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2020 Genesis G70 review

This week for regular girl car reviews, I climbed into the more luxurious, 2020 Genesis G70. A stylish sedan that had my passengers confusing it for a Bentley, given the badge with wings and the premium interior with light brown leather. I, myself was enamoured with its image, impressed walking up to the lower profile, and again having the supple leather cup my body and stimulate my eyes with its creaminess. I squealed with excitement during my first drive. This definitely made my commute more interesting, and my need to be seen in and with it more intense.

I found myself doing things with the Genesis that I don’t normally do. Like I am not one to take note on how the engine sounds, however it is hard to ignore the roar of the G70. And I have to admit it sounded good. It sounded as high end as it looked.

And I don’t typically find the need to toggle between drive modes, simply keeping comfort in mind and on the dial. However, given the pedigree of the G70, I wanted to toggle through everything and find the best drive for my any route. Here, “comfort” mode delivered on a smooth ride befitting of a fine estate car. On “eco” it didn’t loose any of its zip, while saving you on gas consumption. But hands down the “sport” setting won my heart. Just shifting the dial back and forth, you could feel the increase in energy and power that came over the G70. It felt like it just took an energy drink and was ready to play. A little boost that shot you forward. This made up hill climbs a breeze and straightaways feel like you were on the track for a second. But be warned you can easily get caught up on how solid it feels at higher speeds, that you accidentally disregard the speed you are at. But at least with safety sensors the Genesis lets you know if and when you are approaching another vehicle too fast, and on any side.

As for the way it drives, the sedan handles very well, there is only a little bit of resistance from the wheel to make you feel like you’re in control, with the brakes stopping on a dime.

And obviously toggling between modes and keeping it on sport does come at a cost to your fuel. The Genesis G70 is hard on gas normally and more so when you play around on sport mode. I normally don’t find myself filling up mid week, but with the G70 I did. It is hard on gas, but at least it takes regular, which is just as impressive and it is surprising, given the power. However, if I owned the vehicle you would see me filling it up with 91, just so that it runs better on sport mode.

For finer details, I appreciated the fully electric seat and wheel adjustment. It is less common for the steering wheel to be electric, but wonderful to be able to get a precise setting for the most comfort. Every body is different so simply being able to move the wheel an inch up or forwards isn’t often enough.

And as a driver who does get confused by the windshield wiper setting: as in do I push it up or is it down? It is nice that in either direction you go, you get a read out on the centre dash. From here you are able to scroll through the settings whether its off, auto, high, or low.

The only negative in terms of comfort is specific to my build. I found the driver seat a little too long, and given that my legs are shorter, they were left dangling. Not problematic for my everyday commute, but not ideal for longer trips. Not that I would take the G7 on a road trip. For profile and gas consumption alone I would look else where.

Fun fact, you needn’t worry about dropping your phone between the seats.
People often complain about losing their phone between the cracks of the seat and the centre console, and not being able to find it or fish it out without getting out of the seat, on their hands and knees to search. However, this is not a problem with the G7, there is plenty of finger room to find and reclaim any dropped items. True story: my horror of the hassle of a hard search was quickly nullified realizing the above.

In summary this is a great addition to the Genesis line, and a treat to drive. It is well worth the extra you would be paying for it. Not your daily ride, but the one you take for weekend cruises and to nicer dinners downtown. Thank you Genesis for the long weekend with the 2020 G70.


Genesis G80 3.3T Sport, review

Three years ago Hyundai announced to the world that they will drop the Hyundai title for their new line of luxury vehicles. The result is the birth of “Genesis”. Think of it as what “Infiniti” is to “Nissan” or “Acura” to “Honda”. A different name to market a different line of cars, and thats what the Korean manufacture was after.

The Hyundai Genesis sedan (the Genesis G80) was the first vehicle Hyundai released under their new Genesis luxury line. And during this week, we would see how far they have progressed since then with the new G80 3.3T Sport AWD.

Having plenty of competition in the luxury sedan class, the Genesis team did really well designing it to stand out against its competitors. It was bulky, but maintained an air of sleekness in its exterior design. The new sports model features a dark colour honeycomb front grill, dark 19” wheels, and cooper accents. All this giving the G80 Sport, and us some attention as we rolled down the street. It played the part of “luxury” well.

The interior speaks to a similar story. A sleek design for the style conscious, with all the modern technology you would find in any of its German or Japanese competitors. Competition that retails for $30-40k more than the Genesis. So here you are saving money and still getting real carbon fiber trims, microfiber suede headliner, a panoramic sunroof, and a 9.2” touchscreen.

Most importantly, the seats were very comfortable with lots of opportunity to customize and adjust settings to your preference, thus making the Genesis G80 the perfect cruiser. The perfect vehicle, given the bout of rain Vancouver was calling for when we loaned it. Knowing that you were getting behind the wheel of this comfy cozy cruiser made waking up early for you daily commute easier, even if you knew most of it would be spent sitting idly in traffic. Instead of focusing on traffic you can easily get lost in the comfort of the heated seats and the engulfing sound quality of the17-speaker Lexicon sound system.

Under the hood, the G80 is powered by a V6 3.3litres turbo engine, offering up an healthy 365HP at 6,000 RPM and 376 lb-ft of torque good good for a 0-100km/h sprint in 5.3seconds. With the all wheel drive system the G89 tips the scale at 4700lbs, quite heavy compared to his japanese and german competition, but luxury does tend to come at a cost. Looking this good comes at a cost,

In short, although Genesis is a younger luxury vehicle brand, it has the chops to compete against some heavier hitters in the industry. And the G80 was a great ride and a great introduction to the Genesis line for us. Glad to have the opportunity to test drive it for the week, because in truth I don’t think I would have considered it a future vehicle option otherwise.



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