“Earnest ice cream” is now a staple in Vancouver. Often after dinner, when you want to end on a sweet note, I find myself heading in their direction. And with multiple locations and a rumour with a new one to come, you can easily satisfy your small batch, artisan ice cream craving in a pinch. This is certainly the case when in the Olympic Village area.

They are often with lines, and even go so far as out the door and down the block. But when you have an “Earnest” craving no other ice cream will do, so we hunkered down and got in queue, along with the others who held the same sentiment. Luckily this location comes with ample space and a built in partition to separate the traffic exiting with their treat and the ones entering for a scoop or two. When you enter you join the line heading towards the counter on the right. For those not wanting to wait, you can cut the time in half by picking up a pint to go. The glass jars in their freezer were easier to grab and go.

The old red brick and vaulted ceiling of the place gives it character. And the wood framed chalkboard menu and their ice cream flavours hung on a clothes line are all familiar sights from their original Fraser location. They even have their trademark swirl print etched on the glass that separated their kitchen from the dining area. At this location they share an industrial kitchen with “Cartems Donuterie”; wherein they bake doughnuts and cookies and offer some here as well. The cookies may also be crumbled up for sundaes, and the doughnuts done up a la mode for a more substantial dessert. However both are easier enjoyed sitting down. And despite their being triple the seating area compared to the original location, it is still a struggle to find a place to perch; even the benches outside are often occupied. I find it easiest to grab a cone to go and take the opportunity to enjoy it by the waterside nearby.

They seem to have more flavours available here and a longer wait in line means you get to read through them all and make your choice well before you reach the counter. You can also sample here as well, but given the lengthier wait it is typically limited to the just the one metal scoop’s worth. If you are like me, you tend to try the seasoning offer and settle for your usual in a cone or a cup at the end. I find their ice creams so rich and fulfilling that I never want more than one scoop.

Weaving through the queue also gives you time to check out their merchandise for sale. Baby onesies and tees with their name and logo printed on them. I picked up one of their enamel pins with their swirled ice cream in a cone logo.

On one visit my friends and I had their london fog, matcha, and seriously chocolate. The first was just like the creamy tea. The matcha a rich flavour neither bitter or two sweet. And the last, a chocolate lover’s dream.

And on another visit we had the whisky hazelnut and their vegan raspberry. No complaints either time. The whiskey hazelnut is equal parts chewing and licking. Whole chunks of hazelnuts make this one more like a meal. Where as the the raspberry was much more light and watery by comparison.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
They serve ice cream, which is enough of a reason to come back. And serving delicious ice cream means coming back sooner and more often than later. Don’t deny your cravings.


1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver BC, V5V 4E4
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