Knock Your Sox Off ~

You walk into “Bobby Sox” and your arrival is announced with the ringing of a mini cowbell, as it rattles against the door hinge. This gets annoying fast. This is the kind of diner you would see on an episode of “diners. drive ins, and dives”. They stand apart with their 50’s theme decor and food.
In every direction nothing matched, and it is not suppose to. It’s the 50’s come alive with Elvis posters, an old timey coke machine, and music from a jukebox. The teal walls clashed with the red trim and everything was almost an eye sore for those not familiar with this small town dinner.

Booths were made squeaky by red sparkly synthetic leather. Seats around table were made from a combination of teal and blue , cloth and plastic. And the bar by the soda jerk was lined with leopard print swivel seats. Each piece classic 50’s and clashed with the black and white checkered floors. Old records, guitars, opened umbrellas, and scooters and tricycles hung from the ceiling. Low hanging lights were a hazard you if got up too quick and were any where above 5 feet.
Even the windows were confusing one side had floor the ceiling; and the other glass blocks the kind that made washroom windows hard to peep into. Definitely a look you won’t soon forget.

The service from a pretty young, blonde waitress soured our experience. The impression she gave off was that she was above the place. She didn’t greet us or answered when we asked twice to sit at the booth, she just wiped down. So we sat. The table still damp with water from a wet rag. She was abrupt with answers and just seemed way too busy to care. I thought she was consistent with everyone until she was setting utensils down at our table and the one that housed 6 guys behind us. She gave them a, “you’re welcome” to their thanks, but could not bother to reply to my “thanks so much”, even when after I repeated it loudly. This got so bad that we later went out of our way to call on another server, in order to avoid the first. We do not go out to eat to feel as we are troubling the staff. But if you can get past this, “Bobby Sox” is a really unique dining experience.

The whole community was here on a Sunday afternoon late, in the day: families, girl friends, couples and the solo diners enjoyed the atmosphere and food. People were turned away with tables full at 2pm. And when they left, they did so with doggy bagged containers. The area is predominately Caucasian and I felt special to be the only other ethnicity in the area, though this could explain the service I received.

Frenchy has come in a handful of times to grab a good hearty, classic bread and meat lunch before returning to his job, a block away. He recommends their breakfasts and has enjoyed their classic 50’s footlong hot dog.

The menu was 4 pager filled with options like home cooked breakfast, blue plate specials, big juicy burgers, and 50’s style sandwiches. We originally came in for all day breakfast, which Frenchy defines as good greasy spoon place.
Though we were persuaded otherwise when we read their burger options. All burgers are made with no fillers; and the menu stressed that meats were “real”.

Despite the lengthy wait for food our burgers were sloppy. The meats and veggies were strewn and heaped across the patty haphazardly. Before you can eat, you have to “fix” your burger. I gathered up all the lettuce strands back inside, and pinched the bacon strips in half in order to have more then 30% of it in between the buns.

The “Hero burger” was a two handed job, all attempts are made to keep this burger together. And I knew if I let it go I would not be able to pick it up again. The sauces and salsa over the bottom bun made it so soggy that it eventually broke apart. And as is common with big burgers, you eat until the bottom or top bun is half the size of the other. Lop sided and ugly; and having it not measure up annoys you. I didn’t finish, but not with lack of trying. The beef was well seasoned and the onions sweet with caramelization. The mushroom added great flavor, the pickle gave it crunch, and the hot dog wiener was a surprise hit. I would dare say I felt like a hero eating it.

With the Chicken “bacon” burger, I was wary as the word “bacon” was printed in between quotation marks on the menu; but reassured with the words “our best seller” in brackets after it. The chicken was dry and really wasn’t anything special after thoroughly enjoying the first three bites of the “Hero Burger”. The burger needed additional mayo that we had to ask for. But this the most I have seen Frenchy eat in one meal, let alone the first of the day. So it must be good.
Classic glass ketchup bottles made ketchup for your fries a treasured commodity. Digging a knife in and scooping what you could out was a requirement.
Their milk shakes are made with real hard ice cream and come in the metal cups they were stirred in. It was creamy and delicious but I could have done with a better presentation, glass goblet? Sprinkles?
This is not the food you want to gorge on then have to go back work with. After our meal it was lazy time, we drove back to Vancouver and went straight to nap.

Would I go back? – Yes! Were it closer then Maple Ridge. The food is classic, casual diner style. Uncomplicated, all American comfort foods. I would just make sure to avoid the same server.
Would I recommend it? – Yes, food is more fun when it is themed and a 50’s diner is not common to Vancouver. I wished they went out all on the theme; and the staff dressed, looked and talked the part. Not that they need another reason to bring customers in. A table left and another sat down fluidly. A very popular place.
Not a place to deny yourself of trying. It is worth the car ride, and when there you can fill up on cheaper gas at 125 in Mission where it was 138 in the city.

22596 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge BC, V5X 2V4

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