Every year my best friend and I celebrate Galentines, it is a take on Valentines that endures our relationship. We do all the clique things that boyfriends and girlfriends (or any couple arrangement) does, but with each other as the bestie. So all the fun and extravagance, but with none of the disappointment.

This year we choose “Glowbal” as our destination for a more luxurious feel. A busy weekend, we were seated on the second floor looking down on it all, and the open raw bar.

We started the night with a couple of glasses of sparkling wine to mark the occasion.

Followed by an amuse bouche of “Butternut squash and ginger soup”, served in an espresso cup. A vegan soup that was light without the cream, and carrot forward to my tastes.

It transitioned well to our “Glowbal Dungeness Crab Cake” appetizer. A large puck of crab meat with a crispy seared crust. Served over a lemon tarragon aioli that gave it an enjoyable creaminess. And with the thinly sliced, raw and refreshing side salad, this became a well balanced dish of textures and harmonious flavours. A delicious and light start.

For our main my girl friend was lured in by the appeal of a premium cut of steak, or in this case, two. This is the 28oz Prime Rib Eye ‘Double Entrecote’ for $110. Two steaks cut down to strips for your easy consumption. Served with enough sauces and sides to make it a full meal.

The truffle mashed potatoes were garlicky with lots of rich flavour, but none of the truffle.

I really liked the Brussels sprouts, fried crispy and seasoned salty with plenty of Parmesan.

The seasoned vegetables were a collection of zucchini, heirloom carrots, and broccoli sautéed in butter and herbs.

And if they or your steak needed a change of taste or any additional flavouring, look to 1 of the 4 sauce dishes also included with the set. A red wine jus, a horseradish cream, chimichurri sauce, and herbed butter. The red wine was a classic steak sauce. The horseradish, a sharp cream that helps to brighten up any dish. The chimichurri tangy with pesto and lime notes. And the herbed butter a little too decadent with the steak, overpowering it. The sauces were a nice way to elongate the longevity of the meal; but as flavouring agents unnecessary, given how well seasoned and dressed everything was.

As for the steak, it was a fattier cut. We asked for it medium rare, but I still found it harder and drier. Not bad, but not in my top 3, which is a little more detrimental given the cost. The salad on the side was undressed and added nothing to the plate, aside from colour. The sides above were what you wanted to concentrate on anyways.

As impressive as the assembly above was, the following stole the show. Every Friday and Saturday night ”Glowbal” has a bar cart service. A table side show where a roving bartender creates various sensory cocktails. Tonight they would use smoke and bubbles for an added flavour and scent, along with the literal smoke show.

The earl grey sage martini was shaken and topped with an egg foam, before a smokey rosemary bubble is blown on top of it. A specialized machine does the inflating. The bubble lasts for several seconds creating quite the image.

You can also get it on top of a whiskey sour, like my guest did. Then, as a party trick, our table side bartender pushed the two glasses together and the 2 singular bubbles merged into one with a well defined crack in between. Honestly the most fun I have had at a finer dining establishment.

None of the desserts really appealed to us, so I had mine as more of a liquid dessert. The Melon ball cocktail, topped with a tuft of cotton candy, that sat doubling the height of the glass. This is a fruity tropical cocktail made sweeter by melting the spun sugar within it. This too was a great visual drink.

It is worth noting that between our server, all the staff, and the managers, we were well taken care of. Plenty of check ins and the willing ness to help and accommodate at anytime. This included changing tables mid meal, in realization to the fact that we were ordering a feast we would not finish.

Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
A wonderfully memorable night because of the great service and outlandish food and drink. The attentive staff made all the difference and the unique moments they offered are the ones you will be talking about for months to come. Don’t deny your cravings.

590 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3
(604) 602-0835