After a savoury dinner we were hankering for a sweet dessert in “Newport Village”. Our walk took us nearby to “Casa Dolce”, a sky blue and lemon yellow sign marked the spot. We intended just to grab some ice cream, but found their other options equally inciting. I certainly didn’t expect anything this elaborate at a neighbourhood ice cream parlour.


Right by the door were tubs of gelato and sorbeto, most already dug in to, as we were more than half way through the day. Two glass show cases of pastel shades and neon hues. Bins of velvety looking creams with thick swirls, some were even topped with the flavour they represented. Caramel drizzle over the sea salted caramel gelato, coffee beans with the espresso, and fresh fruit in the raspberry grapefruit sorbet. If you are looking for fruit flavours they had them in both the gelato and the sorbet variety. Strawberry and blueberry gelato. And the less milk and more tart, sorbets in strawberry, grape, and limone. Other popular gelato flavours include cotton candy, pistachio, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, amaretto cherry, and coconut cream.┬áMost would have been satisfied just limiting their order from here. The cash register separated the frozen treats from the next showcase, it clearly showed where most of their business was made, within the first few feet of the door. The summer’s sun and the customers with their cones in hand were an testament to this. I on the other hand wanted to know all that they offered, to be sure I made the most informed dessert making decision. After all, there were so many things to choose from and I didn’t want to regret not entertaining all of them.


Walking further in, I noticed they offered savoury snacks as well: breakfast sandwiches, side salads, folded pastries, filled pies, and flour tortilla wraps. It’s nice that they attempted to be that one stop shop for all. Unlike most places, they certainly had the show space for it. Given that everything else was made in house, I can only assume these were as well.


On the counter were several cake displays with lid, shielding baked goods. Saran engulfed biscotti, sliced cake loafs, half chocolate dipped cookies, almond twists, and parchment wrapped muffins; all travel ready. These went well with the specialty coffees and gourmet teas they also offered on menu. An offering made obvious by the stainless equipment behind the counter, the pyramid of metal tea tins stacked several tiers up, and the grouping of cup and saucers found nearby.


The chocolate display had various cubed bites, perfectly shaped and evenly spaced morsels. Dark, milk, truffle, and white. You definitely needed time to read all the fillings and carefully make your choice. Popular filings like caramel, coffee, and sea salt. Nut filled? Hazelnut, pecan, almond, and cashews. And some more adult friendly combinations that included rum, gran mariner, and champagne. They even had pretty boxes with contrasting curled ribbon, to package those you wanted to purchase for gifts. I luckily never had the a sweet tooth penchant on chocolate, so kept on moving. Though the thought of their Belgium waffles topped with cream, fruit, or gelato did slow my step.


I also considered the macaroons at length, but was more enticed by the sign advertising ice cream filled macarons instead. Why have two deserts when you can have it all in one? They were kept in the freezer towards the back of the room. A help yourself door to pre-pint-ed gelato tubs and full ice cream cakes. Buy two 1/2 litre tubs and get one free. And 16 inch round cakes ready for candles and a song, available in several colours and flavours. Their ice cream macaron flavours were the same as their regular macaron selection. Earl grey, pistachio, sea salt caramel, raspberry, coffee, and lemon.


I have only ever seen ice cream filled macarons in photos, so was excited to be able to try some now. The tough part, what flavour to have as my first? The espresso and mint chocolate chip macaron gelato sandwiches were the winners in that internal debate. The slightly bitter tone of espresso in the gelato was off set by the sweet sugar shell. These were easy to eat, fun with your hands kind of treat. The crunch of the shell offered some texture where the chocolate chips in the mint had none. Would definitely be craving these again, but would like to try the other flavours next time.


We also ended up getting a scoop of the “Rose chocolate” and the vanilla gelato. I was truly surprised at the portion size, this cup duo was definitely more than “one scoop”. Though you were paying about a dollar more here than at other places, so you were getting your money’s worth.


We were able to sample several flavours, and as a result “Rose chocolate” was chosen. It had a light flavour, that made for an and airy floral palate cleanser. My guest requested a cup and scoop to match her pink gelato; request she made for me, in consideration of the above photo. The employee was kind enough to oblige and give her both a light and dark pink spoon to use one and discard the other as we liked. Very accommodating. I on the other hand went with a scoop vanilla, all very standard. I hate to say it, but I have never found a flavour I enjoy more than vanilla. Vanilla is never too sweet and always what I expect it to be. Though I was unable to finish my portion, as I under estimated how much ice cream was in the macaron. Here I learned there can be such thing as too much ice cream.


Eat in or dine out, there are seats available for both. Cushioned booths in doors, metal mesh table and chairs outdoors. We choose the later given the warmth of the evening.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Gelato is the creamiest of all ice creams, it cures all, and nothing replaces it when you have a craving. Who doesn’t like a melted scoop or sticky lick on a warm summer’s day? The only one in the area and definitely worth a visit for all they have to offer. Don’t deny your cravings.


252 Newport Drive, Port Moody BC, V3H5B9
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