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Passione Gelato, holiday flavours

The holiday season is upon us, but it hardly feels like it with the lack of Christmas marketplaces and light exhibits to flock to. No mulled wine or spiked cider to sip as you stroll past booths to shop from. No groups of carollers or crowds gathered by extra festively lit homes. But fear not, if you are missing the flavours of winter, you can get plenty of them at Passione Gelato (by the still shuttered Parq casino).

Their delicious and creamy gelatos are worth travelling for normally, but especially with this season’s more adult focused ones. Nothing screams the holidays like the stiff drinks you need to get through them.

My visit allowed me to try all their eight new offerings, and from it grab a scoop to enjoy in its entirety.

The London Fog is a classic, a floral tea with milky notes made into a gelato just as lush.

The “white chocolate pistachio” isn’t too sweet. The chocolate comes off as more cream-like, to best pair with the more mild flavour of the pistachio. The nut offers a nice crunch to change up the texture in the mix.

Similarly, the “chocolate chestnut” offers the sweetness of chocolate, but not so much that it overpowers the semi-mashed chopped chestnut chunks within. They weren’t roasting by an open fire, but just as delicious cold here.

I am a fan of the Italian fruit cake pannetone, so was excited to try the cake turn gelato flavour here. Immediately I could taste how spot on this was. You don’t get chunks of the bread-like treat, but you do get chunks of the orange peel and raisin you would find in one normally.

The “matcha 4.0”, takes one of their most popular flavours and makes it four times more potent. The heavier bitterness of matcha comes off great in this dark green gelato. This is a terrific scoop for those who don’t like sweets and who adore matcha.

The “chocolate lavender” is a lighter milk chocolate, further softened with hints of florals. Great for little tongues.

The “orange grand marnier” gelato delivers on boozy cognac bourbon, and to it doubles down on the orange with liquor soaked candied orange peel. My guest made this her choice and ended up having to share it with her young daughter who liked it more than her cone.

But my favourite and the one I got as a full cup serving was the “cherry nikka”. The booziest gelato I have ever had, that still tastes good as ice cream; made with Japanese whiskey and whiskey soaked whole cherries. Great for those who don’t like sweet desserts like me and/or like strong spirits, like me.

In short Passione Gelato has some great new flavours in store, ones worth picking a pint up of. Just an extra treat to help put you in that Christmas “spirits”, acknowledging the pun here!

Passione Gelato
55 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3
(604) 423-4099

Uno Gelato, gelato making class

I have always wondered how ice cream parlours stay afloat during their off season. How do they attract bodies in, and customers by, to enjoy their cold treats when the weather doesn’t drive the craving? This one local ice cream parlour is diversifying, in a clever way. They are offering gelato making classes to supplement their sales. Not only does this get customers through the door, but for all who attend the class, they walk away with a new found appreciation for their product, and a willingness to come back for more in the future. This was also my first time visiting the newer ice cream shoppe, and what a great first introduction this was to it.

Located on West Broadway the shop is marked with their very own, branded, portal ice cream caddy. I have experienced their gelato when this popped up at a handful of events I attended. Past it is their all glass store front. The space is brightly lit, simple in only their use of their logo to decorate the white walls. Our class was held on the table upfront. Behind it is their gelato counter. You look up for their current menu, 12 flavours on rotation. 12 that we would later try as part of the class. I especially liked the saying that was splashed across the back of their open kitchen, it spoke to their gelato being, “simply divine”. They pride themselves on serving a “Cow to cone” product, working with local farmers and suppliers when they can, a fact that sets them apart. For example, the lemon in their lemon sorbet can’t be grown in BC, so these they import.

The class takes places every Thursday, and will run through to February 2020. And if it is popular enough, it might run through into spring. The cost is $50 per person and the class is kept as an intimate 8, the smaller class size allows for a more hands on experience. As much as possible student participation is encouraged. You help measure, pour, stir, and churn. Playing a hand in making next day’s batch. Tonight we would get a behind the scenes look at the making of their yuzu sorbet and a chocolate brownie with burnt caramel sauce. For the full run down of the class, check out my vlog, now up on my YouTube channel: MaggiMei. Or continue reading for the highlight reel.

After a few introductions to our seasoned chefs with over 10 years of gelato-making experience, our group of 8 was led to the recesses of their kitchen to learn a little more about what goes into their gelato. We got to look at and to try some of the premium ingredients that went into their gelato. We sampled various sugars, syrups, and even their homemade burnt caramel sauce. They use organic and local as much as possible, in order to guarantee that you can taste the freshness. For example, the hazelnuts for their hazelnut gelato comes from a local farmer who roasts each himself, and then send the nuts to “Uno Gelato” the very next day.

