A new food truck pulled up for the afternoon and I had to try it. It’s one thing to visit a restaurant, it is another thing to have food come to you. It was well past lunch, but I figured a French food truck listing pastries would have some sweet treats I could snack on. Something to get the blood sugar going and to take home for later.

Driving around town the truck stands out, all white with a thick and volumous moustache on its hood. Turning the corner I was surprised to see that one of the two men working in the truck, had the same full in the centre and pointy at the ends moustache. And they both had the rich French accent to match their wares. I was ever so embarrassed to order in front of them. Was I saying “crepe” right? How was my pronunciation of “croissant”? They didn’t winch and understood what I wanted so that was a win.


The menu is a listing between sweet and savory. Laminated pieces of paper Velcro-ed on to a wooden rod. This allows them to update regularly and remove options easily when they sell out of something. They had chicken and tuna sandwiches made with their homemade ciabatta buns. The Parisian sandwich was lettuce, ham, and butter on a homemade baguette. Their veggie option with seasonal vegetables was served on a homemade herbed focaccia. And all of the above was also available sandwiched between their in house made butter croissants instead. The same croissants were also offered as is, stored behind a plexi glass on the counter. Or you can have them dressed for dessert with Nutella. Looking for more sweets? They also made crepes on the spot, but unfortunately away from your line of view. And other tarts and pastries are available behind plexi glass.

Truthfully, when looking at the menu I couldn’t decide what to get because nothing jumped out. Nothing seemed any different. Where were the macarons and beautiful petite pastries that I was expecting? Instead these all seemed like things I could get from any cafe or bakery. I wanted to try something that made this truck unique. What made them different than anywhere else I could get a croissant, a crepe, or a premade sandwich at? Luckily I was still open to trying a few things and ended up being pleasantly surprised by them all. Nothing I had disappointed, even after many hours when I got a chance to finish it all. They kept well. Truly, this was a lesson in not judging a book by its cover. I am so caught up in elaborate presentations and the extra bells and whistles that I almost missed something simple and warmly delicious. Shame on me.


The croissant themselves are something to write about. You can taste all the real butter they use. Flaky and crisp, they almost melted in your mouth. I had mine as part of a “Veggie croissant”, and found it the best croissant sandwich I have had to date. Though honest truth: I don’t eat many croissants, nor do I use many to make sandwiches. None the less, it was the ingredients that set this one apart. Filled with a leaf of fresh lettuce, a juicy tomato slice, roasted red peppers, and their  homemade flavourful pesto. I also paid more to add shredded mozzarella cheese to the mix. I never say no to cheese, especially when it’s freshly shredded from a block. The rich cheese went great with the other lighter ingredients, but it was the nutty pesto paired with the char of the peppers that highlighted this snack. I would go back for more, especially as I found one too small for a meal. Though at $7 each you will be looking at $21 just to be full.


I ordered a crepe to try. Just a simple one with sugar for $3. My partner often makes crepes from scratch for me, so they aren’t something I am too excited to buy. But the other customer with me, using her hands to eat her crepe off a paper plate seemed happy with what she was having. Even enough to take a photo with the owners of the truck. So I didn’t want to miss out. I have tried other crepes with filling before, but seeing as I enjoy the dough the most, I prefer to have my crepes plain. Made fresh, it was served steaming. I was surprised by the weight of it. Hands down this was the largest and heaviest crepe I have ever had. I have always found the normal ones too little and too light. They weren’t filling, this one was made for me. There was something to sink my teeth in to. It was a chewy eggy batter fold, stuffed with sugar crystals. Each bite into sugar gave crunch and a change in texture, to an the otherwise soggy crepe dripping with melted sugar.


I have seen a “Mille-feuille” before so thought to try it for the first time now. This was alternating layers of crunchy puff pastry and custard-like pastry cream. The top layer is fondant, a blanket of icing sugar and chocolate swirl. Each bite was better than the last, I instantly fell in love with this dessert. It wasn’t too sweet and had both a crunchy and a smooth texture that I like. It is best eaten with your hands, taking bite after bite like a sandwich. And like a sandwich the filling tends to spill out, but it is difficult to eat with utensils. The top fondant layer is a little stiff and a plastic fork or knife struggles to pierce into it. But that’s okay because it is best when you get a bite full of everything, instead of picking it apart layer by layer.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
No complaints here. I recommend them for light bites, in between meal snacking, and as a quick on the go morsel. It was a little on the pricy side, when compared to the amount of food I got. But I was paying for quality and given the level of it, I was okay with that. I just wish they also sold macarons. We need a macaron food truck roaming the city. Travelling where early to rise and early to close bakeries can’t. Don’t deny your cravings.


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