird’s eye view, head upstairs.

I wanted to try a few of their beers, given said interesting names and descriptions. However, they don’t do a flights, which are ideal for sampling. You either need to commit to a half or a full glass. But at $3.50 to $4 for the former, you are able to try a few of their brews at a fair price.

Like the “Blueberry Cobbler” which is what they called a “pastry sour”. It is 5.9% and includes lactose in it. Their winter offering is “wool socks”, a winter dubble and a collaboration with “Moody Ales”. It is described as a carbonated drink full of cozy vibes, cocoa, and dark fruit. And “Flavour Country” also peaked my interest. An imperial Tobacco at 8.5%, with a well painted out and elaborate backstory, surrounding visiting “flavour country”. I walked away feeling I missed out on this one.

Instead, I ordered the “Nique’s Northern Champagne”, a Berliner Weisse at 3%. I choose it for the name, and the hope there would be champagne in it, glossing over the weak percentage and the fact that it would have no affect on me whatsoever. The menu informs that there is no champagne in this, and that it is merely considered as the champagne of the North, in Northern Germany. Described as “refreshing, light, as it carries a wonderful tart lemonade and bready backbone”. It was a hard swallow on the first sip: sharp and tangy like a slap in the face, it catches you off guard. However, your taste buds adapt quick to its overwhelming character, and all your subsequent sips are much more enjoyable. Easy enough to gulp down with a sour tang that flares up every so often.

My partner got the “Milos” Czech Pilsner, taking the bartender’s suggestion, after asking for something lighter like a lager. The menu described this as “The original Pilsner” and a “beautiful thing”: “crisp, refreshing, with faint notes of toffee and a strong saaz hop presence.” I also found the first sip harsh, but less so than with the “champagne” above; this too gets easier. I would describe this an easy drinking beer, and a good one to ease on into your night with.

Sadly, that was all the time we had to try, we made it in just in time for last call at a little after 9:30pm. Given the area, they do close earlier than most bars.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
I like the location, and how it’s off the beaten path; a hidden gem with offerings full of character. Definitely a must visit for any craft beer enthusiasts, and anyone in the area wanting to grab a pint before taking the skytrain home. Don’t deny your cravings.

30 Capilano Way #11, New Westminster, BC V3L 5M3
(604) 515-9093