As a unit of helping hands we began by measuring the necessary ingredients, with accuracy using an electric scale. They all went into a large plastic bucket to be blended together with an electric drill-like apparatus. 60 litres per batch is made, which are considered “Micro batches”.

This liquid then gets poured into a mixer that not only churns the “batter”, but freezes it into the gelato we know. It looked like magic as the liquid turned to solid, and it built up on the sides of the stainless steel vat. And then when it was at the desired consistency we helped our chefs scoop it up with a giant spatula. Here they are either kept cool, or finished off with additional ribbons of caramel, and/or chunks of chocolate stirred in.

And while we waited we were treated to a gelato tasting, a scooped sample of each of their offerings in cups over a special placemat; much like you would see at a wine tasting.

• There was the tart “Passion fruit” sorbet with fruit from Columbia.
• The “Very cherry” was slightly sour with its namesake fruit and almost bitter with 70% chocolate from Italy.
• “Akbar Mashti” is a popular flavour amongst the Persian community, who have given the feed back that “Uno’s” rendition of this Persian dessert is exactly as they remember it to be. Complex with flavours of rose water, saffron, and pistachio.
• The “Mint chocolate chip” is made with real mint leaves. The ones that are bright green uses artificial flavouring. I liked the way the
Stracciatella chocolate melts so nicely into the gelato and the freshness of the mint balances out the sweetness.
• The “Salted caramel” was their most popular flavour. Having tasted our way through what goes into a batch of it, I can see why.
• The “Pumpkin pecan cheese cake with crumble” was their seasonal flavour, next month’s will be a tahitian vanilla with pistachio. The pumpkins used for this pecan cheesecake are from the Fraser Valley, and the crumble within it is made from scratch.
• “White coffee” is the one I liked the most, enough to take a pint home with me. I don’t drink coffee, but love its flavour in ice cream. They have partnered with “Milan coffee” to use their local roasted beans, which are infused for 24 hours to extract their flavour. And despite a stronger coffee nuance, there is very little caffeine in this. Overall this was a more mild coffee ice cream with the addition of milk to dilute it, much like what creamer does to a black cup of coffee.
• The “Chocolate banana” was made with organic banana from Ecuador and Dutch chocolate shavings. It tasted spot on.
• The “New fashion chocolate” is made with Dutch cocoa powder. It tasted like a fudgesicle, and gave me flashbacks of my childhood.
• The “Midnight chocolate sorbet” is vegan friendly. It is made with water, but is so creamy that you think it could be made with milk and cream. It contains 4 kinds of chocolate for extra richness.

When our ice cream was ready we were then taught how to hand curl cones to go within it. The premade batter gets pressed in a waffle maker, the resulting sheet of waffle gets curled into a cone using a twist handle tool. Their cones are available in original, a black charcoal, and a brown sugar cone. The class ends with everyone having one each, and enjoying a scoop of their choosing with it.

In short, this is a fun event for any gelato enthusiast and a different activity to take part in, if you are looking for something to do on a Thursday night. For additional details on how you can sign up for the next class, visit “Uno Gelato’s” link below.

2579 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3T3
(604) 733-5884

Elephant Garden Creamery

There has been much buzz surrounding Vancouver’s latest ice cream parlour, especially seeing as they have had a quieter opening this winter season. But once you try their small batch scoops, you’ll see why. Dare I say, this is my new favourite ice cream place. I really enjoy their Asian flavour offerings, and don’t find their ice cream too sweet. The setting is simple and their location is easy to get to, with enough parking in the area.

The following post is written across two visits within 2 weeks, in the cold of winter, with snow fall warnings. That’s how much I liked my first taste.

Here, is when I first entered their minimalistic shop. White walls, light coloured wooden planks, and the occasional elephant ceramic. The latter and their elephant-head-shaped-scoop-on-a-cone logo emphasized their name. I also liked their use of several overturn cones as lamp shades, a unique lighting feature leading you from the entrance their cash desk and counter.

There, is where you can sample any of their rotating flavours. This changes monthly, thus encouraging customers to return to try their new favourite flavour, and having additional servings before any one is retired.

