As a grown woman, with no children; there isn’t much that brings me down to the aquarium. That is, unless there is a special event, like there was this past weekend. On Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28 of 2018, the Aquarium hosted their 19th annual Divers’ Weekend; and this year I was one of the hundred in attendance.

This weekend, regular admission also gave you access to “fascinating exhibits, riveting dive demonstrations, and informative workshops” created for divers and non-divers alike.

It brought in a mix of patrons including families with young children and seasoned diving enthusiasts. For the children there were showcases where you could see (but not touch) tortoises and penguins close up, and partake in various diving-inspired crafts and activities. For the adults you were able to learn more about scuba diving through historical gear diving demonstrations, as well as generally what it takes to be a diver. The latter was gathered information from the rows upon rows of tables, dedicated to various vendors offering diving equipment for sale and conversation. All in order to share the latest techniques for undersea exploration.

Not only did the additional tables around every free corner make the interior of aquarium more crapped, and more lively than I have ever experienced it. But, the Vancouver Aquarium also offered 50% off admission and 10% off Aquarium membership with a valid diving certification card. So there were plenty of people in attendance today. All these extra bodies created a great energy to be surrounded in. And the back to back activities provided something for everyone, and something new to experience almost every 15 minutes.

Here, visitors had the opportunity to investigate all things diving from more than “25 exhibitors, including public service dive teams, not-for-profit conservation organizations, dive stores, charter operators, underwater photographers as well as equipment manufacturers and distributors.”

And this year the theme was training, with special guests offering their insight into exploration techniques through workshops hosted by Ocean Wise, Vancouver Aquarium experts, and local industry leaders. These included informal classes on how to take the perfect underwater shot, how to identify fish while diving in B.C., occupational diving, and diving and boating safety.

We didn’t get to experience all the shows but those that we did, we did enjoy. The following are some photos captured to commemorate these experiences.

The sea otter show, where we saw how they ate and a few stunts they were trained to preform.

We got to “Meet a tortoise”. They crawl to you, and you can look at them, but you can’t touch them.

Diver Dan jumped into a large pool of water showing off his equipment and how he stays safe in B.C. Waters.

I highly recommend the 4D coastal predators show. Now only is the mini movie in 3D, but the theatre has a few other real features to help fill immerse you in to the show. (This is where I list spoilers, so look away if you plan on going and want the surprise.) This includes bubbles floating over you, the back of your seat getting poked, water squirting in your face, gusts of air by your neck, the rumbling of your seat chair, and air being blown like waves and the wind in your general direction.

For a full review of the aquarium and what it has to offer “normally”, visit the following link to a previous “regular” visit post.

Vancouver Aquarium


And learn more about Divers’ Weekend, and to plan for next year’s visit, proceed to the link to follow.


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