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Westcoast Poké, FEAST: Asian Dining Festival

Today I was back at Richmond, in town for another “Feast: Asian Dining Festival” destination. This is the annual event that gets diners down to Richmond, with the goal of seeking out over 30 participating restaurants. Running from now until November 18th, “Feast” offers you a chance to try somewhere new, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

For my journey to the island city, I was loaned the use of the 2020 “Subaru Ascent”. And although Richmond is convenient to get to via the Canada skytrain, nothing beats a comfortable ride in a well build vehicle. And it got us safely to “West Coast Poke”.

There are a handful of poke places vying for your attention, but this one focuses on ingredients from the west coast and themes their bowls as such. And with the “Feast” menu you are able to try two of them, with 2 of their house made drinks, and a side of your choice, all for $25. And truly this is such a great deal. More than enough food for leftovers, and a drink that compliments all of the above.

You are able to choose between 1 of their 5 classic bowls and have it assembled to your specifications. You choose your base from brown rice, white rice, or greens. And how spicy you want things, then what crunchy toppings you’d like to finish it off with.

I choose the “Tidal” poke after noticing the “fresh-in” tag beside its name, but regret not getting any tuna or salmon because of it. Prawn, togarashi, scallion, pickled red onion, cucumber, pineapple, avocado, jalapeño, gochu garlic aioli sauce, and a citrus ponzu sauce. I enjoyed all the flavours, but would have liked them with fish instead.

My guest had the “Smoke” Poke, a spicy bowl with a warning of a chilli pepper logo by its name. This one featured albacore tuna, a burnt miso chilli oil, Thai chilli, scallion, jalapeño, cucumber, radish, ginger, spicy crab salad, pineapple, and a miso ginger glaze. Minus the heat, I preferred the flavour and the fish of this more.

But what really stole the show for me was the side salad. You had your choice between a fruit and seaweed salad, but when you see the name “crack salad”, that is clearly the one you get. It did not disappoint, this crab based salad had me going back for more. And I thought of mixing it to my shrimp bowl to give it more depth. The “crack salad” is made with crab, mango, avocado, cucumber, fried onions, a miso ginger soy, a maple soy sauce, and chopped nori.

For drinks we got one of each of their options, a nice mild peach tea and a sharp and refreshing lemonade. Made in house ahead of time, and poured into individual plastic cups for each dispensing.

Worth noting is how friendly the staff on shift were, we closed the shop down and told them we would rush as to not keep them later than necessary. However, they reassured us that it was quite alright, as they would still be here cleaning up anyways. They even offered us additional slices of avocado and portions of miso soup, as to not have to waste any of it at the end of the night.

The “charred nori miso” was brilliant. You got a nice umami flavour from the mushrooms they used. It warmed you up, which is a nice contrast to the served cold chilled seafood rice bowls before it.

We enjoyed everything so much so, that we decided to order two more bowls to go, to be able to try more of their menu. My guest ordered the “Pacific” bowl, as she was toying with either this or the smoke bowl earlier. This is their most popular bowl and a lot less spicy with albacore tuna, cilantro, cucumber, pickled red onion, crab salad, pineapple, mango, and a green mango curry sauce. It was fairly light and citrus forward, whereas I prefer punchier flavours like the feature bowl below.

I was intrigued by their “Hola Hola” poke bowl, it read like and tasted like nachos. Hot chilli cheese over a taco salad. Made with albacore tuna, pickled red onion, radish, black beans, blackened corn, avocado, a smokey sriracha aioli, and a tortilla chip crunch. Definitely a heavier bowl, and one for those who like the flavours of tex mex.

Glad to have been turn on to this poke franchise by “Feast: Asian Dining Festival”. For more of the other participating restaurants, check out their website below.

11666 Steveston Hwy #3030, Richmond, BC V7A 1N6
(778) 297-1138

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Anar Persian Cuisine

Today I was in Steveston in the afternoon. A walk around this city within the city, had me realizing how many different food options are available here. Not just the Instagram famous ones, or the ones that make it into television shows. But a wide array of cuisines, including the only Greek restaurant left in all of Richmond, “Kisamos”.

