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Green Leaf Brewing Co.


A bar is such a nice additional to the Lonsdale Marketplace. “Green Leaf Brewing Co.” makes for a comfortable place to sit and drink at. And best of all, since they don’t serve much food, they allow you to bring whatever you like from the neighbouring food court, past their glass walls, in order to enjoy it in their spacious setting, with their refreshing beers.

So after a trip around the food court, we picked up a tray of fresh, fried fish and chips to enjoy with some of their craft beers. Beers are most refreshing when partnered with the oil and crisp of a good deep fry.


The brewing company space is made up of glass walls, a series of storage shelves, and floor to ceiling steel vats. Several book shelves worth of printed growlers, tall boy cans, and 12oz brown bottles greet you at their threshold. This, along with other private label whiskeys makes up their bar. Here they specialize in their beers and outside whiskeys, and is the first place to do so, that I have ever heard of and have been to.


You grab any empty seat surrounding their counter. Either a wooden high top, or one of their larger, polished wood, family style, share tables. Each setting has a drink menu diving beer on tap and beer aged in barrels, with whiskey paired with beer, or whisky alone as a shot. We focused on their in beers. For those on tap: it was 12oz for $5, $7.50 for a 20oz, and $6 for 3 ounces of each of the four 5-6.5% brews. The sours and aged in barrel beers only came in 7oz servings at $5 a glass, and it’s flight was $3 more than what they had on tap.


Our way to avoid making a commitment on any one pint was to invest in a flight, giving us four tastes at a time. Each 3oz glass was poured from one of eight taps, built into the wall over a metal troth. This was done by a young man, who didn’t look like he was allowed to drink, let alone serve me mine.

As one who doesn’t really have a preference in beer, a flight provides me with the variety I need to keep me interested in finishing them all. Like a share platter of drinks. It was served on a wooden plank, marked by dots to indicate and differentiate one beer from the other.


The flight featuring all their beers on tap had Weizenhower”, their Hefeweizen with orange peel and coriander; “Lloyd’s lager”, a classic style lager with Pilsner and American yeast; “Pie hole pale ale”, which is a a clean and fruity, hoppy pale ale; And the “Animal farm IPA” was w clean Belgium farmhouse IPA. Together they were an easy to drink assemble that was smooth and sweet compared to the four below.


Their sours and barrel aged flight was especially tart, you got more sour than you would think the fruit used had to offer. “Dark aged saison”, aged in a red wine oak barrel for a year, 9%. The “raspberry sour” had a pound of raspberry for every litre of their sour ale that they used. The “cherry sour” was similar to the one above, but this sour blond ale was brewed with “heaps of cherries”. And the “modern gentleman IPA” was 100% Brett fermented IPA aged in Merlot barrels.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
This was nice setting for some family brewed beers. And they especially made a great after work stop, if your commute is past the quay. Don’t deny your cravings.


Lonsdale Quay Market
123 Carry Cates Court, North Vancouver BC, V7M 3E4
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Montgomery Fish & Chips


We were at Lonsdale Quay for their farmer’s market. After a stroll along the water’s edge, and peaking at what each vendor had to offer, we wandered in to the market place for some warmth and ready made food.

We walked the food court until we decided on fish and chips at “Montgomery Fish & Chips”. The look of their booth matched the traditional and regal sounding family name that it began with. The booth’s boarder was decorated to look like a wooden castle with several planks creating a jagged roof top and a gate with cast iron hinges at the bottom. A dragon was perched above and broad swords flanked either ends.


They offered only what their named mentioned various types of fish fried or in nugget form, and chips dressed in either salt or vinegar, or covered in gravy with cheese for a poutine.

We grabbed two pieces of battered and deep fried cod, with a side of thicker cut fries. And due to one of our two peeves pf fish being on the smaller side, they generously gave us a third smaller one to make up for it. They did the same to one of the other guests before us, making sure to point it out as the they came to claim their plastic tray at the counter.


These were mighty fine fish and chips, hot and flaky fish hidden under a coating of crispy fried breading. No complaints, we just needed more than two small dollops of tartare sauce to eat it all with.

Of note, the nice feature about this food plaza is that it includes a brewery; and they allow you to bring in outside food to enjoy their beers with, and we did just that. Fish and chips with craft beer is a lovely combination. Read more about that on my next post.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Stand up, quick and easy fish and chips. A great option when in the area and looking for a comforting lunch. Don’t deny your cravings.


