Another great Vancouver day meant another trip to Deep Cove. And when there, there is nothing better than walking or sitting by the water with ice cream! 

With not many choices I was drawn to “Gelato Express”, by way of their giant 3 scoop ice cream cone statue. In this monster sized cone a child sat on top eating out from between his legs. My first thought, is his bottom not cold? Ridiculous, yet I wished that was me sitting on a mound of strawberry, chocolate and “yellow” ice cream. Next thought, what ice cream flavour is yellow? 

As with the other destination ice cream places is it all about location, location, location. And here, by the water, after a hike or after some kayaking, ice cream is the perfect climax to a day well spent. 

For a small shop, in a slower paced town I was impressed with their selection and the overall look of the quality in their creams. The amount in each vat indicated their popularity. A blue cotton candy was guarded by a blue smurf. The pink bubble gum had wrapped gum balls stuck in. And a few flavours had thick chocolate drizzled over them. Their gelatos included classics like cookies and cream. Favorites like strawberry cheesecake. And sweet fruits like coconut and mango. More fruits fell into the sorbeto showcase, those included green apple, watermelon, and raspberry. They even had a dark chocolate sorbeto. That would be worth sampling. If not to get, just to try. 

The decor of this ice cream shop was fun. Colourful signs indicated menu choices. The signs were as colourful as the ice cream that sat frozen behind the glass, and before you. On top of ice cream they also do frozen yogurt and shakes. If you didn’t read it, you could have told by the jars of colourful straws and cups lined up in pastels. Looking up, tiny hot air balloons hung from the ceiling, and barely grazed your head. I really thought the plastic bucket that was filled with layers of coloured spoons, then made into a lighting fixture was clever and a real nod to their theme and offerings. And if you want your ice cream by more than a scoop, you are welcomed to take your frozen treat to go. Available are three sizes of styrofoam take out boxes to store them in. 

I was most impressed by their business card, a great design and a solid card for a hole in the wall. I judge only on looks, but they must do well with the warmer weather and longer days. But without anything else to offer I wonder how well they fair during our fast approaching colder months?

Pricing was determined by scoops and cones. You read them off chalkboards written in neon chalk. You can get up to 3 scoops and they can be held in cones or by plastic bowls. The ice cream cones come in a regular, sugar, or waffle variety. And for those who want more of everything, they carry waffle bowls too. Today miscommunication resulted in a scoop of mint chocolate chip in a, a lot to spacious waffle bowl. Just as well, the bowl is the best part. Ice cream can never be bad, and this was not an exception. The waffle, however was the best that I have had. Crispy and fresh this was not sitting out to allow the air to lessen its crunch. Then of course for extra nonsense-ical indulgence, I topped the whole lot off with a scoop of rainbow sprinkles for an additional cost. I enjoy the colours and like the texture they provide. 

And as I suggested earlier, I had my bowl as I sat on a bench and looked out into the still waters and setting sun of Deep Cove. I will be coming back to Deep Cove, and except an ice cream the next time as well. And as this is pretty much the only spot for ice cream, it looks like I will be back here too. 
Don’t deny your cravings. 

Gelato Express
4379 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, V7G 1L1

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