Although today we would be trying one of the newest restaurants to call Steveston home. A restaurant so new that they are still waiting on a permit to be able to showcase their entire food menu, which includes kabobs. They are the only ones in the area offering authentic Persian cuisine. But are already a familiar face in Richmond, once residing within “President’s Plaza”. Their new location only has them open between 12-5pm, so be sure to come for an earlier dinner or regular lunch. (Although, I am told that majority of the businesses in Steveston does close at 5pm).

Located in what use to be Steveston’s old court house, this refurbished building has been a part of history since 1925. Inside, the restaurant is pretty modern. Dark furniture over a black and white checkered floor. A few scenic photos on the wall, a shelf of books, and a laser cut room separator with matching art pieces. All in all it didn’t really have a theme, just more a collection of items to fill up the space; including the novelty salt and pepper shakers on each table. We were the first group of people to come in for lunch, a little after 12pm on a Wednesday. A few more came behind us.

The menu had dishes listed in their traditional names, with descriptions of what you can expect from them in English, underneath. Once again, this was only half of their intended menu, the full one will be available at the beginning of November. Without much experience or photos to reference, we relied on the lone employee who looked after the front of house. She listed all of their popular items, and we went with all her suggestions.

We started with their “Ab anar lemonade” with chia seeds. It wasn’t what we anticipated from a lemonade. It was sweeter than expected and rose water focused. It served as a great palate cleaner with our meal to come. Refreshing after all the other heavier flavours. I especially liked the texture the chia seeds offered: a fun chew.

We followed it with bread and two dips. Hummus made from chickpeas, garlic, fresh lemon juice, tahnini (sesame seed), and paprika. A solid rendition, great with the basket of warm dimpled bread sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The airy and foamy bread also made the perfect base for the “Kask o bademjoon”, grilled eggplant and whey, seasoned with turmeric and mixed mints; topped with caramelized onion. The fried onions were so fragrant, they added a nice crunch to the creamy yet chunky paste.

For our entree we shared the “Baqhali polow”. Braised lamb shank with dill, and fava bean steamed saffron basmati rice. The lamb and all the meat they use is certified halal, so tender it easily sloughed off the bone. Full of flavour, but a little too salty for me, luckily the rice was the perfect base. The beans added a different texture from the firm and long basmati kernels. And the side salad offered a crispy and tangy break. All in all a wonderfully done dish I would recommend.

With all that garlic in the 3 dishes above, the saffron rose water pistachio ice cream was the perfect way to clean our mouths and end our meal. This was a lighter treat with the floral essence of rose dominating. It reminded me of Turkish delight. The chunks of pistachio sprinkled over top and embedded within the ice cream offered some great crunch.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
A great offering to the Steveston community. Something different and something delicious. Don’t deny your cravings.

12051 Third Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 3T1
(778) 834-1707

G-men Ramen Steveston

We were in Steveston and looking for lunch. Though this being a Saturday, the historic fishing village was busy and all their popular spots saw lengthy lines.

So wanting to eat sooner than later, we stopped at the new ramen place that just opened up, Steveston’s first. Although, had I known the restaurant was without air conditioning, I might have reconsidered our idea of hot noodles in broth on a hot summer’s day. None-the-less here we were, two amongst many with the same idea. We were able to grab two stools at the very back bar. And there we would be ignored by the busy staff, after we ordered and they delivered our two bowls of ramen. To paint a better picture, it was a struggle to get our bill to settle up and leave. This was despite a line at the door for those wanting to dine in.

I went for their most popular choice, the miso ramen, I added butter and corn to it for $2.50 more, and added an egg for $1 more. Authentic chicken and pork broth with their homemade miso seasoning and thick noodles. This was already a rich serving, and I don’t think the butter made a difference in that regard, except for additional calories. I did like the sweetness the corn added and how they popped with each bite.

My guest ordered their “RCMP” ramen advertised as being “addictively spicy”. She too added an egg, because after all ramen isn’t the same without a soft boiled egg. It was exactly as she expected, spicy with a bold red broth, but manageable in terms of heat.