Lonsdale Quay Market
123 Carry Cates Court, North Vancouver BC, V7M 3E4
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Gianni Italian Restaurant

Our long search for a last minute New Years Eve restaurant yielded in this gem. Fairly new, with only one vote on yelp, it’s popularity allowed us to be seated on the spot, without reservations on one of the busiest nights of the year.


It felt like we were in a cozy secluded basement. The place was modern and fresh. Brighten with lighter colours as a bevy of lighting fixtures. High gloss white tiled floors allowed you to slide in place on your chair. A combination of stucco and edge stone walls lined the room as they refracted light. And a warming bronze and brick fire pit centred the room with its ember glow. The bar was this impressive stretch, half the length of the dining room. Mirrors at the back reflected the shelves of bottles before them. And despite the look of everything else, two small and older television screens were mounted just above the kitchen pass. They played sports on their 14 inch 1980’s glory. I felt as regal as the surroundings that engulfed me. A classic dining establishment with white table cloths and black high backed and well cushioned chairs.


On this evening it was New Years Eve and it was clear in decor and devise you. Multicoloured balloons were clustered in corners and by columns. Giant silver balloons declared to you, “Happy New Year” as lined the entrance. Banners done in sparkles, metallics, and rainbow hung over head. And guests where offered complimentary happy new year headband with feathers or a top had rimmed with the same effect. The patrons were a mature crowd. Grandparents and retirees. Everyone dressed and ready to empress. Friends met and hug. Staff stopped to catch up. This was that friendly Italian neighbourhood feeling I have only seen on television. A room of experience and only us in our 30’s , outside the large group of extended families.

Our wait by the front hostess podium was a short one. As she went to seat another party before us, the bus boys and servers reassured us that we would be helped shortly. From this gesture, I knew we would be in for some great service. After all they nailed the highly important, often neglected greeting.

The menu was a simple to read list. A specific listing for New Year’s Eve. Just the title of the dish under a heading. I found plenty to want on this list of 22 items.


The complimentary basket of bread and butter came at room temperature. The foccicia was made in house and was definitely done fresh. Their version was without the usual assortment of herbs the bread is known for. We were hooked in its chewy and gummy texture. Our server joked that it was a little too good. Though it was hardly enough to tie us over during our longer wait for dinner. The place was busy, it was New Years, I am sure the kitchen was trying its best. Though we grew hungry and impatient. Especially as tables began to pack up and go and their bodies stood up and congregated in path ways. We were surrounded my coats and body parts.

We didn’t realize it was a fine dining restaurant until the plates and their portions arrived. You can always tell by the smaller portions. The food looked so good that you immediately wanted more, but the plate came as so.


When trying Italian, I believe you need to try their pasta for an accurate read on the place. The “squash cappelletti” came recommended from our server. I was pleased to get prawn in my dish; as it wasn’t mentioned on the menu, and I was lead in to thinking this was a vegetarian option. The pasta to prawn ratio was a delightfully even 5:4. The sauce was creamy and with just the right amount of tartness. The fresh cheese spooned over after gave things a perfect salted topping. I just wish I had more of everything in my bowl. But I made sure to sop up as much of the sauce as I could per bite. I couldn’t waste a drop this tasty. And I was surprised that once done, this did more than enough to fill me up with pasta noodle and hearty squash.


The “Rack of lamb” came with a side mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. We requested medium rare, but it came looking rare. There wasn’t a lot of anything, but what came out was delicious. Tender meat, whipped fluffy potatoes and crisp vegetables. Good hearty flavours that came clean and un muddied. The great rub on the lamb gave each bite of the bone a nice crunch. My guest claimed that the meat tasted like beef and he enjoyed tearing off what he could from each chop bone. Things could have used a nice rice pilaf to round off the meal and get you that much more full. He definitely left hungry.

The servers are dressed in black and varied between young women in short skirts and middle aged men in striped ties. Our server was this young bubbly girl, she was friendly and funny with all her quick comments. She genuinely seemed happy and like she wanted to be here. She even took the time to walk her guests to the door, whist wishing them a jovial new year. After several communications with her, I announced to my guest how much I liked her.


On two occasion we observed the head chef coming out of his kitchen to engage with the guests he had been cooking for. From them he heard only praise and laughter. What a nice touch. It is not often that when dining I see the chef, let alone see him trying to make a connection with his patrons.

