We rushed down to Deep Cove after work, to capture as much daylight as possible. In our hurry we ignored our hunger, thinking we could grab dinner there. Arriving at 7pm we were disappointed to discover not much is open past 5pm. We didn’t want to go back to “Arm’s Length” (http://www.vieamaggi.com/2013/04/at-arms-length.html) having been disappointed once before and “Honey’s Doughnuts” (http://www.vieamaggi.com/2013/04/best-doughnuts-in-town.html) was long closed. So our options were limited to ice cream, pizza, and everything else at “Express Bubble Tea”. We chose the latter, for both price and selection.

Waking towards “Express Bubble Tea”, the patio is your lead in. Surrounding it and the front of store, are pictures and signs advertising the variety in their menu options. It almost feels like they are trying to please everyone by having a little bit of everything. Bar stools in doors for seating and plastic patio chairs outside. Tonight ppl were in for ice cream and bubble tea. 

Drinks offered are coffees, teas, slushies, smoothies, pops, and bubble teas. Food is either hotdogs, gyros, onigiri, chips, and other fast food related snacks. But their selection of drinks is what keeps the people coming. Two chalk boards are dedicated to describing their fruit juices in kiwi, watermelon, mango, and all the mixed varieties in between. Given the fact that bubble tea is in their title, it is no surprise that this speciality drink is well invested it. They make their drinks with both fresh fruits and powered mixes. Your selection of “bubbles” come in the traditional black balls of tapioca, clear jelly cubes of coconut, and rainbow jelly with colours that remind me of a fruit cocktail. And if this is all bubble tea talk is foreign to you, they even have a poster to explain what this drink you chew is all about. They must be doing well enough to have a heavily used and very successful loyalty card program. Every tenth drink earns you a free one. And you don’t even have to carry anything around. All their customer’s stamp cards are stored in little individual envelopes taped to the wall. Running out of space, they have now migrated to the cabinet door as well.

Seeing it only in pictures, I had to try the “Onigiri” in person. It means “portable rice”. It is a Japanese speciality. Seasoned rice packed into a triangular shape for presentation and easy traveling ability. A piece of nori (seaweed) is used to wrap the bottom, and gives you a place to hold your snack upright. Nothing really special about this. It tasted like salty rice, and I was torn over finishing it and all incurring all the carbs. I think the Japanese eating this is equivalent to North Americans eating fries. Except without the great taste at a similar calorie count.

The Mega hot dog combo. You can’t go wrong with pop, chips, and a hotdog. It reminded me of every elementary school sports day, and days spent at carnivals. Pretty standard, with ketchup over the steamed dog in a cold bun. 

Would I come back? – Yes. There isn’t much I want to eat at Deep Cove; but I do plan on coming back here a few more times this summer, to enjoy the warm weather, breath in the fresh air, hiking the roughed trails, and maybe do a little kayaking. And chances are before or after these activities I may get peckish, and at their prices it is good enough food to satisfy enough. Plus the owner was the most friendliest Japanese woman I have ever met. She was cute with her accent and ever smiling face. And was grateful for every visitor, calling her regulars by name. She brought a really warm and welcoming energy to her tiny shop, even if you could hardly see her past the elevated counter.

Would I recommend it? – No. This is a place you come out of convince, not want. But the next time you come to Deep Cove and are craving bubble tea, this really is your only option. And it is made authentic with fresh fruits, sort of a rarity in smaller shops.

4377 Gallant Avenue
North Vancouver District, BC V7G1L2

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