Everything was good, but one bowl isn’t enough to properly assess the restaurant, especially since their menu is one of the largest I have ever seen at any ramen place. On top of 8 different types of ramen and all their variations, “G-men “ also offers plenty of appetizers from mixed nuts to a chicken dip with crackers, raw octopus to pickled squid. They have salad with and without seafood or meat, plenty of sashimi as is, seasoned and in combos. There are rice bowls and poke bowls, and a section just dedicated to deep fried and bbq items.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I wouldn’t travel all the way to Steveston for ramen, and when there I would choose somewhere to lunch that better showcases the town. However, for the locals this serves as the only, and therefore best place for ramen in Steveston. Don’t deny your cravings.

3711 Bayview Street, Richmond BC, V7E 3B6

Win Win Chick-N, #ChickenWingsChallengeYVR

I was bestowed the honour of judging Vancouver Foodster’s latest challenge: Chicken wings. A food that I fancy myself an expert in, given the amount I have eaten in one sitting, and as a whole.

I am always appreciative of his challenges and my participation in them. They get me out and about, traveling around the Lower Mainland, trying restaurants I would never otherwise get a chance to. And today’s competitor: “Win Win Chick-n” is a perfect example of that. I have been to Steveston a handful of times this year, and with each visit, never thought to order fried chicken by the water. And little did I know, I was missing out.

The shop is small, a couple of places to sit in doors and a few more right outside, under the sun. Though if they are all taken, their chicken does travel well, and a picnic in Steveston always sounds like a grand idea.

I came down to tried their chicken wings, but made sure to try a few of their regular menu items as well. We started off with their regular fried chicken. Drums and thighs lightly breaded and deep fried. They are pre-made and kept warm under a heat lamp, behind glass. And surprisingly, this did not affect its quality or taste. They were just as crispy and just as warm, served over a sheet a wax gingham, nestled all cozy in one of their compostable cardboard boxes. The wax paper is necessary as they are oily and their grease does eventually seep through the box. As for the flavour they had a warming amount of spice. Definitely more zesty with character than that of your regular fast food chicken chains.

I found their wings (the #chickenchallengeyvr entry), similarly breaded and spiced like their original above, but packed with even more flavour. Although this might just be so because of their size; there was a greater seasoned skin to dark chicken meat ratio per bite. Either way I wasn’t complaining. “Win Win Wings”, pressure fried wingettes and drumettes seasoned in salt, pepper, garlic, and their in house breading mix; which is dairy, egg and nut free. Each order includes 10 pieces of drumlettes and winglettes. I preferred them on their own, but with the full pieces of chicken, I rather have each dipped into their gravy.

Their gravy was also prepared ahead of time and allowed to stew in itself. Kept warm in a soup vat and scooped to order into a waxy paper cup. The gravy had a great consistency, runny enough to scoop and drink, and thick enough to glop and dip. Slightly peppery, it adds a meatiness to the chicken, without masking its poultry essence.

But what was the most memorable side for me was their “Filipino style macaroni salad”. This was a sweet and tangy macaroni with a sauce that reminded me of a less intense, more tomato-based ketchup. This was mixed with ground lean beef and slices of cocktail sausages. The owner explained that his mother had prepared him this dish on several occasions, and he wanted to share its tasty and comforting nature with his customers. I concurred, hailing for South East Asia, this too reminded me of the sweet style pasta my mother prepared for our family, and therefore my childhood. Needless to say, I scraped the cup clean, and would recommend this a side and base to your box of chicken. Otherwise the classic option of fries or mashed potatoes are also available.

And lastly, for dessert we had to try one of their purple yam (ube) cakes. These are prepared freshly daily by the owner’s sister-in-law, he declared her a seasoned pastry chef, and I would agree. This was the best ube cake I have had to date. It tasted like ube through and through. It wasn’t overly sweet with whipped cream or dense with a rich sponge cake. It was light and fluffy and a great way to balance out your heavy and greasy meal before. Well crafted and well thought out.