I did a double scoop of the “HK milk tea” and the “Vietnamese coffee” ice cream. The milk tea was accurate in flavour, you get the essence of the black tea and the creaminess of the would be milk. I just wanted the flavour of the pearls in it too, or at least their chewiness.
The “Vietnamese coffee” was more punchy. You got the strong flavour of coffee, married with the sweetness of condense milk.

On my second visit I came with a friend and between our double scoop waffle cones I got to write about four more of their flavours.

I had a scoop of the “hojicha cheese tea”, after liking the sample of it I got during my last visit. It was salty with the cheese, and nice against the neutral flavour of the tea. And it tasted just like how hojicha tea with a salted cheese foam top would taste. It paired well with my “cookies n’ cream monster”, giving me a wonderful salty and sweet combo, enjoyed in this lickable, dessert format. The ice cream was dyed blue with butterfly pea flower. It was less creamy, and a lot more sweet with the crunchy biscuit bits.

My lactose allergic friend went for a scoop each of their two vegan flavours. She tasted both and liked both. She agreed that the “Mango sticky rice” was a new no dairy ice cream solution. I was amazed how it actually gave you the flavour of the sticky rice, along with the bits of mango. Very unique and very fun. Next she had the “horchata”, which she commented that you don’t see a traditional milk based drink made vegan like this often, or at all. This too tasted us promised, and not too sweet.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
As I mentioned, this is my new favourite ice cream place, for taste, price, and accessibility. But of note, I am partial to their Asian flavours, finding them new to Vancouver’s ice cream scene, or at least they are the first to have as much variety as they do. Worth trying the next time you are on “The Drive”. Don’t deny your cravings.


2080 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC, V5N 4B2
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Milk Cow Cafe

Last summer “Milk Cow’s” highly anticipated store opening was marked and celebrated by the appearance of their watermelon soft serve flooding all social media channels. It was enough of lure to have me taking the drive through two cities to see what the buzz was all about.

Their all glass exterior was inviting, their white sign with black and white cow splotched “O” eye catching. You walk right in and order from the counter at the back, right in front of the chalkboard drawn map depicting all “Milk Cow” locations around the world.

Choosing your treat from the televised menu. The coloured cartoons of of their organic soft serve are cute. It especially helps, those like myself, those who order based on appearance as apposed to flavour profile alone. Some parfaits were topped with cotton candy, others featured honey comb or jelly beans, more had nuts or cookie crumbles.

Naturally I had to try the seasonal watermelon. It was a perfectly cut triangular slice of watermelon, hollowed out so that a perfect swirl of watermelon soft serve could be piped in. Truly, this was amazing to look at in person as it was in all those photos. And what I expected would be an artificial watermelon flavour was actually a pretty natural tasting cream. It wasn’t too sweet, and really complemented the natural sweetness of the actual fruit. I was impressed by the quality and presentation.

We also ordered one of their regular ice cream parfaits, to get a good idea of the their normal menu offerings. You can order their natural milk flavoured ice cream as is, but naturally it is a whole lot more whimsically if you order off of their specialty menu.

We enjoyed the “Mango tree” described as having mango chunks, cotton candy, and apple syrup. The cotton candy is spun to order, and its chosen colour based on your chosen dessert. I didn’t taste any flavouring in our pink tuff, so assume it is merely cosmetic. It was the sweetest element to the dessert. Here, I liked their milk based soft serve because it isn’t too sweet as well. The mangos were a nice accompaniment, I was just disappointed that they weren’t fresh, but instead from a can. Although I am not sure if that is just because they were not in season during my visit. None-the-less I still enjoyed them and tasted them over any apple.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
A great place for some tasty ice cream, if only it was within my regular roaming grounds. Fun times. Don’t deny your cravings.


105-5668 Hollybridge Way, Richmond BC, V7C 4N3
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Sweet Jesus ice cream

I have visited the “Sweet Jesus” ice cream parlour in Toronto once before, so knew what to expect when our very own in Vancouver popped up. Therefore, I didn’t rush down when they first opened, but instead made them my “seeing as I am here” treat, if I had an errand to run at Metrotown. So tonight, this was the night.

This is the city’s newest ice cream sweetheart, all piled high with its own handheld drop tray. The are known for their large cones and cups, served high, drizzled, and dipped in a mix of crunchy and crispy crushed toppings. They opened late fall, and thanks to their safe and warm spot, within the city’s largest mall, their ice cream is still enjoyed this colder season. The location is great as shopping folks tend to indulge in a sweet treat when running around, and more so when the mall is as hot and as stuffy as it was tonight.

