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Originals Cafe Mexicano


Serving traditional Mexican food and coffee.

My partner is fond of Mexican food, he goes out of his way to find and try Mexican cuisine all around the Lower mainland. At this point he has his favourite spots in various cities. This would be our first time here, and it would soon be the only place we know for Mexican cuisine when in Port Moody.

He was pretty optimistic with the online reviews declaring them to be fairly authentic, and I believed it all the more when I laid eyes the place. Looking at our destination, I expected a home cooked Mexican meal, made lovingly by a skilled Mexican mother and home cook. And it delivered.

I was delighted that the restaurant was an actual house. Located the end of the block in a residential area, with an apple tree in the yard and a gate surrounding the property. Walking past, it might be hard to identify given the foliage of another tree blocking the visibility of their “open” sign. Although the sandwich board roped to the tree, along the side, by the miniature lamp post were helpful in directing your way.


It was a little two story home with a walk up a few steps to access the interior. The foyer or “living room” became the dining room. It was kept cool with an air conditioning unit protruding from a pried open window. The adjacent room held their register, drinks in a fridge, and a pantry shelf with dry ingredients and wet sauces for sale and use.

It was staff only past the hallway. In retrospect, I wished I visited the washroom to see how it was refurbished for private use to commercial.

There was but one bright eyed young lady working the front of house cafe herself. Luckily, this Wednesday after 2pm it wasn’t that busy. But either way the room only held space for four tables, with a few more outside on their deck-patio.

Each table was lacquered in bold celebratory colours and geometric prints. And each was equipped with traditional Mexican hot sauces and a little Mexican coffee cup holding sugar packets and stir sticks.


The menu was an impressive listing of starters, mains, sides, and tacos. It was impressive as this was clearly a family run mom and pop operation, and this menu was befitting of a restaurant located downtown Vancouver. They had tortilla soup, a featured ceviche, tostadas, burritos, and chillies.


I gravitated towards their “Los Tacos” that were 2 for $5.50 or $2.75 each. I tried four out of their six varieties, skipping on the baked chicken and veggie choices. They were all served together on a branded board, which was a nice dressy touch. Once again a detail befitting of a mainstream restaurant downtown Vancouver.

They looked good and I wanted them to be good. But sadly, all the meats felt like they lack seasoning. Each was tender enough and had some of their natural flavours shine through. But not enough spices and the tomatillo sauce didn’t add anything to help. I thought about using the table sauces to perk things up, but they were all down to their bottoms, and had their caps caked with the uses before mine. How badly did I want flavour? I ended up passing.


I chose to start with the protein that would be the lightest bite. The “Pescado” was fish, olive oil, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and fresh parsley. It was nice and light with crisp batter and flakey white fish. It would no longer be authentic, but I wanted some ranch or at least some sour cream over top.


The “steak” was marinated beef. “Roasted to the perfect tenderness” was what the menu promised, but sadly what we had was more on the drier side.


“Carnitas” are slow cooked fried pork in a cinnamon. I got a hint of sweet orange from the stew as well.


The “Chilorio” was similar in texture, but with a lot more taste. This is a slow cooked pulled pork in pasilla and huajillo adobo. This was also the most flavour of my quartet. I was warned that this would be spicy when I ordered it, but I simply found it a nice back for the throat burn.


My partner choose the “Enchiladas Verdes”. This or something similar is what he always gets from any Mexican restaurant he visits. Like it does then, this helped give him a good comparison point now. Three rolled corn tortillas topped with a cooked green tomatillo sauce, melted cheese, lettuce, onion, and sour cream. He choose the chicken over the vegetable, but decided against paying more for beef or another enchilada. They are served with a side of beans that helped with flavour. Great, considering that the chicken tasted bland, it was left unseasoned and the sauce coating it wasn’t bold enough to help. And worse of all, the sauce made the lettuce soggy. Some rice would have helped here, and also help make things more filling.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
The food was good and you could taste the quality. It just wasn’t to our tastes. We needed more pop and more flavour, which could have been easily achieved with a few sides like guacamole, cheese, salsa, and rice. All toppings more closely associated with tex-mex than authentic Mexican cuisine. But all of the above now, would have ran us $9.50 more to share between us. Without it we were only looking a $25 for two after taxes. Don’t deny your cravings.