It is also worth mentioning that the owner is so friendly and welcoming. You could feel that he was passionate about preparing great chicken, and that the community celebrated him for this. Most telling was one of his loyal customers coming in, gifting him with a lamp shaped like a chicken. The customer had saw this at a garage sale and bought it for his favourite chicken shop as decoration. With us, he took the time to explain what it was we were having and asked for feedback on how to improve. We also spoke about their online social media success, and how he was so humbled by it all. They will be hitting 1 year old this July and will continue to turn heads and increase appetites.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Don’t deny your cravings.


12160 First Ave, Richmond BC, V7E 3M2


For the other Vancouver Foodster Chicken Wing Challenge contest and to vote for your favourite for the people’s choice winner, visit the link below.

Juice Truck- Steveston

Today we were at the “Juice Truck” in Steveston, here to try their two limited edition, Chinese New Year drinks. Originally our plan was to visit them much sooner, more in time with this year’s lunar new year festivities; however Vancouver’s sudden snow fall had us doing otherwise. But with clearer weather and a cold sunny day, this was the perfect time to venture out to Richmond for a healthy drink and some good fortune snacks. And although the drinks are no longer available at the time of this post, the other lunch and snacks options that we tried are; and they are worth blogging about.

The “Juice Truck” started off as a roaming vehicle, which has now branched out to 6 different locations serving the lower mainland. They are best known for their use of raw ingredients in their unpasteurized drinks. But they also offer salads, lunch bowls, and a collection of sweet treats and hearty snacks that are all healthy and fresh. They are also 100% vegetarian, vegan friendly, and gluten free.

The “Golden Dragon Smoothie” was made to order. It had a deep magenta hue thanks to its feature of pink dragonfruit. The exotic fruit stood out amongst the blend of strawberry, orange, banana, and coconut water. You also got a warming ginger after-note to it.

The “Lucky Red Juice” was pre-pressed and travel ready in mini purse-sized bottles. It had a blend of beets, mandarin oranges, strawberries, pear, and ginger. Not only did this have a fun name, but a fun look too. Red from the beets and for good fortune, it is predominantly what you tasted. Though the collection of fruits lent their sweetness to the mix, and therefore making each sip a much less beet focused one.

“The Almost Poke Bowl” is 100% vegan with “ahimi”. “Ahimi®” is Ahi without the tuna, made from tomatoes and a few simple ingredients. So believable as an animal product that I offered my vegetarian friend a bite and she spat it out believing in its meat-like texture. Not to mention all the ingredients and the creamy sauce used had it tasting like your run of the mill, seafood clad, poke bowl; but with a whole lot more greens. Sesame marinated Ahimi (vegan), romaine hearts, curly kale, radicchio, quinoa, yams, edamame, carrots, pickled ginger, wasabi peas, crispy onions, and crispy nori; all self coated in a creamy wasabi dressing. There is so much going on here to keep you interested from first bite to last. Tangy beets, crispy peppers, fresh edamame beans, nice chewy smoked tofu, and creamy sweet potato chunks; which were my favourite.

My guests loved her “Macro Bowl”, she could see herself eating this everyday, if not for the price. Although reasonable at $14.00, a little steep for every day eating. The way they marinated the tomato had it tasting and looking like pieces of smoked salmon. They were the highlight that had you not missing meat. Kale, spinach, pea shoots, quinoa, smoked tofu, edamame, red pepper, carrot, baked yams, pickled red cabbage, and roasted maple sirarcha cashews; all coated in a citrus sesame dressing.

The “Moroccan Cauliflower bowl” was a smaller serving, more like a side. It was punchy, and full of nutty flavour. Rich with warming spices. My favourite were the sweet apricots, which were a nice surprise to happen upon. Roasted cauliflower, sriracha chickpeas, apricots, toasted coconut, fresh mint, cherry tomatoes, hemp hazelnut dukkah, and a smokey tahini dressing.

