With the sunny and crisp fall weather that has descended upon us, this was the perfect week to cruise around in the Jaguar F-Type. This is the type of vehicle that you don’t need to be a car enthusiast to appreciate. It was a sexy ride that made you, yourself feel exponentially sexier just by getting behind its wheel. The long hood, the wide stance, and the low roof line all come together to craft this beautiful sport car.

It is available in a coupe and a convertible trim, with different engine and transmission configurations. The one we were sporting is the entry model equipped with a 4 cylinder turbo engine matted with an 8 speed automatic transmission. This transmits the power to the rear wheels.

The little 2.0L engine is good for 296hp and is the reasoning behind the P300 badge, (296 is close enough to 300) the F-Type felt pretty quick and its turbo lag was very minimal, which helped given that this was first F-type we test drove. By contrast, if we had test driven the other F-type with the more powerful v6 and v8 engines first, this little four cylinder model would have felt a little disappointing. But on first blush impressions, this car has more than enough power to put a big smile on your face, whilst earning you a speeding ticket or two. Having a smaller and lighter 4cyl engine under the hood does have its advantages, the main one is being its lower engine position, more toward the centre of the car; thus resulting in better handling capacity, and super sharp steering response.

The engine noise was synthetically enhanced trough the sound system, via the push of a button (active exhaust), thus making the 4 cylinder sound a lot different to what it normally would. However, this seems to be the norm and something you can expect nowadays, with most competitors going the same route. The 8 speed automatic was flawless on the automatic mode, it allows you to perform some pretty quick gear changes in the manual mode, by easily flicking the paddles behind the steering wheel.

The interior was built with elegance and class, with premium materials in mind. The 12 way power seats offered a sporty feel and look without sacrificing too much comfort. Usually you can’t expect too much interior space from a 2 seater roadster, but here Jaguar did a phenomenal job. You aren’t squished, and there is plenty of arm and leg room for that leisurely Sunday cruise.

For 2019 the Jaguar F-Type comes standard with a 10inch infotainment system, the system was pretty responsive and easy to navigate, but it lacked some of the bells and whistles you would expect from such a luxury vehicle. But it has all the modern safety features down pat.

In short this is one of those cars I would love to take home and keep. A sexy little roadster that is easy to drive for those long rush hours commutes, while seamlessly transitioning to that weekend whip to drive top down in; with thick rimmed shades and a silk head scarf:  Hollywood style. Thank you for allowing us to play the part with this week’s loan Jaguar, looking forward to switching the pace with the E-Pace in weeks to come.