A little well known Vancouver bakery has expanded and now serves high tea and does wholesale. The last time I visited “Butter Bakery” they were still located on Dunbar. Since then that location has become their tea house and their Bakeshop has relocated to Mackenzie. Both their teahouse and Bakeshop is signed in their trademark seafoam with pale green trim; wallpapered in a feminine rose wallpaper; and decorated with delicate chandeliers and larger than life pink and white flower arrangements. They know their demographic is women, and for them they were going to cute this place up the best they could. I broke out into a smile as I walked into their pretty pink bakeshop. The colours made me happy, the smells made me hungry, and all the desserts I wanted to try made my wallet ache. Shelves housed longer lasting goods like biscotti, preserves, frosted sugar cookies, and marshmallows. Behind the glass was a fresh assortment of pies, cakes, bars, cookies, and anything sweet. They were propped up on varying heights, between cake plates and trays. It was a visual feast you could spend hours looking at. Above the counter were jars of little bites, candies, and even dog treats; each bagged up and ready to go. And to be fashionable with the times there were offerings of pride desserts. Brightly coloured rainbow cakes and cupcakes, they stood out against all their pastel cousins. Overall I found their prices steep; but for the taste and workmanship, it was sort of worth the tag for a splurge. You can take your desserts to go, or stay and enjoy them over one of their delicate tables, with tea and coffee. 

Today we came in specifically for tarts. My guest has be raving about these lemon meringue tarts for weeks. She declared these were the best and well worth the lengthy trip out to get them. These beautifully done desserts are only available on Saturdays, and even then they run out fairly early in the morning. Like what we did, you are better off preordering them 24 hours ahead and picking them up boxed and ready to go the next day. The car ride out was such a hassle that she stocked up with 12 tartlets to go, knowing a return trip would not be for another long while.

My first ever visit was for their giant Oreos. A former Vancouver magazines 101 things to try. Two four inch chocolate cookies sealed together by rich vanilla butter cream. This baby was a masterpiece and yards above an actual Oreos, sorry Mr. Christie. Today they were still available with a tiny sign broadcasting its celebrity. I watched their pastry chef remove the three older ones off the pedestal plate and gingerly stack fresh ones in its place. I knew they were fresh and have tasted it, but was now more impressed by this act of dedication towards it. I am not a big fan of chocolate, and the older I get the less I like things that too sweet. This giant Oreo does nothing to realize any of those dislikes. With this moist cookie and its soft cream, you can’t help but lick your fingers and do your best to resist ordering another. 

I have also tried their homemade marshmallows, a popular item they pack up and sell wholesale to select stores. Their gourmet marshmallows, are available at “Whole Foods” all year round, and one point at “Chapters Bookstores” as well. I am familiar with their more popular flavours: vanilla, strawberry, and toasted coconut, but here I was able to see the full collection. Brightly coloured marshmallows packaged and tied off with ribbon in raspberry, lemon, coffee, and mint; among other delicious flavours not seen in other brands of marshmallows. I have enjoyed them as is and as part of a Rice Krispie square; but they are the best used in hot chocolate, where they melt in and add another layer of flavour to your cocoa brew. 

Would I come back? – Yes. 
Would I recommend it? – Yes. 
As I have already mentioned, the trip out to Shaunessey is a hassle, but where else do you get to enjoy a girls day out in such an adorable setting? Here you feel like a princess; feeling girly and pretty surrounded by all the flowers, pink, and frosting. It was just a fun space to sit in and enjoy delicious fresh made treats that matched the decor. All the tables were occupied at 11am on a Friday morning, and even a male or two stayed proudly sipping their coffees. Don’t deny your cravings. 

4321 Dunbar St, Vancouver BC
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4907 Mackenzie St, Vancouver BC
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