Would I come back? – Yes. If the food and service is just as good on a non busy and non eventful night. I would like to see how things are during a regular week. Is the food just as good? Are the staff just on point? Does the chef still tour the dining room?
Would I recommend it? – Yes and No. What I had I enjoyed, though as it was New Year’s Eve, it may not be regularly on the menu, and may not be regularly that price, or made regularly in that exact recipe. I need to know their usual and not just their best effort. Don’t deny your cravings.

112 West 13th Street, North Vancouver BC, V7M2H7
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Pier 7, restaurant + bar

Trying to find a nice dinner location, outside downtown Vancouver’s core, we ended up at “Pier 7”. Our goal was to avoid the crowds on a Saturday night, and the traffic from the last night of fireworks. Lonsdale Quay gave us a nice dinner with a better view. Walking towards “Pier 7” for our late meal, we were delighted and surprised to get a view of the fireworks across the water. And a free out door concert across the way. The concert was presented by Shaw and City TV, the first of a three part set, of a local concert series. 

We called ahead to confirm a slower night and a later opening. But not warned of the limited menu after 10pm. Though the expectation is you are coming in only for drinks and desserts at this time. With a milder night we asked to be seated on the heat lamp warmed patio. With blankets gathered by tables for those who need it. It wasn’t available now, but for their busier times an upper floor and patio could be opened for seating as well. We were given the corner table, the best seat in the house. We felt water from the waves splashing against dock, saw lights flickering from downtown Vancouver in the distance, and heard the motors from smaller boats coming in for the night. Though thanks to the 20 million dollar boat stationed by the dock, we weren’t able to watch the end of the symphony of fire. We sat on waterproof tables and chairs. You always sacrifice comfort for view on patios. I found the seats uncomfortable as they dug into my bare thighs. 

The menu included share plates, salads, sandwiches, and mains. Though we were only allowed to choose from their appetizers. It felt a little odd to not have seafood when at a restaurant by the water; but I came with a guest that ironically chose the place, and doesn’t like the cuisine. Luckily there are always non seafood options available on every menu. And out of the 4, these are our 2 choices, after the sliders was opted out on our behalf. 

“Vietnamese Spiced Chicken Wings”, with lemongrass and a sweet chili sauce. These wings were full of meat with a seasoning that we were not use to, but tasted great none the less. Though because of all the sauce that pooled at the bottom, it became too salty to eat without a rub down. I thought this was delicious, but they gave my guest indigestion. 

“Pulled Chicken Tostadas” with lime and chili braised chicken, crisp lettuce, red onion, guacamole, corn, and black bean salsa. It tasted fresh and authentic like Mexican cuisine. Even with all its many flavours from its many ingredients, they all melded together in delicious harmony. And if all that taste isn’t enough for you, the order comes with a green tomatillo salsa as well. It added a more sour taste to each crisp bite. They looked good, but the napkins under the nacho chip like discs quickly became soggy and torn by my usage of utensils. And try as I may, it was impossible to bite into each tostada without having it break a part in your palm. At every point I wish I had a spoon, it would have made eating easier than balancing high stacked bits on the blade of a butter knife. 


“Seasonal fruit crumble”, with blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It was topped with a sparkler when asked for a birthday flare. The smell hit you as soon as it landed on the table, and it was amazing. It was best hot with the crumble at its crispiest. My guest was surprised over how much he liked this and the crumble especially. This means a lot coming from a man who doesn’t like fruits or healthier grains. The best bite was the first, the ice cream was still a little solid, the oats hot and crunchy, and the berries firm. And I know its part of the dessert, but there was too much oozing juice that eventually made everything soggy. More crumble would have easily rectify this. 

Our server lacked service. She listened but did not reply. How was I to know of she heard that I wanted a ceasar? And how am I to know if it was okay to keep a menu when I asked? She didn’t create inviting conversion, or did she look you in the face when you spoke. Though as cold as she was she did stop by our table to check in on us often. She didn’t interrupt our conversation, but did suss out the situation. In her defense she may just been tired from a busy night. The sun came out later in the day, it was a long weekend, there was a music festival across the way , fireworks across the water, and she is ending her shift working the floor alone. 