2231 Clarke Street, Port Moody BC, V3H 1Y6
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St. Street Grill



There is a certain pressure when a friend refers to you a restaurant that they love and then gift you a certificate to enjoy it. You almost feel obligated to love it by proxy, and enjoy it cause your meal is basically paid for. There is even more pressure when you are a blogger and know that they will be reading your work and what you write could affect your relationship in the future. Luckily I need not exaggerate or embellish, their love of this establishment was founded, and I enjoyed myself as much as they do each and every time they go. They visit at least once a month and by coincidence we found ourselves doing so together at the same time today.


Judging it by its exterior, it might not be a restaurant I regularly gravitate towards. First of all the location is out of the way for me; and second of all, the interior is a little out there. Looking through the window, it was like we were staring at a darkroom. Red bulbs shining red light over decor that looked like theatre propping, or goods for sale at an antique store. Each window framing a rich scene of drapery, crystal, and bobbles. As a result we drove past it not realizing what we had missed it. Their name wasn’t in lights and their awning was dark, it didn’t look like a restaurant. But I guess the red lights can be plenty eye catching driving by.


Not surprising it was slow on a Monday evening. We were the only other table of three seated during our stay. Not that we were complaining, it felt like we had the place to ourselves and we certainly had all the attention from the lone server. She only paused her time with us to receive my friends in and show them to “their” table. Regulars get treated like a visiting friend. A designated seat, a personalized greeting, and acknowledgment of conversations had in the past.

We were all served by one of the owners. A very friendly women who seemed genuinely happy to be doing what she was. She was welcoming when she received us and seemed to beam with pride when we asked her questions about her restaurant and took interest in her chef. She checked in often and was honest about her menu. She warned me when servings were small and suggested items that she thought I would like. She was attentive and caring. Truly I felt welcomed and comfortable in a larger, quieter, emptier restaurant because of her.


The setting can be best described as eclectic-cabert. Wall to ceiling of stuff. Paintings and frames ajared above the rafters, mirrors embellished in gold, white stone busts, velvet cloth drapes, curtains hung on rods, beaded chandeliers, and various works of art. There was no space left uncovered, an assortment of worldly objects gathered through travel. And here you existed, small within it, surrounded by smooth jazz and whispered conversation.

The menu was surprising. It all sounded great, but I hate to say I was apprehensive to order much of it. This was given their location and the traffic today, I was skeptical. However, I should have taken my benefactor’s recommendation of the place to heart, and ordered to my own heart’s content. Their menu covered it all from fresh salads to hearty pastas, rich appetizers, filing entrees, and decadent desserts.


A complimentary basket of white and brown baguette slices with butter. I am more partial to bread being served being warm and soft, so that the butter just melts when you spread it on.


I have been carbo-loading as of late and my body was telling me that I needed some vegetables. And after reading the description of their “Smoked bocconcini salad”, it seemed like the one to get. This tower was constructed out of marinated beets, vine ripened tomato, basil, and smoked bocconcini mozzarella. Coated in basil scented olive oil. It delivered on flavour as well as visual display. It was a stunning plate full of fresh ingredients paired with a quality oil. The diced beets were a little salty in its pickling, a heavy contrast to the the sweetest tomato.


Being more hungry, my partner went for the “New York (AAA)” and wasn’t¬†disappointed. This was a herb rubbed and char grilled striploin, with a herb red wine demi. To our delight it came with a bevy of vegetables, all hidden under the slab of medium rare steak. They didn’t even asked us how we liked our steak prepared, it just came with the perfect centre of pink. The potatoes were artistically carved and well seasoned. There were beets chopped in half, baby carrots peeled, and broccolini in lengthy stems. This was a very satisfying well rounded plate.


“Slow roasted pork shank” in a spiced caramel glaze. They were generous in their portions.


“Prawn and Bay scallop” with angel hair pasta in a tomato and saffron sauce.


Overall we felt the decor took away from the food at times, as everything wore a tint of red, it soured my dining experience a little as a visual diner. I eat with eyes before I taste with my tongue. Photos with and without light.