Their brightly lit white and teal blue shop was an eye catcher, along with their glowing neon sign; drawing you in like a moth to a flame. Their name alone beckons you near, reading it gets you stepping closer, close enough to read one of their two menus. Either the one above the counter to order, with an ingredient break down. Or the one off to the side: the poster size panel that includes photos along with their catchy name. I preferred the latter method of ordering, as half its allure is its presentation. So typically I would make my choice based on looks, but today it was actually seasonal availability.

But narrowing down the choices weren’t easy. There were photos of pink and blue cotton candy lined, raspberry syrup topped, vanilla soft serve towers to consider. And freeze dried raspberry coated, mango syrup drizzled, rainbow sprinkled topped wonders to ponder over. The possibilities and combinations were endless. And if all that sounds too much you can simply order their soft serve as is or in a twist with chocolate and vanilla, or mango and coconut.

I visited with a friend, and as her first taste, I directed her towards their signature coated cones, we both went for a waffle cone, justifying the extra cost with taste. She ordered a small and I got myself a regular. I wanted to see the size difference, but found there wasn’t much of any. In hindsight my regular cone was a scoop too much ice cream. I should have saved the $1.53, and gotten a kids size as well.

My guest got the “Hella Nutella”. A chocolate and vanilla twist gets a Nutella hazelnut chocolate drizzle from a squeeze bottle. And is then rolled in a coating or Nutella wafer crumbs, corn flakes, and crushed pistachios. She loved the flavour, appreciating the crispy and crunchiness of the topping mix. She didn’t find it too sweet, and that each bite had her going back for more. The flavour was good, but I wondered why they didn’t go for a hazelnut crust instead of the pistachios? I felt it would have made for better flavour symmetry with the use of Nutella spread.

As I mentioned earlier, my choice was based on seasonal availability. I went for their “Gingerbread house”. Vanilla soft serve drizzled with cream cheese icing, then rolled in a tray of crushed gingersnap cookies, candy cane shards, and sprinkles. In contrast my chosen cone gave me many strong flavours, salty cream cheese, minty candy cane, and punchy cookie crumbs. Altogether it was best on the first few bites, but the flavour grew out fast. Luckily most of the coating sloughed off and fell on to the floor or across my lap.

We were given a plastic cup for our cones. It not only keeps your hands clean from runny ice cream, but it also catches most of the toppings you drop. Toppings that you can later salvage with a spoon.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Fun for the novelty and the ‘gram, but a little too indulgent for me as a treat. If I returned I would opt for a spiral of soft serve in a cup instead. A cleaner flavour on the palate and one that I can see myself finishing through to the end. Although there are many other soft serve options in the mall that I prefer and would recommend instead. Don’t deny your cravings.


4700 Kingsway, Burnaby BC, V5H 4M1

Cacao 70 Dip Shop

I have been to one of their other locations before, and having been so unimpressed then, I haven’t been back to any of the handful that have popped up since.

But today their sandwich board was affective in luring is in to their “Dip shop”. They advertised their limited edition churro doughnuts dipped in their signature melted chocolate dips and we wanted a taste. Normally their sweet dips are served over waffles and/or soft serve ice cream cones, and the doughnuts offered a fun twist for the season. For those interested, they are available from December 10th to the 24th, 2018.

This was a cute stop, a fun spot for some quick sweet treats. The setting is nice, modern meets fairytale home with black and white tiled floors, marble counter tops, their menu listed on ornately carved boards; and wonderfully whimsical wallpaper: Lush green banana leaves set to a baby pink background. It would double nicely as a high tea salon.

I liked the idea of dipping desserts into flavoured vats of sauces, but just wished that they made everything in house. After seeing our doughnuts get a spin in the microwave, I asked if the ice cream or their waffles were at least made in house, as they are offered all year round. The answer was no, that the work of baking the products and churning the creams are outsourced, shame. But at least the dips were made by “Cocoa 70”. A factory prepares plenty, enough for all their locations, and they get parcel-ed out as needed.

Each of our doughnuts were dipped in a vat of the above mentioned chocolate. There were specific flavours and pairings pre-set, but I guess you can choose any that you like and ask for any topping that you want. Chocolate dips like milk, dark, white, maple, matcha, coffee, peanutbutter, praline, black sesame, chai, and earl grey. And to help you choose between them all, they give out samples. Clean wooden stir sticks get a quick dunk in and you get to lick them clean. I was most interested in trying the chai and the earl grey, and they delivered well on their flavour promise.