We also got a chance to try a few of their bars and chocolates.
“Cacao Coconut Bar”, walnuts with pecans, cacao, coconut meat, coconut flakes, raisins, and maple syrup.
“Protein Ball”, dates , almond butter, carob, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, and coconut ribbon.
“The green energy bar” is eye catching with its bold colouring. Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, shredded coconut, coconut oil, coconut butter, bee pollen, cacao powder, vanilla, mint, and goji berries. My guest could of sworn their was some goat cheese in this, given the sharp tangy flavour she kept coming across.
She was really keen on the “almond chocolate cup” and the “peanut butter cup”. She found both so creamy that they melted in her mouth. “Almond chocolate cup” had almond butter, maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, cacao powder, almond meal, coconut sugar, and Himalayan sea salt. And the “Peanut Butter Cup”, peanut butter, maple syrup, and coconut oil.

All their foodstuffs travel well so you can either take it to go or eat in. There is plenty of seating within, choose your own seat across bleach wood benches and white chairs.

They also have a mini grocery store of sorts with loose leaf teas, nutritional supplements, rice crackers, and healthy candies for sale. Along with many bottles of their cold press juices ready to go.

But my favourite thing about their space is their single stalled toilet with avocado print wallpapering.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
Given how great the two bowls we tried were, I am pretty keen on returning to give their “Jackfruit taco bowl” or their spring roll with marinated tofu a try. And given the numerous locations, I need not just venture all the way out to Steveston to do so. Don’t deny your cravings.


12151 First Ave, Richmond, BC V7E 3M1

Steveston Pizza Co.


This is the popular pizza joint know for their over the top pies. Pizza that has everything and anything topped on it. It was certainly worth the drive out to Steveston, if not for the pizza, but for the viewpoints of this little harbour town. But beware most things close at 6pm there, not including restaurants, luckily.

You locate your destination based on the amount of foot traffic surrounding the corner shop. A scattering of people inside and more waiting on the sidewalk, outside. If lucky you find a place to park by the street. If not, are able to pause in the lot dedicated for harbour visitors.

With its simple awning and logo you can’t tell the grandiose offerings they have on menu, just by looking at it. Their popularity is by word of mouth and photos posted online of their impossibly regal pizzas.


You start by approaching the counter. As first timers we weren’t sure of the etiquette and were searching for a menu. There was no listing above the counter, no propped up sheets by the till. No mentioned of what they sold, other than their name and that you could see rounds of dough being stretched out past the front clerk.

The young lady at the counter wasn’t impressed that we didn’t just know what we wanted, so begrudgingly and without a word she handed us one of the iPads stacked on the counter. They must be doing well to be able to afford iPads as menus, just using them to pull up their online menu. The clerk didn’t smile the whole interaction with us, or say more than three words at a time. In fact she seemed annoyed to be working. Maybe she was the owner’s daughter and was being taken away from a house party this Friday. Either way I was disappointed. I would be paying over $40 for a pizza and expected some show of appreciation for the sale and some show of service for my patronage. I get more from the hourly pizza boy dropping off dominos. With her sour expression, she took our request and our name, after huffing about having to split our bill. It was $45 for a pizza, plus tax, I couldn’t justify spending that alone, so of course I would be sharing the experience and the cost with another. After money was exchanged, we were too scared to ask her how long it would take. It wasn’t worth another glare, so instead we lingered inside waiting for our name to be called.

There wasn’t much room to move around inside. Their service counter came as close to the door as possible, giving more room for their pizza team to keep up with supply. Over six individuals were working behind the counter tonight. They were all needed given the steady traffic and the speed in which you expect pizza once you pay for it. I was not disappointed by this. I only had enough time to notice their wall of celebrity portraits and their refrigerated showcase holding buckets of crab legs before our name was called. We speedily claimed our order and cut out into the cold. The sun was still up but given their proximity to the harbour and the water, the air was cool and it blew our way.


There isn’t really a designated place to eat within the pizzeria. Just a counter and a few stools facing out the window. Instead, it is recommend to take your pizza to go. It is after all conveniently served in a to-go box and there is a park with picnic benches just across the street. Following the trend of seasoned pizza pros we eventually did just that. Although I’d like to note that our pizza was stacked high with ingredients and the lid couldn’t fully close, without squishing down the presentation. And I was here for the promised tower of toppings. We were not given any napkins to eat with and given the bodies that closed in after we left, and the memory of the sour faced clerk, we decided to cut our losses and just use the box of facial tissues I had in the car.