Also, given the cuisine, the food would have been better paired with a more modern setting. In a place like this I would expect coffee and teas, cocktails and small plates. Something funky and fun to match the walls. As a result, it took away from the food and the food distracted from the setting. I wanted them as two different restaurants, and they certainly could have done it, given the space they possessed. A laid back lounge and a fine dining restaurant.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I didn’t know what to expect walking in. But looks can be deceiving, and as a result this was certainly can be classified as a hidden gem. The decor gives diners lots to converse over and the food much to remember. It is as great of a place to eat, as it is one to lounge within. I don’t do much dining in the Port Moody Area, but if they are all like this, I should start. Don’t deny your cravings.


2510 St. John’s Street, Port Moody BC,
V3H 2B4
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Brew Street Craft + Kitchen


We were driving by and with its lights on and parking lot full, this was as good as any place to dine at.

This craft kitchen and bar is attached to a privately own liquor store. Both entrance doors are side by side. A smart strategy, giving patrons the ability to go from one to the other. You start with a drink or two and take the party home with a bottle or four.


The bar’s entrance was an impressive wood and brick foundation with double doors. Their name branded on to wooden planks in Times New Roman. This snapshot was a good idea of the theme within. Inside, the dark of the room opens up with vaulted ceilings. The brightness of the wall to wall television screens lights up the space. Several flat screens broadcasting various sporting matches, one screen under another, and many more side by side, by side. Though without commentators, the overhead music with its base is what kept the place bumping.

The entirety of this setting is what you expect on a Friday night from a good bar. Walking in you could tell this was a safe bet for a good time in Port Moody. You could feel the energy from the visiting crowd, the vibe exuding from the bustling staff, and the joy of the people already seated, and many more coming in after 9pm. And best of all were the drunken bodies stumbling to the washroom after successful shots.

All this, coupled with a rustic comfortable feel taken from wood panels walls and worn wood furnishings. Whimsical signs invited you to drink, go outdoors, and to drink outdoors. “I’m outdoorsy. I like drinking outdoors”. “Go jump in a lake”.


There were several different areas for seating. An elevated section surrounding a stone fire place, a dining area with the option for large groups, and an outdoor closed off patio currently serving as a room to play pool in. We were given a high top overlooking the bar.

The bar was seated along a curve, it arched from one side of the room to the other. A well stocked and multi tapped line against a brick wall with wood slat for shelves. On tap were seasonal offerings with the option of having a few be part of curated flights. Though if you are looking for something with more kick, they also had plenty of seasonal cocktails available. Not surprising from a bar with a liquor store adjacent, their drink menu was a very impressive list to appease all palettes.

The food menu was pretty diverse as well. The bar basics like poutine, wings, and burgers were present. As well as interesting twists on classics like garlic infused fries, panko breaded Brie, and a coconut and cilantro seafood chowder. I thought long and hard over their confit garlic and goat cheese pizza served with a whole egg on top. In general I was pretty optimistic given their sub title of “craft kitchen” in their name. However my faith in titles would be mistaken, and my partner’s assessment of this just being a bar with “bar food” was dead on. Luckily we played it safe with chicken and pasta, two things most bars tend to do quite well.

The food took a long time to come; surprising, given we ordered it at 9pm and at this point in the night, majority of their patrons were happy with a liquid menu.


“Gnocchi and pulled braised beef”. Potato gnocchi topped with braised beef, tomato ragu, arugula, and shaved Parmesan. The dish was more meat then pasta: 1:4, gnocchi:beef. The pulled beef was good, but there was just too much of it to eat as a dish on its own, it needed a base. We ordered additional sides of garlic bread triangles, but we’re still left with enough meat to take home and make into a sandwich. But I thought it would be weird to doggy bag only the meat from a pasta dish, like I intentionally only ate all the soft and chewy gnocchi lumps. The tomato flavour in the sauce was present, but the sauce as a whole needed some kick. Spices, seasoning, even more salty cheese could have easily remedied this. I don’t often make use of my table seasonings, but I looked for the salt shaker and said yes to the freshly ground pepper. Each element of this plate was good, but bland and not very exciting all together.


“Cajun chicken”. Skin-on blackened Cajun chicken breast served with garlic mashed potatoes and Tuscan vegetable. These were flatted prices of chicken breast, orange from the spices. I wasn’t visually excited by it, you could tell the chicken was dry just cutting in. Though having it in a bite with buttered carrot and garlic mash helped. The chicken was seasoned very peppery, a tingling spice that creeped down the throat. Overall the base flavours were all there, and like the pasta above, it was just missing a little something to make it truly satisfying.

