Faculty Brewing x Wize Monkey: Coffee Leaf Tea infused beer

I was invited down to local brewery, “Faculty Brewing” in Mount Pleasant. Tonight they were launching a Coffee Leaf Tea infused beer, in partner ship with local tea producer, “Wize Monkey”.

“Wize Monkey” offers tea bags, but prepared with with coffee leaves. The advantage is you get a smooth and sustainable tea packed with antioxidants and a hint of caffeine, (similar in quantity to green tea); all enjoyed without the crash from regular coffee.

So today these two local producers of beverages came together to bring Vancouver a new pilot brew: “Faculty x Wize Monkey: Mango Party Cream Ale. This is the world’s first coffee leaf tea beer, and was only available during its limited release on March 7th.

They invited the city and tonight the little shop saw lines as the brew hall continued to be at capacity. It was loud and rowdy and everyone e was having a great time. I could see this as a great place to stop by after work, for drinks with a group of friends. They also serve shareable bar snacks, if you need something to nibble on with your flights or pints.

It was available in two different versions. The process begins with them steeping the tea, before splitting the batch in two, then adding different yeasts to each one. They were looking for customer feedback and to see which the room preferred.

We got their later, but based on the fact that we were only able to try half tasters of version 2, it is safe to say it was the preferred rendition tonight. It was really interesting to be able to see how different two beers can be, just based on the yeast used in the final product. Each really determine and changed the profile of the beer.

Version 1 used German liquid yeast: Imperial deiter. It was a nice easy beer, fizzy at the back of your throat. Refreshing, making it a great summer drink. Although I didn’t get any of the mango tea flavour from it.

By comparison I found version 2 more smooth, more mild and almost watered down, but that could be because we were tasting the bottom of the barrel. With this version you could taste the mango tea. It was made with an American dry yeast: US05.

As this was the pilot release, there was very limited quantity of the “mango party cream ale” to go around; and what they had would only be available until they poured the taps dry. So for those that missed this opportunity to taste something new and different, you will have to wait for the next batch (probably in a month’s time). And if and when they get the recipe just right and there is enough request for this fruity cream ale, we might see it more permanently on the beer list at “Faculty Brewing”.


Faculty Brewing Co.
1830 Ontario Street, Vancouver BC, V5T 2W6