As soon as I heard that Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza was offering a durian pizza, I had to bee-line it towards their Richmond location for a try. As a tropical girl, and a fan of the uniquely pungent fruit, I am always in search of having durian in new and exciting applications. From liquor to ice cream, candy and cookies, the latest durian makeover is for pizza.

Walking into the small store front you are forced to smell the gasoline-like fragrance of the fruit. There is no masking it behind the corrugated cardboard box it comes in. The pizza is basically the traditional base with bready crust, a little marinara, and cheese to start. Then dollops of pulled durian fruit scattered around to finish.

Having it fresh and warm, you get more of the regular savoury cheese flavour from your pizza. Allowing it to cool or sit overnight in the fridge before biting down, gives you a more sweet durian flavour. This isn’t one you would crave, but definitely one for the fans and one you won’t soon be forgetting. I highly recommend giving it a try as one of my new favourite durian applications to date.

The impressive taste above was enough to have me returning the week after. Back again, but this time to try their some of their regular offerings. If such an oddity was so good, then what they sell on the regular should be that much better, no?

When it comes to pizza they have all the regular offerings of pepperoni, Hawaiian, and deluxe. However, in order to get a true taste of their abilities I went for “The Ultimate”, which came with a warning online. Declared only for those with an appetite, and I can see why. Pretty much all the available toppings seem to have made it on to one pizza, and it works. Pepperoni, ham, sausage, shrimp, mushroom, green peppers, tomatoes, red onions, olives, and pineapple; all over the classic marinara sauce base with melted cheese. Guaranteed to leave you feeling full, this laundry list all works. Fresh ingredients and a flavourful recipe made up the foundation of a pretty stand out pie.

However, it was the sides that impressed me more. I wasn’t expecting the likes of fried chicken and potato wedges to be as good as they were from a pizza place, but they were, if not better. The “Broaster” chicken is honestly one of the best fried chickens I have had to date, in the Lower Mainland. It delivers on its printed promise of being “fresh, tender & juicy”. And it indeed “flat out tastes better than ordinary fried chicken”. And the reason is, “Broasted chicken” is oil fried, within a pressure fryer. Have devoured my dark meat drum, I would recommend Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza for the chicken alone.

And what is fried chicken without a potato side to accompany it. And these wedges were the perfect pairing. Like the chicken, they are crispy on the outside, with a soften centre. Plenty of flavour and the perfect amount of salt. Good as is, but great with ketchup to help change the taste, as needed.

In short, don’t let the name fool you, more than just pizza. With pizza worth paying full price for. I have already said it, but here it is again: the name does not do them justice.

Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza
108-8531 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X1C3
(604) 270-9999