At one point we had great difficult finding our server. Eventually we spotted her sitting down and taking selfies with a group of young men. I guess if any establishment allowed this from their servers, it would be a place like this. So we waited with glasses of water left empty and my food cooling, wanting bread we couldn’t ask for. Similarly our neighbouring table was sat, but not greeted or approached in timely manner. But this was a busy bar, a rowdy place, I guess I couldn’t and shouldn’t expect prompt care. But there were just so many servers standing idle by the kitchen pass. I manage to meet eyes with a few as my head roved the room from side to side, but even with a wave and gesture, none cameas I wasn’t seated in their section. Eventually I just walked back to the entrance and listed my requests to the hostess, she agreed to help. And I eventually got want I wanted delivered to me by two other servers.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I would recommend them more for their setting then the food. And would personally like to return just to drink with a large group of friends. Shame they are sort of out of the way and hard to get to with transit. Don’t deny your cravings.


3224 St. Johns Street, Port Moody BC, V3H 2C9
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Casa Dolce Gelato & Chocolate


After a savoury dinner we were hankering for a sweet dessert in “Newport Village”. Our walk took us nearby to “Casa Dolce”, a sky blue and lemon yellow sign marked the spot. We intended just to grab some ice cream, but found their other options equally inciting. I certainly didn’t expect anything this elaborate at a neighbourhood ice cream parlour.


Right by the door were tubs of gelato and sorbeto, most already dug in to, as we were more than half way through the day. Two glass show cases of pastel shades and neon hues. Bins of velvety looking creams with thick swirls, some were even topped with the flavour they represented. Caramel drizzle over the sea salted caramel gelato, coffee beans with the espresso, and fresh fruit in the raspberry grapefruit sorbet. If you are looking for fruit flavours they had them in both the gelato and the sorbet variety. Strawberry and blueberry gelato. And the less milk and more tart, sorbets in strawberry, grape, and limone. Other popular gelato flavours include cotton candy, pistachio, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, amaretto cherry, and coconut cream.¬†Most would have been satisfied just limiting their order from here. The cash register separated the frozen treats from the next showcase, it clearly showed where most of their business was made, within the first few feet of the door. The summer’s sun and the customers with their cones in hand were an testament to this. I on the other hand wanted to know all that they offered, to be sure I made the most informed dessert making decision. After all, there were so many things to choose from and I didn’t want to regret not entertaining all of them.


Walking further in, I noticed they offered savoury snacks as well: breakfast sandwiches, side salads, folded pastries, filled pies, and flour tortilla wraps. It’s nice that they attempted to be that one stop shop for all. Unlike most places, they certainly had the show space for it. Given that everything else was made in house, I can only assume these were as well.


On the counter were several cake displays with lid, shielding baked goods. Saran engulfed biscotti, sliced cake loafs, half chocolate dipped cookies, almond twists, and parchment wrapped muffins; all travel ready. These went well with the specialty coffees and gourmet teas they also offered on menu. An offering made obvious by the stainless equipment behind the counter, the pyramid of metal tea tins stacked several tiers up, and the grouping of cup and saucers found nearby.


The chocolate display had various cubed bites, perfectly shaped and evenly spaced morsels. Dark, milk, truffle, and white. You definitely needed time to read all the fillings and carefully make your choice. Popular filings like caramel, coffee, and sea salt. Nut filled? Hazelnut, pecan, almond, and cashews. And some more adult friendly combinations that included rum, gran mariner, and champagne. They even had pretty boxes with contrasting curled ribbon, to package those you wanted to purchase for gifts. I luckily never had the a sweet tooth penchant on chocolate, so kept on moving. Though the thought of their Belgium waffles topped with cream, fruit, or gelato did slow my step.


I also considered the macaroons at length, but was more enticed by the sign advertising ice cream filled macarons instead. Why have two deserts when you can have it all in one? They were kept in the freezer towards the back of the room. A help yourself door to pre-pint-ed gelato tubs and full ice cream cakes. Buy two 1/2 litre tubs and get one free. And 16 inch round cakes ready for candles and a song, available in several colours and flavours. Their ice cream macaron flavours were the same as their regular macaron selection. Earl grey, pistachio, sea salt caramel, raspberry, coffee, and lemon.