I had the matcha churro doughnut that came topped with shaved coconut slivers and dried cranberries. I ordered it because it reminded me of little Christmas wreaths. I waited, but the creamy dip never harden, and thus made eating this handheld treat a task in having to clean up after myself. The fruit gave pops of flavour and added some crunch and chew to the light and cakey doughnut ring. Although if it is going to be an authentic churro it needed a lot more sugar in its crust. It would have also been nice if the ring was fully reheated, the centre was still cold.

My guest got a dark chocolate dip churro doughnut, drizzled over with streaks of white chocolate. Although it tasted more like Nutella spread. I also agree with her suggestion of having it be double dipped for a thicker coating of chocolate. Good, but not great. I tried it and don’t need another.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
A fun place with a fun idea, but I just wanted more from them. Made to order waffles, soft serve made with their dips in mind. Seasonal flavours like candy cane and gingerbread. And maybe another way to enjoy their concept. Like giving you the option to dip things yourself, with more selections for dipping. Like a chocolate fondue, but with a split pot for more dipping flavours to play around with. There is just so much more potential that they are not tapping in to. Don’t deny your cravings.


433 Abbott Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1R3

Perverted Ice Cream, revisit

I know I said in my last post that I had no reason to revisit this trendy ice cream parlour, but here I was back in the dark halls of “Perverted ice cream”, all for the love of novelty.

For those curious, check out the original visit post here.

Perverted Ice Cream


I read in an article that “Perverted” is responding to their customers and the feedback that they have been given. It’s been almost two months since they opened and now they are amping up their pervertedness. They are officially the first people in the city to top their ice cream cone with a condom. They are also the first ice cream parlour to offer and sell their own condoms. Like all their other products, they keep it tongue and cheek with puns. “Every time I come, ice cream”. If you don’t want them on your ice cream you can get a condom on its own. Along with their branded tees, pins, lip balm, greeting cards, and bottles of water. New are the edible chocolate skulls, that matched the modern gothic nature of their all black decor.

The new “I will always glove you” cone is soft serve cream, 4 bourbon soaked cherries, crushed Oreos, black chocolate drizzle, and a signature “perverted” black condom. And because that didn’t feel over the top enough, I upgraded my unusual treat with some opulence. “Big pimping” on the menu is the ability to trade any ice cream’s normal cone for one that is plated with gold leaf and has chocolate embedded within the cone. The end result was a $15 ice cream that thankfully tasted like an improvement too.

The ice cream was now sweeter, something I wanted the first time around. The crunchy cookie crumb, and the crispy chocolate were great compliments to this milky cream, the cone’s chocolate lent additional flavour, and the cherries were just a wow. They were soaked in bourbon and they packed a punch. You have one topping the cone, and as soon as you are missing it, discover two more within your swirl of ice cream; and then you can revisit the taste again with one more cherry at the very bottom. There was even a little dispenser of syrup to pour out over your cream, or for you to use as a little shot to shoot. Even though there was this much improvement, the dessert was still runny and quick to melt. Although much less so, I still found my hands sticky and my top stained. As for the condom, I did find it a funny gimmick and it was enough have me coming in for a visit; but I would have loved to see it flavoured like their ice creams of even just a fake edible condom for shits and giggles. After all, you don’t garnish food with something that you can’t eat. Overall I did fully enjoyed my treat, but at the same time don’t think I would revisit it for the price tag alone.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
If they continue creating interest like this, they can definitely see me returning for more novelty. Worth checking out for the curious and those who like a bit of fun in their food. Now what to do with the condom you have left behind after you eat your treat? Don’t deny your cravings.


797 Thurlow Street, Vancouver BC, V6E 3V5
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Perverted Ice Cream

Vancouver’s newest ice cream parlour attracting attention and Instagram notoriety is “Perverted”. If you are walking past, its name obviously has you doing a double take, and at minimum peaking in for more information.

The all black motif added to its “perverted” nature. The blacked out windows reminded me of the now extinct video stores, covering their glass windows and doors when offering shelves of adult content. I guess that is what they are getting at with their name? Inside, I half expected sexual references from their decor. Novelty penis shaped candles, a pair of plastic boobs used as a coat rack, maybe a patch of carpet on the ground used to mimic pubic hair? Instead it was gothic chic, a scene from a study in a modern castle, all done in more black and dim lights for a spooky feel.

The walls were painted black, causing the all black furniture and shelf to blend right in. On the shelves a collection of their “perverted” branded merchandise. Bottles of water, tee shirts, and candles branded with their inverted “p” ice cream over a triangle cone. They also sold greeting cards that are tongue and cheek puns, comparing eating ice cream to acts more intimate, thus making them the most “perverted” thing in the parlour.