Would I come back? – Yes. We would like to come back first thing in the morning. Our table was the optimal seat to watch the sun rise from the East. Also I can’t a good gage of the food, based on two pretty good appetizers and an excellent dessert. 
Would I recommend it? – Yes. The view is amazingly stunning at night, and I am sure mesmerizing in the morning. All the food is well known and well loved American classics, done with comfortable twists. The menu is a safe guarantee to appease most eating preferences. And with lots of seats, the wait for a table shouldn’t be too long. And waiting isn’t so bad when you get to enjoy it with a view like this. Don’t deny your cravings. 

25 Wallace Mews, North Vancouver BC, V7L 0B9

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Pasparos, Greek taverna

Today we chased the sun out of Burnaby, all the way to North Vancouver. It led us to an area near Longsdale Quay, and here we began our hunt for something to eat. We sought out Greek for an early dinner. We drove past a house with over grown plants, and a stripped blue and white awning; before we even saw the name we knew we had found our place. We pulled to the side and easily got a spot along the street, out front of “Pasparos Taverna”. 

We originally contemplated sitting on the patio, to take advantage of the day. Unfortunately it was not set up; and the crow guarding the space did not seem friendly or the type to share. 

As we entered the staff stood waiting for business. We were first in for dinner at 5pm on a Saturday, and all hands were on deck ready to serve. The chefs in white leaned against the bar that fronted their open kitchen. The owner, Katia stood proudly at the forefront of her restaurant. She directed the waiters in prep before their dinner rush. 
We were given the best seats in the house. In a window box, at a table for two, over looking the lower floor. The entire restaurant was basically an old house with an expansion, that was heated by an industrial grade heat lamp. “Pasparos” had one of the most traditional Greek layout I have ever enjoyed. Overflowing with an abundance of blue and white, from the table cloths to the wall trims and and post. The place with alive with living plants that cascaded down walls and crept up corners. The sounds of water trickling down a stone waterfall display created a calming environment. The sun shone through large widows and skylights. And fans kept the space cool. Beautifully painted canvases accurately depicted Greco buildings. White domes and arches, setting suns, and yellow blossoming flowers in front of rich blue skies and calming waters. With their larger tables,their divided rooms, and all their open space this is a great restaurant for larger parties. And the city defiantly knew, after we were seated a party of 12 grabbed the table upfront. 

The owner and Chef Katia, is your typical older Greek woman. Loud and plump, she was not a woman to trifle with. She cooed and caa-ed over her loyal customers, and was not above serving tables and seating patrons. She lead her team of young male servers with great directness. You could tell she was a main reason locals came back. She greeted familiar faces as, “darling”. And gave the place personality, and a certain pizzaz only a big character could. 

The menu listed all the familiar Greek classics, as well as a section for Katia’s own specialities. Each entree comes with the usual Greek accompaniments: Greek salad, rice pilaf, roasted potatoes, and tzatziki sauce. Expect here there were no pita to dip your sauce into. But they were generous with the feta cheese. And you got more than one piece of roasted potato, which gave you a great meat to potato ratio. The rice was well seasoned but had no extra veggies in it, it was just flavoured yellow rice. Each entree is more expensive than your usual Greek dinner found else where. $20 compared to the more commonly seen $16.95. Unique dishes aside, I don’t really see any increase in value parallel to the increase in price. 

The stuffed calamari entree came as nothing I had expected. When you read calamari you think breaded and deep fried bites. But in reality what showed up was four miniature cuttlefish stuffed in the head with feta, kefalograviera, celery, zucchini, and green and red peppers. The addition of feta and cheese made each bite of the “squid” too salty. I literally had to destuff them to enjoy my plate. 

Slow roasted lamb shoulder in an authentic blend of spices. The lamb was fall off the bone delicious. Plenty of meat. 

The chicken souvlaki is made from boneless chicken thigh. It was done wonderfully: plentiful, tender and juicy. 

A Kaita’s special, roasted lamb shank and green beans in a tomato sauce. It had a deliciously unique taste that I cannot put my finger on. Each piece of the lamb was succulent, and was easily separated from the shank. The beans gave each bite a crunch factor. And the tomato sauce a light tangy quality. 

Would I come back? – No. As great as the food was, for $3 more than at any other Greek place, without pita bread; I do not really see any value. Plus if you live further away, a drive to North Vancouver for Greek food may not be convenient. 
Would I recommend it? Yes, if you live in North Van and are looking for a great neighborhood Greek place, this is the one. “Pasparos” is run by an owner who truly cares and takes the time to learn your name. You will enjoy the culturally rich decor and inviting staff. Don’t deny your cravings. 

132 West 3rd St, North Vancouver BC, V7M 1E8

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