I have only ever seen ice cream filled macarons in photos, so was excited to be able to try some now. The tough part, what flavour to have as my first? The espresso and mint chocolate chip macaron gelato sandwiches were the winners in that internal debate. The slightly bitter tone of espresso in the gelato was off set by the sweet sugar shell. These were easy to eat, fun with your hands kind of treat. The crunch of the shell offered some texture where the chocolate chips in the mint had none. Would definitely be craving these again, but would like to try the other flavours next time.


We also ended up getting a scoop of the “Rose chocolate” and the vanilla gelato. I was truly surprised at the portion size, this cup duo was definitely more than “one scoop”. Though you were paying about a dollar more here than at other places, so you were getting your money’s worth.


We were able to sample several flavours, and as a result “Rose chocolate” was chosen. It had a light flavour, that made for an and airy floral palate cleanser. My guest requested a cup and scoop to match her pink gelato; request she made for me, in consideration of the above photo. The employee was kind enough to oblige and give her both a light and dark pink spoon to use one and discard the other as we liked. Very accommodating. I on the other hand went with a scoop vanilla, all very standard. I hate to say it, but I have never found a flavour I enjoy more than vanilla. Vanilla is never too sweet and always what I expect it to be. Though I was unable to finish my portion, as I under estimated how much ice cream was in the macaron. Here I learned there can be such thing as too much ice cream.


Eat in or dine out, there are seats available for both. Cushioned booths in doors, metal mesh table and chairs outdoors. We choose the later given the warmth of the evening.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Gelato is the creamiest of all ice creams, it cures all, and nothing replaces it when you have a craving. Who doesn’t like a melted scoop or sticky lick on a warm summer’s day? The only one in the area and definitely worth a visit for all they have to offer. Don’t deny your cravings.


252 Newport Drive, Port Moody BC, V3H5B9
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St. James’s Well


I am often found at “White Pine Beach” during the hotter summer season. And when looking for lunch before or dinner after I find this little plaza in Port Moody offers in all. Today we were visiting the “St. James’s Well pub” for an early dinner.

Happy hour was in full swing. The patio out front was fully seated, and with the sun out, couples were taking full advantage of the unobstructed heat. Inside, many male patrons stood with a glass in hand, bodies huddled around the bar. They were loudly chuckling, casting their eyes on the broadcasted golf tournament above.


The interior looks and feel like an Irish pub, greens and browns, and everything else you would expect. I have never been to Ireland, but this is what I would imagine a pub in Ireland to look like. It was rustic like a well worn study. A solid stone fireplace towards the back, dark exposed wood all around, and worn-in wooden floor boards beneath. It all felt used and very much lived in. In contrast, the ceiling was painted in bold colours: a deep emerald green and a very berry maroon. The stain glass windows that also functioned as pub signs, added pops of colour, especially as it caught the sun and light streamed in.
In a cabinet there were steins, mugs, and frayed book tomes on display.


From the rafters hung brass and copper buckets, brown jugs, woven baskets, and rusted pots. On narrow shelves and across the walls there stood and hung various dusty knick knacks. Antique looking metal containers, an old timey telephone, a violin with its bow, and a banjo with all its strings. Photos of old drink ads and black and white stills finished off the scene. The only thing that seemed out of place were the pop songs playing overhead. It was a surprising mix that included Taylor Swift a few times. Surprising, considering the patrons in now were all older men by themselves. I feel the music was more for the younger waitresses dressed in their club attire. It was all very much a neighbourhood bar scene and atmosphere. Attractive women of various shapes and sizes, serving older men who knew them by their names and took the time to catch them up on their lives. Everyone knew everyone and here we were sitting in a corner waiting to be acknowledged.


We came 15 minutes to 6pm, and was hoping to catch their “h-appy” hour food menu. However the delay between being seated and finally getting service 15 minutes became 3. And by that time I was too sheepish to ask, nor did our serve mention it to us. The menu was your standard pub fare with plenty of Irish influences, we made sure to take advantage of that fact. We also figured that with the restaurant being closer to water, and with a fresh seafood store two doors down, their seafood entrees and appetizers must be good.


