Looking for a place for dinner in Penticton we followed the crowds and found ourselves at “Bad tattoo brewing company”. A doubly great choice consider there was free meter parking after 6pm and no wait for a table of two indoors.

With their garage door/wall raised, and the cool air circling, it all felt like we were outdoors anyhow. The brewery’s raised ceiling gave an extended spaciousness to the place. Above their bar, a poster of each of their flagship brew’s logos, done up like classic sailor tattoos. They really nailed their branding. Which included a great collection of merchandise like back packs, tanks, caps, and patches; on top of all their beers in cans to go.

The place was lively with mainstream rock music and the steady chatter of conversing tables. We were seated by the pizza oven, where the young men were busy behind the counter tossing rounds of dough in the air and topping it with a variety of unique ingredients, thanks to a creative menu. No margherita or Hawaiian pizza here.

It is hard order, there were so many different creative pizza options to tempt you. I was really considering the crocodile bbq pizza with crocodile filet or the fully loaded nacho pizza with olives, or even the cheeseburger pizza with pickles. The table next to us got the former and latter and enjoyed both fully, declaring the cheese burger true to taste and the crocodile more like a bbq chicken pizza.

In the end we shared a pizza, paying $2 more for to have it with two different flavours. My guest choose the “Comfort zone” made with honey ham and local apples, topped cheddar cheese. This was one of the more familiar and “safe” pizzas. The comforts of ham and cheese balanced by the sweetness of ripe apple; hence the name.

I went for one of their pizzas listed under their “weird pizza” section. The “Black and blue” with penticton’s upper bench blue cheese, blackberry compote, roasted local apples and roasted malt. Interesting combo with the salty crust and sharp blue cheese. With the oats it ate like a breakfast pizza. But with the jam it tasted like a dessert pizza, but gritty with the berry seeds.

Our split topping pizza took over 50 minutes to arrive. We waited so long that I sought our server to cancel the order due to our limited time constraints. But it was already in the oven by this time, so he kindly removed it from off our bill.

For drinks I got a “Flight of 5” for $10. Having never tried their beer before I decided to get a taster of one of each of their flagship brew. The row of them came on a metal holder with a laminated label marking its corresponding beer. The labels were the same art that crowned the top of the bar.

The “Vagabond Pilsner” is a traditional Czech Pilsner with a mellow grassy flavour. This was an easy drinking, crisp lager at 4.5%

The “Los Muertos cerveza negra” is a dark lager made from a mix of pilsner, crystals and Munich malts; giving this beer some of it maltiness.

The “Full sleeve” was a strong stout, mixed mostly of English specialty malts. Most notably a chocolate and roasted barley.

The “Tramp stamp pale ale” is a crisp fruit forward, American style pale ale hopped with Australian hops. This had flavours of peach, melon, and tropical fruits.

The “West coast ipa” had even more hops, giving it a bouquet of citrus, grapefruit, and tropical fruit, with a hint of pine.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
A great local brewery with a great vibe. Beers and pizzas are always a good idea. Don’t deny your cravings.

169 Estabrook Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 1G2
(250) 493-8686