Only after some sleuthing through their website did I realized they were using the word “perverted” for its literal meaning, not the slang that individuals, such as myself, link it to. “PER-‘VER-TED\” means “having been corrupted or distorted from its original meaning or state”. And certainly, they weren’t offering your regular soft serve ice cream cones.

The menu is a little hard to read, behind their counter at a distance. If you aren’t ready to order and don’t want to hold up the line, there isn’t any way for you to moved over and still be able to fully see it. Its entirety is best read right at the register, due to the high counter “dripping” with “white paint”. And I say read because some of the names of their ice cream creations don’t refer to what’s in it, so you need to read the sentence to see what you would be getting. The “puppy dog tails” had root beer cream, a pretzel crumble, and bacon bits. And the “croquette” had strawberry dream, orange zing, and a black wafer. Whereas you could guess what “Beg for “S’mores” offered and what would be in a “cocoa-dependency”.

Come to think of it, a few of the menu names are pretty cheeky and urban dictionary “perverted” like the names “brand spanking”, “matcha macho man”, and “naked cones”.

We got two cones both in their trademark black coloured cones. It doesn’t actually have any flavour to it. Just a nice crispy cone, with a made on the day freshness.

The “Saturday night” was an ice cream sundae minus the banana. Cream and chocolate soft serve swirled; topped with a caramel drizzle, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

The “Misfit” had a cream soft serve base; it is topped with matcha pizazz, pink roxy dust, a chocolate drizzle, and salt and vinegar chips.

As a whole this was a very adult ice cream. Both cones weren’t too sweet, and just the right serving size. Each of ours gave us a salty element with our sweet, achieved through crunchy and crispy elements. The $5 tag for a dressed up cone felt comparable. ($4 for just soft serve in a cone) you got plenty, all in an attractive package. Their dessert is highly instagram-able, so it is a shame that their dark shop was poorly cast with yellow lights.

Whereas they looked good, they ate poorly. The ice cream melted right away, a drizzle quickly became a flood of cream down your hand. In hindsight, this was a promise made by “perverted” in their marketing ads. A hand griping a half melted ice cream cone, getting their fingers sticky with cream.

Unfortunately its consistency meant that the soft serve was quickly becoming soup when I got it. This was a ticking time bomb, and you couldn’t eat to enjoy; instead you ate to keep up. I kept at it, but my partner gave up on the mess. We ate on a rainy night, but I can only imagine how poorly their ice cream would hold up in direct sunlight, on a sunny afternoon. Better order the ice cream in a cup, if you have to try it in the sun.

Whereas I liked how the soft serve wasn’t sweet, my partner with a sweet tooth found it tasteless; he was surprised to learn his was suppose to be chocolate and cream swirled. He didn’t taste a difference between the left or right swirls. The topping was the saving grace for taste, but there wasn’t enough of it for all of the ice cream. He would later toss the ice cream a way, and continue on the cone, drinking the cream before chewing through it.

I made it to the bottom of the cone (my quickest time for eating any ice cream cone). At the bottom of it there was a syrup waiting for me. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was, but the taste was a familiar one: imitation maple syrup maybe? It was certainly the most flavourful part of the treat, not that I actually liked it.


Would I come back? – No.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Aside from the name being a good attraction, and other than the first visit to check them out, I don’t think I’ll need to come back to try more. Their soft serve is the base of the dessert and it doesn’t meet the standards and expectation given such strong branding. You couldn’t enjoy the ice cream because it melted far too quickly. And for those who actually want a taste to their cream (like regular ice cream), there should be an option for “extra sweet”. If they some how manage to improve on that, you can expect me back. I missed out on trying the root beer and bacon one, which does sound interesting enough to be up my alley. Don’t deny your cravings.


797 Thurlow Street, Vancouver BC, V6E 3V5
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Innocent Ice Cream Sandwiches

With the weather getting better, ice cream season is right around the corner. And today I was invited to try “Innocent ice cream” on Main Street. But this isn’t just any ice cream shoppe, they specialize in sandwiching their in house made ice creams with their in house made cookies.

Before we get into it, the disclaimer: When it comes to a media tasting: plating and portion size may be gussied up and/or paired down, and the service will usually be top notch. Though I can at least paint you the most accurate image when it comes to the food and the setting, as how I interpret it. But as always, these are my opinions and you need not take them as fact. Unless you have my exact background, have lived my exact experiences, and we possess the same tongue; no one can truly taste and appreciate as you do.

