We were looking for a nice place to catch up at after work. My concern was the traffic, so my guest cleverly choose the very comforting “Butter Baked Goods”, in order to avoid the peak hour drive. I avoided the traffic going home, but we ran into the after school snack traffic instead. The bakery quickly flooded with parents and guardians undecided of what to have, and kids pleading for more than what they could eat.


The bakery is not located in a busy area, but is easy enough to spot on the corner, amongst residential homes. The cafe is iconic in its floral pattern of pale pink flowers against their trademark pastel green. The decor is absolutely lovely, a modern rendition of your grandmother’s home with lace and frills, string lights, and scalloped edges. It is both girly and delicate,with a touch of antique flare.


At one corner is their coffee bar with stainless steel machinery, jars of loose leaf, plate towers for high tea services, and a green shelf housing floral tea pots and cups with saucers. I grew excited hoping to be able to use such delicate tea ware, but alas my tea would later come in a white pot with white cup. I suspect all the above was more for aesthetics than day to day use.


On the counter was a three tiered tower of candy jars. In each glass jar was wrapped candies and chocolate, bagged and priced per parcel. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolates wrapped like gold coins and blue and green globes, a pack of pig gummies, peach flavoured penguins, and tri-coloured mints.


By the door they sold their famous marshmallows and other cookies and biscuits wrapped and ready to be gifted on the go. The marshmallows were fluffy flavoured cubes packaged in cellophane, dipped into chocolate, or squeezed between two pieces of cookies. Mint, lemon, raspberry, toasted coconut, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.


Although it was the showcase of freshly baked goods that everyone came in for and drew the eye. Under glass were cake trays and dishes lined with dollies, each highlighting its own unique butter made famous bar, cookie, or cake.

Their giant Oreo, once featured in “Vancouver magazine’s 101 tastes to try”, now renamed the “you know what” to avoid copyright infringement. Ginger snaps, snicker doodles, double chocolate chip, and two chunky peanut butter cookies sandwiching smooth peanut butter cream.


By look and name alone I had to order the “birthday cake cookie” vanilla frosting between two rainbow sprinkle battered vanilla cookies. It certainly reminded me of birthday cake with its speckled colour and crumbly texture married with sweet cream. It also reminded me that I am not 10 anymore and cannot finish something this sweet on my own.


If you were looking for an actual cake, they were sold them by the whole round. Pre-iced in frosting, just waiting for your personalized sentiment. Wanting the sponginess of fluffy cake but not being able to commit to its size, they also offered a bevy of cupcakes in regular or mini sized. Chocolate or vanilla base with flavoured and decorated frosting like shredded coconut, rainbow sprinkle, mint chocolate, walnut, and lemon with a jelly.

Looking for something more unique to the bakery, we tried a few of their bars. They, like the rest of the baked goods only had a card listing their name, leaving what they were made of and how they would taste up to the imagination. I ended up utilizing my phone and googling their website for a list of ingredients for each bar. Seeing me doing this, one of the clerks offered her assistance if I had any questions. However there were so many items I was curious about, and so many questions to have to ask that I didn’t want to trouble her. Some where easy enough to guess with names likes s’mores bar, lemon bar, and the pecan bar.


Their most popular bar was the “Dunbar”, a nod to their location and the community that supported them. It has an oatmeal base with generous layers of chocolate, pecans, coconut and dulce du lece. “Dulce de lece” is a creamy milk-like Mexican caramel. It was hearty enough to be a meal replacement and sweet enough to be a dessert.


The “Bajillionaire Bar” was a salted caramel bar with a fun name. Made with a brown sugar shortbread crust, creamy
caramel centre, and finished with dark chocolate and a sprinkling of sea salt. It was luscious and creamy bar, everything a salted caramel lover would want on a cookie.


The “Dream Bar” was their Bestseller. Shortbread crust with cherries, walnuts and coconut, then topped with vanilla butter cream. It was lighter than the chocolate one above. The buttery short bread crust really came though on this. The cherries and coconut blended really well together, playing a great second with their fresh and fruity flavours.

I was ambitious with all the sweets, thinking I could have more than one and enjoy it all together. Needless to say, I had to take half of what I didn’t finish home, as it became too rich and I quickly reached my sweet tolerance. We ordered some tea and that helped.


My guest’s had a “London fog tea latte”. Which is tea with frothy hot milk.


My “buttercream blend” tea was a bag in a white pot. Steeping until I saw fit, to pour as much as a wanted in to a matching white cup. Once again I was slightly disappointed to have our drinks served in such plain vessels when I saw they had ones a lot more prettier behind the counter on display.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
There was so much to go through within these magical walls. So many treats that I wanted to try, some many cute things I wanted to buy. How is one person suppose to choose just one, let alone anything? It all looked and smelled so good. I guess their variety gives you a good reason to return. Next time around, I would definitely like to come back to try their tea service. Maybe then I will get to use their fancy pots and cups. It will also be nice to have all their treats on a tower instead of separate plates. Don’t deny your cravings.


4907 Mackenzie Street, Vancouver BC? V6N 1G8
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