Thanks to “Dundas Pho”, Vancouver finally has a big bowl pho challenge to call its own. Back when I first began eating gross amounts of food for leisure, it was the large bowl of pho from Seattle that inspired me. So to have such a challenge in the city that I love, and to be one of the first few individuals to give it a try, I was ecstatic.

Admittedly I haven’t heard of “Dundas Pho” until today, nor would I have gone out of my way to visit them. However this competition is the sort of thing to put them on the map. A reason for you to travel far and wide to them. And a lure to have you coming in to see what it and they are all about.

As we waited for our large servings of meat and noodles to arrive, it gave me an opportunity to check out their menu. They covered bar-style tapas like nachos and wings, and Vietnamese favourites like banh mi and spring rolls, across a handful of coloured pages. The vivid photography certainly had me planning a return trip, in order to try what else they offered; in more reasonable portions, of course.

The #sixophochallenge will only be running from December 18th to the 31st of 2017, so be sure to take advantage and visit them within this time frame. However there will be limited quantities of the largest bowl of pho in the city, prepared per day. They don’t take reservations so it is a first come first served affair. So come early and come hungry, between 5-10pm, daily.

What it is, is 5lbs of meat and noodles with an additional 3lbs of chicken and beef broth submerging it. However, the contest rules state that you need only finish the three different types of beef and the vermicelli noodles to be deemed successful. You can leave the soup behind, but be warned eat fast or else the noodles do soak up the broth, adding to their volume.

You are given 30 minutes to finish, and each successful contest gets their meal for free. With the fastest three completion times, within the two week long challenge, earning additional prizes. First place with the fastest diner earns a $100 cash prize and their name on a trophy. Second and third place winners receive a $25 gift card to the restaurant. Winners will be announced on January 2nd of the new year.

And if at first you don’t succeed, you are more than welcome to try again. And even if you were successful, you can do so again in hopes of earning a better time. However, if you are unsuccessful it will cost you $34.95 to play. But at least you are able to take what you can’t finish home, not that it will be as appetizing then.

Instead of describing to you the nuances of the challenge, and the emotions that those who attempted it went through; Instead, I suggest you check out my video recap of the night. In my latest video, myself and four other gluttonous food lovers take on this uphill battle.


And after watching it, if you still dare, or feel up to the challenge, I suggest you head down to “Dundas Pho” soon to test your might. Otherwise you are more than welcome to order the 5lb pho in its large bowl, and share it and the cost between your family or a group of friends. After all it is a delicious serving of pho. Quality ingredients made fresh to order, with no MSG.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
The challenge got me through the door, their friendly staff and glossy menu will have me coming back. This visit was enough to peak my curiosity, to see what they are normally all about. Don’t deny your cravings.

2077 Dundas Street, Vancouver BC, V5L 1J5
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