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Fritz European Fry House

IMG_3438Late night snacking fried up before your eyes. I came here with the sole intention of having a place to write today’s blog post on. Getting off work late means not a lot of restaurants are open and available for dining. But I knew “Fritz” would be, so here I was pulling up right in front. The owner watching, to be able to later tell me I had the best parking spot on the block. 

Their decor is themed after a medieval castle. With simulated stone floors, worn wooden benches, and lanterns hung from decorative beams. They even had their own crest on the back wall. Seating is limited, but majority of their guests take their fries to go and use the benches as a waiting point in between. A few seats are equipped with arm rests, and these arm rests are equipped with holes. The holes are meant as holders for their cone shaped fry cups. As is the case for the iron stool, that serves the same purpose. 


By the looks of things this was a father – daughter team working from behind the counter. They were enthusiastic and friendly at 12pm. Guess you have to be a night person to be able to work until 2:30am on a Sunday. Though they stay open even later on all other nights, it is as late as 4am on the peak club evenings. They know their demographic. Hungry, drunk, and tried young adults; looking for a warm place to rest their feet and something delicious to cut some of the edge off their intoxication. And “Fritz” is their solution. This is the go-to for late night drunk eating when out on the Granville strip. Why settle for cold rotating pizza under a heat lamp, when you can get potatoes fried to order with all the bells and whistles. 


Decide between poutine or their fries called “fritz”. You can have your poutine as the main attraction, or as a side with a hotdog. Today I had the later. Choose just the standard gravy and cheese curds, or one up everything with a variety of ingredients. From chicken and pulled pork, to smoke meat, and even real strips of bacon. Make things more filling with a meat and bean chilli over those fries and gravy. And for the vegetarians they have a veggie gravy available. They have two sizes more than your regular poutine places. If large just doesn’t cut it, amp up your order with a jumbo or even the bucket size. Tonight I wanted the traditional, and went for just a regular poutine in a medium size. I am a big fan of their peppery gravy and did not want to have any extras take away from that. “Fritz’s” gravy is my favourite poutine gravy. It is rich and meaty with a great kick. It doesn’t hurt that I really like pepper in my food. 


The fritz fries can get just as interesting, with a long list of sauces meant to question the use of ketchup in the traditional French fry pairing. Each dip sounded tantalizing and worth trying. Garlic lovers, feta onion, jalapeño mustard, Parmesan peppercorn, and sundried tomato pesto; just to name a few that peaked my interest. I took one of the daughter’s suggestion and made the mango green chutney my choice. Though I later changed my mind to the blue cheese sauce, just as the father began scooping my original pick into a small triangular cup. He warned that changing my selection would mean I would be missing a good one. So despite my indecision he was kind enough to give me a half portion of each in the one cone cup. I was ecstatic, I would be able to try two sauces for the $1 price per sauce. I wanted to try more of their sauces but at $1 per and with only a small portion of fries, it would enviably go to waste. The specialty European dips were 25 cents more: fritessaus, peanut sauce, and curry ketchup. I had a small fritz with blue cheese and mango green chutney dipping sauces. 

Would I come back? – Yes. 
Would I recommend it? – Yes. 
Fries are one of those food items that can eat like a snack or eat like a meal. It spans countries and cultures. No one turns down a good fry, be it the crispy ends or the chewy centres. And the fries at “Fritz” covers both the crispy and the chewy well. The fact that they managed to find a way to take something so simple to the next level through condiments and spreads; then market it to the right crowd, in the right area is commendable. They have a successful business on their hands, a gem to be passed down from father to daughter. Next time you are out late on Granville Street downtown, be sure to stop by for some comfort food the European way. Don’t deny your cravings. 

718 Davie Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 2G6
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  1. I used to love going there. Authentic Belgian French fry snack but then I learned a lot about French fries and various cuts through a food wholesaler and I was very sad to find out that Fritz’s uses the crappiest, cheapest French fry on the market. A place like this should be making their own in-house mayo and should be cutting their own kennebec fries in the back. But who cares about that stuff anymore and Fritz’s knows that, especially after midnight.

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