As for the pizzas themselves, with over 45 different combinations of toppings there is sure to be something you like, and more that you have never tried. There are so many choices that they help you narrow it now with creative names and easy to navigate categories. Pizza arranged by themes: colours, elements, countries, and items you would find in a castle.

The colours describe a feature ingredient. The “blue” includes Stilton cheese mousse with rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and baby spinach. “Orange”, for the saffron cream sauce with spinach, honey glazed yam, pineapple and feta. And “black” for figs, “pink” for smoked salmon, and “green” for an herb pesto butter and scallions.

The “journey” pizzas are a trip around the world with iconic international ingredients. The “Hawaiian”, “Canadian”, and “Mediterranean” were easy enough to guess with pineapple, back bacon, and feta with olives. It got interesting with the “Japan” and it’s non tomato sauce pizza. Instead it was a wasabi-scented teriyaki with chicken breast, enoki mushrooms, camembert cheese, and sesame seaweed julienne. The “French” featured asparagus with a creamy Brie. And the “Thai” was Thai chicken, essence of coconut, lime leaves, spinach, onion, roasted red peppers and pink lady apples.

Moving on to “elements”. The “earth” pizza was a vegetable pizza with a variety of cheese and mushrooms, tomato, and garlic. “Water” not surprisingly included crustaceans from the sea like shrimp and real crab. The “fire” was a spicy pizza featuring capicolli, roasted pimento peppers and fresh jalapeños. I couldn’t identify the theme of “wind”, but guess it is to do with the lightness of the ingredient list? Like spinach, artichokes, fresh seedless tomatoes and basil pesto. And they also had a “fifth element” which included a bit of each, all in a sesame seed crust. Basil-kissed tomato filets, mushrooms, hearts of brie and mozzarella.

Running out of elements, they began naming pizzas after a “parallel world” with its own elements. Where fire was “flame” and a BBQ chicken pizza with jalapeño; and Water was “mist” with smoked salmon and crab.

There were plenty of tempting and unique options from my recap above, but we were here for what put them on the Vancouver foodie scene. They are best known as the home of the most expensive pizzas in the city, which fell under the “castle” category. The one that topped this list was the $850 “seenay”. That’s a lot for any one meal, let alone a pizza, but given its impressive list of high end ingredients, the price tag made more sense. This was a medley of tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked steelhead, Russian Osetra caviar, and Italian white truffles. By comparison, the second most expensive pizza wasn’t so bad, it was $690 less, but still pricy at $160. This was the “Queen” and it included roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead, and lobster ratatouille. And here I was thinking spending $24 for a 12 inch was much, which is the price for all their other more modest pizzas.

I can only imagine the income of a person able to drop close to $1000 after tax and tip for one meal, and on the common pizza of all things. What’s next gold gilded hot dogs for $1200? Based on Instagram this baller pizza was mostly enjoyed by petite Chinese women from China. They also owned pink Lamborghinis and Hermes handbags that are disposable. I love food as much as the next person, and have been known to spend plenty on a taste. But I could never justify spending $800 on a 12 inch pizza that would make at most make up three meals. There is no way to hack it, that will have it being worth it to me. Best as a publicity stunt and something to bring the customers in to ogle.

As for what I could afford, we looked to the most inexpensive of the “castle” series, still wanting a little glitz and to be be able to say we too got a pricy pizza from Stevenson. It was the “princess” and “oui” at $35 each. One was for land and the other sea. The “princess” included shrimp, crab, and tiger prawns. You were clearly paying for the catch of the day. “Oui” focused on the caramelized duck confit, bocconcini, enoki mushrooms, chives and tomato relish.

But like wine, you never go for the cheapest label, you go for the second cheapest, to give you a finer air of sophistication. Like you have money and have made your choice based on what you want and not what you can afford. So we went for the third from the bottom at $45 for 12 inches.