Three years ago this brainchild started out as a ice cream sandwich cart, pedalling around English Bay. With much encouragement from a happy and growing customer base, they turned a portable store on wheels to a brick and mortar shop. Opening June of last year, their bicycle with a frozen refrigerator box strapped to it is now parked outside, as a landmark. Although every summer it rides again with plenty of event bookings to keep them busy.

Their logo is their pet Boston Terrier dressed in a black and white spotted cow suit, with horns. It comes stamped on their paper cups used to house scoops of ice cream, on stickers used to seal packages up ice cream sandwiches, and on their merchandise sold at cost: a tank, tee, and tote. He even comes out to their events, when allowed to.

Their name refers to their great vegan friendly ice cream options, and all their cookies being gluten-free. It is run by a mother-daughter team. The mom grew up making hand cranked ice cream and cookies with her mom, and now it is passing this legacy on to her daughter, as well as plenty of hungry customers.

Their showcase of 16 different ice creams is a collection curated from the feedback of said customers. It is ever being updated with new seasonal offerings and fan favourites. Six of which are always on rotation, and 5-6 are always vegan; the rest are best sellers and always available. But one thing that hasn’t changed is their prices. They have been the same since they began this journey three years ago. For the ladies of “Innocent” it is about the experience and having an approachable product, which includes a reasonable price.

It is worth noting, that the ability to converse with the owner in person, is one of the many ways that makes their ice cream extra special. You know your purchase is helping someone in your community. And the appreciation for your visit is felt as soon as you enter their threshold.

You order off the menu board, hung above the counter. It is easy to compare the listed flavour and match it with its colourful tray, behind the glass. You can see to the bottom of the metal container when it comes to the more popular ones.

As I mentioned earlier, flavours rotate with different bases all year round. This early spring it was “spiced chai” and “coconut rose” that hit the block. During this visit we got to sample and enjoy them and other coconut based vegan ice cream flavours like lemon meringue, salted bourbon chocolate, and cappuccino. The coconut rose was the most popular, and the one that sells out every day; and I can see why with just a taster. It is a beautiful flavour: the lightness of sorbet, but with the creaminess of milk. You get just enough rose flavour to highlight the luscious coconut milk base.

All of their 5-6 vegan flavours use beet sugar which is fully vegan. Whereas some cane sugars are filtered through bone char to get the colour out. Their goal is to source as natural of a product as possible, leaving you with the feeling of enjoying a healthy and clean treat.

The current list of ice cream made from cream and milk were maple walnut, mint chip, matcha, wild cherry, banana, salted caramel, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry white chocolate, and spiced cheesecake. The “Spiced cheese cake” tasted like pumpkin pie thanks to the spices, but with a cream cheese base. And the “Banana” was flavoured more like a smoothie, instead of the antibiotics of my childhood.

As I mentioned earlier, the cookies are also made in house. Each one of their five flavours gluten free. Oatmeal, peanut butter, white chocolate chip, double chocolate, chocolate chip. They were so good that we asked if they were available for purchase alone. Unfortunately not, but if you call ahead, they can make an exception for you, with enough notice.

Their menu lists all their offerings, and also suggests their favourite cookie and ice cream pairing. Or you can choose your cookie and make your own ice cream sandwich by, but here I will strongly suggest that you leave it to the experts. They have tried and tested many variations, and have come out with some fun and complimentary ice cream sandwich combinations. Like the “Canadian” which is a oatmeal cookies with maple walnut ice cream. The “Electric” had chocolate chip cookie sandwiching coffee ice cream. And the “Kong” was a double chocolate cookie with banana ice cream together.

In the end we narrowed down our choices to three, served as miniatures in their ice cream sandwich flight. You can also get any cookie and ice cream combo you want as a whole, but I prefer tasting and trying instead of committing to one larger flavour.

Although if I could only choose one ice cream sandwich, hands down it would be the “Fairytale” with raspberry white chocolate ice cream sandwiched between a white chocolate cookie. This was everyone’s favourite of the evening, and there is a reason why this is their best seller. It was traditionally sweet with a candy feel and taste.

The “Cherry bomb” was double chocolate cookies sandwiching their wild cherry ice cream. The cherry ice cream had so much tang and brightness to it. It and its tartness was balanced by the rich chocolatey and chewy cookie base.

