For the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, four foodies and myself got into an SVU and travelled down to Seattle for a foodie field trip. Every two months we make an effort to get together over a meal. We visit a new restaurant that none of us have ever been to, and not only eat with like minds, but take notes and discuss what we are having for the individual blog posts we will each write in review.

And in this post we decided to kick it up a notch with 36 hours of dining at multiple restaurants. This took a month of planning, and back and forth messaging to figure out which restaurants we wanted to visit, on top of all the snacks in between. The below is the result.

We left early in the morning, and when we got into Everett we stopped for a quick snack at McDonalds. I enjoy visiting McDonalds outside of Canada, to see if what they have on their menus is any different than what we have available to us. Today that was a fried chicken and biscuit sandwich and a pumpkin pie.

The former was exactly as described, a crispy strip of peppery chicken, between two halves of a warm moist biscuit. Tasty enough, but dry. It would have been nice to have some mayonnaise, cheese, or barbecue sauce to go with it, a condiment to pull both together. Although this is meant to be a breakfast option, so something lighter is appropriate.

The pumpkin pie was heavy. A creamy mousse with strong spices, you could tell that the pumpkin paste came from a can. The taste was at least spot on, with plenty of cinnamon over its flaky crust.

Then it was straight to Seattle for brunch at “Stateside” restaurant, in the heart of Capital Hill. Inspired by tropical Asian cuisine, This fusion hot spot takes a lot of influences from Vietnamese and French cuisine. For our full 10 course meal visit the link below.


From here it was a walk to dessert. However on the way to doughnuts, we stoped for some fried chicken at “Bok Bok”. One of us recognized the fried chicken joint from its appearance on Guy Fier’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”. That was reason enough to have me lining up for some wings.

What threw us off was its pasty colouring, but don’t let it fool you, this chicken has plenty of flavour. It is “air dried, double dipped, and fried to order”, and I think I found my new favourite chicken wing. A mural on the wall to the right of the register warns you that this process takes some time, but it promises and delivers on “super juicy chicken with an unforgettable crunch”. And had we the stomach capacity, I probably would have gotten their house made biscuit as a side. I will have to come back for this one.

With meat from bone picked clean, we eventually made it to our intended destination: “General Porpoise”, a local doughnut shop that I was already familiar with. However I recalled them selling more than the 5 doughnuts that they had available at the start of the day. By the time we got there they had sold down to only two options left. Both of which quickly sold out after we ordered ours.

I wasn’t overly excited for the flavours, I like the classics, but rather taste and write about something far more different, something you can’t get at other, like doughnut shops. Nonetheless these were fantastic doughnuts, the dough was light and spongy and the filling fluffy and creamy, without being too sweet. A slightly tart lemon curd and a luscious vanilla cream.

Though if you are looking for doughnuts with a little more character, I suggested endeavouring on the line up at “Dochi”, located in the Uwajimaya Seattle building. Which happed to be our next stop. This would be my first taste of these mochi meets doughnut hybrids. For more on these fusion treats with modern toppings, visit the dedicated blog post below.

Dochi, mochi donuts

From here it was time to check in at our hotel for the night, and take advantage of the complimentary happy hour that comes with it. We were staying at “The Maxwell”, better known as the “pineapple hotel” thanks to its cohesive theme. For the full review, including the decor and the good and bad of our stay, visit the link below.

The Maxwell Hotel, A Staypineapple hotel

We freshened up and headed to our next planned destination. We were invited down to “Best Wine” for a one of a kind wine tasting. Not just a matter of trying each of their labels, but finding the perfect wine to suit your “vino type”. Basically each person falls into one of four categories dependant on their taste buds, and they determined what types of wine you prefer. For more on this innovative way to choose your next vintage, visit the blog review below.

Great Wine Tasting Room

Next it was on to “Flintcreek & Co.” for a decadent dinner of tartare, hand made pasta, 48oz steaks, and molten chocolate desserts. Our idea was to indulge in rich salty foods to balance and best follow the generous wine tasting before. For all of the pricier eats, check out the review below.

FlintCreek Cattle Co.

We had additional plans to go drinking after dinner, but unanimously we were both too full and too tired. So it was time to head back to our hotel room to sleep it off and begin a whole new day of eating next morning. We were all pleasantly surprised by how well we all organized our time sharing one washroom with one toilet and one sink. We each had our routine and designated times and it worked. And through this success, we all decided for our text trip it will be more days together, and that we will need another room.

Then next morning it was brunch at another Asian fusion hot spot. “Super 6”. With its garage themed decor, this spacious restaurant serves up delicious Hawaiian favourites like spam musubi, ahi poke, and little doughnuts stuffed with coconut cream. For all the delicious and must try eats, visit the link below for the full run down.

Super Six

From here it was off to “Full Tilt” arcade and ice cream for a little of both. Classic joystick arcade games for 25 cents per play and the time needed to play off some calories before an ice cream dessert. For more this one of a kind ice cream parlour, click below.

Full Tilt ice cream

And then it was the four hour ride back home to Vancouver. We decided to leave earlier, in order to avoid the rest of the Thanksgiving long weekend traffic, also looking to cross the boarder that day. But between here and there we did some grocery store shopping. Grabbing limited edition snacks at “Walmart” and artisan eats from “Trader Joe’s”.


And lastly, we made a pit stop at the “Funko Headquarters” in Everett. “Funko” is the popular collectibles brand. Cute versions of your favourite pop culture icons from movies, tv, comic books, and anime. So many to look at, including life-size versions to take photos of, and the opportunity to make you own. They also sold key chains, plush dolls, broad games, make up, and wearable accessories. For a better recap of this visit, check out my latest vlog now up on my YouTube channel: MaggiMei.


In conclusion, this was a great trip and one that we were able to jam pack with plenty of food stops. So successful of a road trip that we went ahead and talked about our next being a few more days in Texas, for barbecue and warmer weather in 2020.