We started with the “Stuffed Yorkies”, $1.75 each, with a minimum order of two. These were their homemade Yorkshire puddings stuffed with hopcott’s roast beef, horseradish, and mayonnaise; served with a side of gravy. This is the traditional way to have them and the way we enjoyed them, but you can also try the Yorkies stuffed with shepard’s pie filling instead. I found the crispy and buttery pastry the best part. These nests were like tiny beef dips. They were filled with smooth sheets of tender beef, perfect for dipping into a communal bowl of homemade gravy. You could taste that the gravy was scratch made using beef drippings. We had plenty of gravy left over, so our server suggested we save it to use in conjunction with the rest of our meal, good idea.

“Guinness, crab and asparagus soup”. A creamy blend of Guinness stout, crab, potatoes, asparagus, and Parmesan cheese. Different than what I was expecting, though I don’t know what I was expecting. Glad I didn’t get the large sized bowl, but this cup-sized portion instead. The bland colour wasn’t very appetizing. The soup was more like a chowder, heavy, chunky, and creamy past the lumps. It definitely got better as you went, when you grew accustomed to its unique taste. A spoonful was the best when you got crab in the scoop. Whereas the asparagus was a little too chewy and very much wilted. A soup like this would be best paired with a hearty sandwich or a savoury meat pie.


The “Cheesy crab and chive dip” was my favourite. Baked fresh to order the menu warns it takes 15 minutes to make. It is worth the wait. Gluten free, it is a blend of cheeses, fresh local chives, and crab. You scoop it up using multicoloured tortilla chips. Though the dip was so thick that the chips buckled and broken under its gooey weight. I rathered scoop spoonfuls into my mouth anyways. This appetizer was very pub friendly, easy to eat, and best to share. Even when the dip cooled down it still had me licking my fingers clean.


The “Chicken pot pie” was ethically sourced from Abbotsford, it is slow cooked with fresh veggies and filled into a puff pastry with shredded chicken breast. We wished they listed the vegetables that would be included on the menu, and shame we didn’t think to ask, as my guest doesn’t like mushrooms, and therefore forced to eat around them. Though the pies were probably preassembled before dinner service. However, from the steam that bellowed out upon first cut, you could tell these pies were baked to order. This was a home style, hearty and creamy pie. It wasn’t too salty, the stewed veggies sat in a nice smooth gravy. You could tastes the real roasted chicken, and the thick sheet of fluffy golden brown pastry gave each bite a little crunch. The serving included a fresh green salad with edible flowers on the side. This was the first time I have seen or heard a pub using such pretty elements. Outside of the real flowers, it was your adverse salad that included various leafs of lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and red peppers.


The “Un-paralleled fish and chips using only fresh Oceanside BC cod” advertised “Ultra crisp thin batter”, west coast slaw, and in house made tartar sauce. Sadly the batter wasn’t “ultra crisp” like the menu promised. Instead it was oily and we found it peeling of the fish. And because the piece of fish sat over the fries for too long, the fries too became soggy from too much oil. Nothing a more thorough blotting couldn’t remedy. The fish was as bland as it was unfortunately dry. We wanted it more flaky and moist. But sadly there was not enough dill or zig in the tartar sauce to save the dish. As a result of an unsatisfactory fish, we skipped on the fish burger we were going to get to go, the “Un-paralleled cod burger”, like the fish and chips above, but in burger form with fries on the side.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
The food wasn’t perfect, but for pub food it was pretty darn good, and I expect it would be only better after several beers in. They kept the pub roots in their cuisine, but added extras for the clientele, given the nicer area. Additional seasonings, homemade touches, and flowers in side salads. I would have thought the prices would be higher given the neighbourhood, but they were standard and fair. Good price for lots of food. The setting was cozy, they would be a great stop on a rainy winters day. Imagine pie, beer, and soup by their fireplace. A great option to unwind at after work. Though not necessarily for those who live further away, it is quite the drive from my home in Burnaby. The travel time takes too long for more frequent visits, but with the skytrain transfer point being built nearby, I wouldn’t be surprise to see more traffic come through next summer. I hear they also have live band nights. But be warned, if you are making a trip down, stop by earlier in the evening. Because of their location and the residential area surrounding, they do close up earlier. Don’t deny your cravings.


248 Newport Drive, Port Moody BC
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