There was also an a $40 “knight” pizza that featured fine meats: a 24-month aged Iberico ham, buffalo mozzarella, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes, and dollop of roasted garlic mousse. However the real visual treat was the seafood pizza, so we paid $5 more for the “mermaid” at $45. When you share it and the cost between two, it isn’t no so bad. This is what I imagined mermaids liking pizza would eat, if they ate other sea animals. After all crustaceans are just the bugs of the sea. Shrimp, crab legs, tiger prawns, and smoked salmon. This was absolutely photo worthy, as it no longer looked like pizza. This was a mound of seafood stacked on an edible dough and tomato sauce plate. Though they could could have pointed the crab legs together or placed the prawns in a circle to created some design. Here they stacked them like chopped wood. But alas, I was crossing another must try from the Vancouver foodie bucket list.


The tiger prawns were thoughtfully removed from shell and easy to eat. We dug into these first enjoying them as is. There were plenty of small shrimp left on the actual pizza, to enjoy with the actual pizza. They were big and juicy, and didn’t need any additional flavouring. Although we could have easily smeared some marinara sauce over each and pretended we were enjoying a prawn cocktail. With the tiger prawn alone the price we paid was worth it. At steakhouses we have ordered shrimp cocktails with 3 shrimp or 3 prawn at $20 a serving. This was a good deal for 11 prawns and a handful of shrimp. The 11th shell is missing from my photo above because we left it uneaten on the pizza. We had over half of the pizza as leftovers.

I wished the crab legs were as easy to eat, however it would have taken away from the visual presentation, and I didn’t want that. So without a nut cracker in hand or the ability to wash hands and mouth if I got all in, we left the legs for another time. In hindsight, the outdoor eating of crab legs isn’t normally done.

The rest of the pizza was your standard margarita with tomato sauce, cheese, basil, and prawn. It was a delicious pizza with a crispy crust. I can see why it brought all the boys to the yard.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
For this much for a pizza you expect better service, or some, or even just a greeting. It was the only thing that soured our first time experience. Shame as we made the trip out and have been looking forward to this, up to this point. Although the pizza itself did not disappoint. Even if you ordered seafood and pizza separately, at two different restaurants it wouldn’t be as good. This was a deal, several dishes all in one, for a flat rate. You paid for novelty and got taste as a bonus. This was a fun trip out and would be the place to bring someone in to impress. But the novelty may wear thin, each time you see the bill and consider it is for a pizza. Pizza where a slice goes for $2 at most places. But I guess you were paying for the status of having such a meal. Because nothing fancies up a dish than seafood. Take something traditionally cheap and make it expensive by adding lobster! Don’t deny your cravings.


#100 – 3400 Moncton Street, Richmond BC, V7E 3A3
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Mega Sushi


There are so many fusion sushi and Japanese places in the city. How does one stand out? How do you choose one place when the others, when they all offer something similar, if not same by another name? Each of these place is trying to make their own mark. They each attempt to craft the perfect roll with the most ingredients, and one that has the most unique ingredients. Replacing rice for cucumber, seaweed for bean curd. Anything that would deem them innovators in the North American sushi game. And when that fails to make a ripple they rely on clever names or funny puns. Sushi named after streets signs, local areas, or familiar landmarks. Or rolls with names have have you taking a second look. Why is it called that? Or that sounds interesting, I wonder how it tastes.


Today we were at one of the more well known fusion sushi purveyors in Steveson. One of my guests have been before and she recommend their sushi for taste and presentation. She was definitely right about the latter. They pull out all the stops with theatrics. I guess people are not just interested in the food anymore, they want a show with it. How is the sushi prepared, how is it plated, and how will it translated into photographs? The rolls below were sushi with a story, maki plated to resemble something else. And when that fails they even use flames to attract attention. You know you are successful in the above when a plate walks by a table and those who see it ask what is it and proceed to order one for themselves.


From the exterior the restaurant didn’t seem very special. You would think they would put just as much effort in to the decor and the setting as they did on each plate. We were given a seat across from the sushi bar. Although built with a counter, the sushi bar wasn’t actually used to seat patron, instead it was home to pitchers of water, excess cutlery, and stacks of dishes. Between us and the other tables close to the entrance/exit was a wooden divide. They dressed up the barricade with potted greenery. Grass in clear cups, and weeds in green platers gave colour to the otherwise dark brown space.


