Family gatherings are far and few in between now, but I make the effort to see my parents and share a meal of them regularly. Today dinner would be dim sum from one of my parent’s favourite Chinese restaurants. One that just so happens to be offering 20% off take out. You call ahead, place your order and are then good to go 30 minutes later.

The following is what we as a family enjoy and would order if able to dine out more freely. I really enjoyed the plastic containers they are using here, although at the same time feel we got less food because they are trying to accommodate its limited volume.

The Steamed pork Dumplings are a classic and as tasty as ever.

We definitely felt that we didn’t get enough Steamed Spareribs & Pumpkin with Black Bean Sauce for the price we paid. At least there were tender pieces of meat that you put into your mouth and with tongue and teeth, easily pull meat from bone.

I really liked the texture of the gelatine-like beef tendon and chewy beef tripe in their thick and juicy special brown sauce.

Another great one with an enjoyable chew is the Steamed Baby Squid in Curry Sauce. This was a mild curry with a little hint of sweetness.

The Steamed Sticky Rice Wrapped with Bamboo Leaf was definitely condensed. Three bites of rice with bits of pork, Chinese sausage, and mushroom. It could have used more filing and a salted egg for a better filling to rice ratio.

The Chicken feet with special sauce was exactly as expected. A great flavoured coupled with the need to eat tediously and precisely.

We also really liked the Deep fried tofu stuffed with shrimp and fish paste in black bean sauce. These were square blocks of tofu, topped with shrimp, all battered and deep fried. The tofu was perfectly soft, nothing over cooked.

And to be sure no one left the table hungry, we also ordered Beef rice noodles in soy sauce. It has a great flavour when the noodles weren’t sticking together, and each strand got a full coating in soy, dying it brown. This one hit the spot.

Dim sum is all about eating lots of smaller bites, with plenty of variety to go back and forth on. On that note, my mother had a great idea. In order to better serve dim sum during covid, she suggests offering split orders between four and have them delivered to you all packaged like a bento. Now to see which Chinese restaurant jumps on this idea!

1796 Nanaimo St, Vancouver BC