As we enter year two of the pandemic, we are seeing the world adjust. With the shuttering of many restaurants we are also witnessing the opening of new fast food places and more quick and easy takeout establishments. And here is another one to add to the list.

Not much is more comforting, and can satisfy the masses like fried chicken. It’s one of those foods that doesn’t discriminate between ages or ethnicities. If you like chicken, then chances are you like it fried. And at Fighter Chicken, they are setting themselves apart with their halal, free run, and antibiotic free fried chicken. And not just chicken, they also have a slew of sides and burgers to satisfy any fast food specific craving.

I visited with Joyce of @monkeyeatsworld fame, as we have made it a point to try all the fried chicken that the Lower Mainland has to offer. Plus, this way we were able to try so much more of their menu between us: 2 burgers, 2 fried items, and 2 sides.

You bee-line it right down to their counter at the far back, to order. And linger until it is packed up and ready to go.

I wasn’t immediately impressed by the pale colouring of the breading on the chicken, and even less so on the fish. Luckily it didn’t translate. The chicken was clean and crispy without that heavy oil taste. And it impressively stayed that way, well after our food cooled. And it was still good the next day when I reimagined them as leftovers. It just wasn’t as juicy as how I would have preferred it. And the seasoning felt flat.

Similarly the fish held up, but left me wanting more. The breading remained in tact, hiding chunks of quality, flakey white fish under its thick layering. But as fresh tasting as both the chicken and fish were, I couldn’t help but feel they were missing a sauce or dip. We received a small container of sweet chilli sauce and a brown hoisin-like sauce, but they didn’t really suite. I had hoped for gravy with the chicken and a tartar for the fish. Something to add another layer to either, when you are on piece 2 and ketchup just doesn’t cut it. Especially as you have already squeezed as much as you can out from the packets and smothered it on the yam fries.

The yam fries were really great for fast food quality. Another clean deep fry that was more firm yam than crispy breading, which happens to be how I like it. But a mayonnaise based aioli or better yet, your choice of dips would have been ideal. Not only would it be a draw, but it would have me leaning towards ordering it again.

The popcorn chicken was a better side, although it tasted like all the other chicken items we had. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they could have added a zesty or spicy seasoning over this, thus making it completely new and different.

I liked the buttery buns used on their burgers, they added a nice contrast with their slightly sweetened taste. Other than that it was your standard lettuce, tomato, and onion assembly with a handsome amount of mayo. All of which was necessary to add freshness to an otherwise heavy handheld. Pickles and a slaw would have helped here. Or even some tangy mustard.

Similarly, the fish burger echoed the same sentiment. Heavy with a peppery mayonnaise. This was not what I was expecting, as I don’t think I ever had a fish burger without the tangy pickling of a tartar sauce, which I kept craving here.

In short, this isn’t your typical North American style fried chicken place. It has Chinese influences and nuances, and if you can keep that in mind, it is nice to have what feels like a healthier fried chicken option, amongst all the giant chains.

Fighter Chicken
8631 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 5A2
(604) 225-9518