Matcha is one of my favourite ice cream flavours, so even though it didn’t have a preset sandwich combination, I decided to give it a try paired with their white chocolate chip cookie, and it was successful. Here, the pairing of bitter and sweet balanced each other out, allowing you to enjoy the delicious flavour of matcha with a chewy milky cookie.

And if you don’t want the carbs, you can just get a a scoop of their ice cream as is. It can be served in three different cup sizes. But honestly if you come all the way for “Innocent Ice cream” you want to try it in its intended state: with cookies, as it is their specialty. And for those who are always on the go, you can get one of their pints travel ready. It is any flavour and cookie of your choosing layered within the cardboard pint.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
A solid dessert spot, located in an area where none other like it exists. A great place for vegans and those who are gluten intolerant, to be able to fully enjoy themselves with a full array of options. And best of all, run by owners who are part of the community that you live in and want to support. With rotating ice cream flavours and plans to make ice creams for dogs, there is plenty of reason to revisit. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for “Innocent” and how creative can their passion project get. Don’t deny your cravings.


4895 Main Street, Vancouver BC, V6E 1V3
Innocent Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On Yogurt, bubble waffle


I have already commended “On Yogurt” once, for their ability to keep relevant and exciting through updates to their menu, and here I am doing it again.

Another season and another interpretation of their unique ice fried yogurt gelato. To “ice fry” is to treat your yogurt on an ice pan, at temperatures lower than -35 degrees. Batter gets poured, whipped into a smooth texture through a series of chops, then scraped/rolled for the most unique shape and texture that ice cream can possibly come in. For the full description on the process of ice frying, and to read up on my first visit to “On Yogurt”, visit the link below.


On Yogurt


Where most dessert shops flounder during the colder months, “On Yogurt” continues to do well and see traffic due to their ability to adapt. With limited edition ice cream flavours and seasonal and occasion driven offerings, they continue to bring loyal and new customers back in, to try the latest interpretation of their ice fried yogurts. Typically it is a new base to feature their ice cream within. Last time it was Taiyaki “cones”, which they still offer regularly. This a fish shaped pressed pastry, filled with various creams and custards, and topped with their rolls of yogurt cream. To read more about those, visit the link below.


On Yogurt, taiyaki


But today we were here for an introduction to their new bubble waffle collection. Six different bubble waffle centric desserts that use these pressed to order waffles as a base/taco shell to fill with rolls of their ice cream and various themed toppings. The following is account of each.

To watch the vlog version on how they are made and what goes into each one, check out the latest video on my YouTube channel: MaggiMei. Also continue watching to see me attempt to eat one of each, of the six sweet waffle combos below.



“Bubble Matcha” is made to order matcha ice fried yogurt gelato, red bean, mochi, crispy rice, and condense milk. I enjoyed this for all its textures. The variety kept things interesting from first to last bite.

The “Bubble Oreo” has Oreo ice fried yogurt gelato, cheesecake bites, mini m&m chocolates, Oreo bits, and a Nutella drizzle. This one is for the chocolate lover who likes a richer dessert. This has you covered with chewy cake, sticky sauce; and crunchy, hard shelled candy.

“Bubble fruit” features their original ice fried yogurt topped with diced up kiwi, banana, and strawberry chunks. If you are going to eat one to yourself this is the one. Light and easy with a healthy dose of fruit.

The “Bubble peanut” featured peanut butter flavoured ice fried yogurt gelato, crushed peanuts, mini Reese cups, mini Reese chocolate pieces, and peanut butter drizzle. You must love peanut butter to enjoy this one, and luckily I do. However it does get heavy, so it would have been nice to have some sweet jelly to balance things out.

The “Bubble tiramisu” has tiramisu flavoured ice fried yogurt gelato, tiramisu cream, triple chocolate brownie, and a dusting of cocoa powder. This was least favourite of the bunch as I am not a fan of original tiramisu. However the others enjoyed it for its extra cream and chewy brownie pieces.

And just in time and for valentines this is their limited edition “Bubble Valentine”. Red velvet ice fried yogurt gelato, chocolate cake chunks, red sprinkles, and crushed up dried rose petals. The colour was on point for the occasion, and the flower petals used were a nice touch. I

The only savoury one is this “Bubble Dog”, which is also the only waffle to not include ice cream. Instead you have lettuce, a sausage, cheese, roasted seaweed, bonito flakes, and Japanese sweet mayo. I think the goal was to have it resemble a okonomiyaki, a Japanese style savory pancake and they did just that. The sweet and savoury flavour worked.


95 Smithe Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1C2

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