Tonight I was taking part in a new philanthropic new dining series hosted by Tangoo. “Tangoo” is a restaurant marketing agency based in Vancouver. For their first #ChewingForCharity series, they found a way for the tech-savvy modern diner to do good by doing what they do anyways. They can give back to local charities by taking and posting photos of delicious looking food on Instagram and tagging #GiveWarmth.

From January 10th-19th they have invited foodies to visit one of three restaurants, and by ordering a specific dish, help donate to “A Better Life Foundation”. “A Better Life Foundation raises critical funds towards providing quality food security to women, children, and those in assisted living.” Each participating restaurant has put forward their most Instagram-worthy dish to help spread this awareness and interest in its ordering.

So we gathered a group of foodies and made a crawl out of the occasion, visiting each restaurant in the order listed. And in doing so filled our bellies and helped to fill those who need it as well.

From “Robba Da Matti” in Yaletown we had their “Pasta Saporita” with pancetta, porcini, sun-dried tomatoes and Gorgonzola cream. I loved the texture of their thick cut and extra chewy noodles. They were heavily coated in a creamy sauce, with a mild flavour that you wanted to go back for.

From “La Mezcaleria” in Gastown we had their “Orange Blossom Crème Brûlée ice cream”, served with a roasted pumpkin seed wafer. This was a creamy egg custard ice cream with the distinct flavour of orange peaking through. Orange blossom is a traditional flavour in Mexican cuisine, using it spoke to their restaurant and its influences. Instead of using torched sugar like you would in a traditional crème brûlée, they went with a burnt caramel drizzle instead and topped with with a rosemary ash. The pumpkin seed wafer offered texture and a nice crisp with buttery richness and nutty notes. Overall there was enough to keep the dessert interesting and different spoon after spoon.

From “Eight ½ Restaurant Lounge” in the Mount Pleasant area we wrapped up the night with their “Delicious Mussel Hearts”. A healthy bowl of fresh Salt Spring Island mussels soaking in a bath of warm curry bisque. Served with house naan. The curry was potent, it had a warning quality that ended with a longer spice. By itself it was a tad too salty for my tastes. But the mussels benefited from their soak, coming out with tones of flavour. Whereas the naan only made things saltier with its extra seasoning sprinkles.

For those interested in doing the same as we did, there is a contest to thank you for your philanthropic efforts. For each of the dishes you order, take a photo and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #GiveWarmth, while tagging @tangooyvr + @[Restaurantname] for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Greasy Spoon Diner supper series. An exclusive dinner where some the best chefs in the world collaborate to create a monthly four-course fine dining, diner experience. You only have until January 19th, 2018 to do this. And once again proceeds from every signature dish sold will be donated to the Better Life Foundation!