IMG_0871Having spent all my pay cheque on finer foods, and counting the days down until the next. I seek out cheaper meals to make my money last. Today’s lunch was brought to me by the change found in my purse. A girl has got to eat. And for me it often means forgoing calorie counting to find a cheap alternatives. Today it was pizza at “Bella Pizza”. Conveniently located between “Mac’s” connivence store and a Chinese restaurant, and kitty corner to a sex shop.
IMG_0880I came in snapping pictures and was greeted with a non chalant question as to why. And as soon as I explained it was for this blog it became kosher. Not only was I able to take more, but was obliged when I asked to take one of the open oven. If that isn’t the definition of hospitality I don’t know what is.


IMG_0875 IMG_0877There is nothing special about the decor. Everything was set up for take out or eat and go service. At a place like this the expectation is you are here to get full then get out. Loitering in a confined space is usually not ideal for anyone. Grey scaled tiled floors. Red trimmed walls and corners. Grounded tables and swivel seats.


The menu reflects this as well. Pizza by the slice. Bigger pieces at a cheaper price. The menu was a back lit list of 7. You have the usual suspects like cheese, pepperoni, ham & pineapple, and a vegetarian option. I got the most exciting and unusual that “Bella Pizza” had to offer: Pesto. This along with two slices of cheese was lunch for two. The total came to $7. And looking at the picture, I pretty much have a whole medium pizza in my take our box. These were done in a New York style crust, sauce and toppings to the edge. The crust was thin and crispy. I was surprised how little oil there was; and how grease free the cardboard box around, and the wax paper underneath was. If it wasn’t for my slice of pesto, there would not be a drop of oil in sight. I was defiantly full after my portion. This makes a great filler and at less that $5 for a meal for one, you can’t lose. Though be warned I was very thirsty afterwards.


On previous take outs I have enjoyed the regular cursted pepperoni and pepperoni and mushroom.

Would I go back? – Yes. You can’t get much for $3 these days. And this is a value meal that can’t be missed. They also have bread, salad, and wing sides available. And of course soft drinks to quench that salt induced thirst.
Would I recommend it? – No. Aside from the fantastic price, there is nothing more that sets this pizza parlour a part. Each slice was delicious, but nothing that would induce cravings and a wonton need to return for more any time soon. A pizza craving that the hut or the Caesar can easily solve.


2525 Hemlock St, Vancouver BC, V6H 3G8
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