History with a View~

Took advantage of the first real sunny day in Vancouver. Woke early to enjoy breakfast at Horse Shoe Bay. Our only real option was “Troll’s”, it was open and had a view of the water.
After getting pass the heavy wooden doors, with manhole windows; you enter a foyer lined with framed drawings. Caricatures of local celebrities and the Troll family hung and surrounded you, as you wait to be seated. I assume the Troll family opened and still run the restaurant. A large sign hanging down educates you that this is the “Home of the most famous fish and chips.” From the decor and multitude of warn in seats, you can tell this restaurant was a part of history and is still well visited. Their blue and patterned booth seats looked like they survived the 70’s. And over each one dangled red lamps, that looked similar to the ones you find heating meats behind a sneeze guard. Most curious were the 2 child size paper mâché men sitting above the bar, enjoying a toast.

We selected a seat on the patio bathe in sun light, to keep us warm; and incidentally burn the back of my neck. We must have started a trend as four more tables were filled after we were seated. The menu was all breakfast, with all the home cooked classics: eggs Benedict, pancakes, eggs and bacon platters, and waffles.

This is my recommended way to start the day in BC. Home cooking, warm sunshine, a cool breeze, and staff serving that knows the community and their regulars by name and profession. In this village time doesn’t run, it melts. Locals walk about leisurely, the only mechanical noise comes from a lone bus and a ferry docking in the distance. From our patio seats we people watched those in the park. Little children stare down from the wooden bridge. Elderly couples take relaxing strolls along the coast line. The park boasts an outstanding view of the calm blue water. The water dances and sparkles in the glow of the sun. The flowers open and their petals reach towards the warmth. Birds sing, bees buzz, I feel like I am in the beginning of a Disney movie. Though as great of a picture as I am painting, it means nothing if you have allergies.

“Troll’s” was busy today and our food took a while to come. Luckily we had the view to keep us occupied and some vitamin D to keep us happy.

The big breakfast was your classic hearty day starter. Two eggs done your way, crispy bacon strips, muilti-grain toast, I like mine with strawberry jelly, and fried hash browns. The bread was too grainy and chewy to enjoy the peanut butter and jelly I had spread on it, but it tasted homemade and good for you. The bacon was cooked in the oven in large strips, which made it chewy. And nothing better during breakfast than breaking the yolk of an over easy egg, and sopping it up with a potato dipped in ketchup. This platter was nothing new, but just what I craved and was too lazy to prepare for myself today.

The English muffin was another breakfast option that you could get anywhere. It sandwiched eggs, cheese and a sausage. I was impressed that the sausage was not one of those over salted patties. Instead it was a actual smoked sausage cut in half lengthwise, with an attempt made to lay it flat over the egg and cheese. The sausage really made the breakfast sandwich delicious.
Would I come back? – Yes.
You come not for the food, but for the location and back drop. This is also the only place in the small village of Horseshoe Bay that offers a breakfast like this, at a descent price. I would like to return to see the sun set into the water and try their well known fish and chips.
Would I recommend it? – No, there really isn’t much that sets this place apart, besides its lengthy and rich history. If you are in the area, absolutely stop in to try. But if you are in a rush, fast food places like “Subway” and “Fresh Slice” are available for cheaper. And I do not recommend driving all the way just for this place, do it for the scenery and nature.
Don’t deny your craving for refreshing air and quiet sights at Horse Shoe Bay.

6408 Bay St, West Vancouver BC, V7W 2H1
Tel: 604-921-7755

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