I liked the right wa11 with its uneven wood block build. It had a 3D look with several pieces jutting out further than others. The ledge they created was used to display tiny plastic figures. Hard to see, other than by the shadows they cast. I made out safari and ocean animals, and even a tiny man fishing.

Similarly to a past review of other fusion sushi rolls, at a different restaurant, I too found that majority of the flavours blended well together. They all had similar foundations and used similar ingredients, so therefore tasted alike. It was a even balance of salty and sweet, and tangy with heat. The kind of flavour you get from mixing Chinese hoisin and oyster sauce together. Though each roll had its own way of leaving you with a memorable mark.


The “Dragon roll” had fire. I saw the flame from the sushi counter and immediately told my guest that I wanted it. Little did I know that it would end up before me. It was an avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab in a roll with grilled BBQ eel on top. The roll was cut up and rebuilt to snake in a “S” shape like an Asian dragon would. The fire burning in the dish, at its end was for presentation sake only. This was the breath the “dragon” blew. The gimmick worked on me, before I knew this was ours, I wanted it. I saw it sitting on the counter and scrambled to see which was it on the menu. Essentially the base was a California roll, the glazed eel and raising flame hid this fact well behind smoke and mirrors.


The “Monkey brain” was one ordered for name sake. I don’t know how a monkey’s brain looks like, but I guess this was a decent guess, round and veiny? It is deep fried avocado with juicy crab meat and cooked tuna, coated heavily in two sauces. It pretty much just tasted like the salty and tangy sauce everything was drizzled in. Salty and spicy. Each wedge was fried crispy on the outside, but smooth and paste-like in the middle. It almost melted in between your lips. I really wasn’t able to make out any of the crab or tuna stuffed in. Not that it needed more flavours or additional ingredients. Deep fried anything is win, but even more so when it involves avocado. I liked it texturally the best.


The “Sexy roll”, an eye catching name, but one I wasn’t sure of. Why was it given its name? Was it done so with the belief that eating this would be low calorie and healthy roll equates to being sexy? Avocado, imitation crab, tuna, salmon, ebi, and tamago wrapped with thinly sliced cucumber. No rice, no carbs. It was a clean and simple bite. Refreshing and light, like eating a salad.


The “Blue ocean roll” looked more like the “garden roll”. Especially with it ends crafted to look like bloomed flowers. Though its name actually refers to the fresh raw fish used. Red tuna, hamachi, salmon, radish sprouts, and avocado in soy wrap with a tobiko topping. This was the closest thing we had to authentic sushi, where the fish is highlighted.


The “Tank roll’s” name was clear by its sheer size. Though we would have also accepted “beast roll” or “elephant roll”. It had everything. It was the fusion of a California roll, a Philadelphia roll, and dynamite roll; all rolled into one. Made with prawn tempura, salmon, tuna, tobiko, ebi, smoked salmon, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese. This one was a two biter, but good luck trying to get it to stay in one piece.


The “Godzilla bite” was tuna and salmon on a deep fried seaweed and rice base. It is then torched before being topped with spicy chopped scallop, alfalfa sprouts, and tobiko. It and the accompanying ring of salad greens was then seasoned with their special dressing. The vinaigrette had things tasting of mustard. This was essentially a pancake of rice and seaweed flattened, fried, and then cut into bite sized pieces to be used as the base for fish and scallop. They reminded me of sushi canapés. This was my favourite of all the rolls. I liked the charred flavour and the fact it was served warm. And the alfalfa stood out, giving things a peppery taste.

Our meal ended with milk based candies accompanying the bill. Melon, banana, and a milk flavoured milk candy.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
It wasn’t the best sushi I have ever had, but it was some of the best and most creative sushi presentation I have ever seen. The extra embellishments really set it apart for me, reason enough for a revisit. Don’t deny your cravings.


#100-3131 Chatham Street, Richmond BC
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