This International Women’s Day I spent the evening celebrating with one of my favourite women. We choose “Gotham’s steakhouse” as our destination seeing as it is one of her favourite restaurants, specializing in one of her favourite foods.

We found ourselves seated on the second floor for the first time. Moving our way through the darken space, up the scaling staircase, shimmying into a lush booth. It was nice to get so much space and quiet privacy, for us to take our time eating and catching up. Although we still prefer a table by the piano, when the restaurant hosts live musicians.

In celebration of International Women’s Week “Gotham’s” was offering a special cocktail. A $1 from each one sold went to “The Pacific Immigrant Resources Society”. “PIRS” is a charity that helps refugee and immigrant women and children settle in Canada. They offer community engagement opportunities, ESL lessons, and affordable childcare.

The cocktail was aptly named: the “Mother of Dragons”. Hennessy VS Cognac, Cynar, Bittered Sling Malagasy Chocolate Bitters, and housemade Dragon’s Tears tea; all topped with silver leaf for some opulence. It was a strong drink, fiery and warm, with a smokey finish; once again befitting of its moniker.

For the remainder of our dinner we sipped on sparkling, and the restaurant was kind enough to allow us to do so in our own glasses. I had purchased a set as a gift and wanted to use them with my friend. So our sever went out of his way to wash and polish our glasses, and continued to keep them filled with Prosecco for the night. And when our meal concluded, he once again washed and polished each large wine glass for us to take home clean and dry.

As for food, we shared her favourite cut of steak: the “Bone in rib steak”. We opted for the smaller 20oz. cut at $69.25, instead of the 32oz. And good thing because we were left with two large pieces when we both found ourselves too full to finish. We ordered our Canadian prime beef medium rare, opting to have the kitchen help slice the meat properly. This is a service I suggest you take them up on, as they do so to best highlight the quality of the cut. This also makes it easier to share and eat. And boy was this a delicious steak to share and eat. Perfectly prepared with just enough fat at the edges to caramelize the meat.

Each steak on the menu does not come with any sides, you have to pick and choose what you want from their list. And they are all just as good. Each that we ordered went well with our red meat, for a well rounded dinner.

Today’s seasonal vegetable were golden beets sautéed with goat cheese. It gave our meal a refreshing quality, sweet from the firm steamed beets, with a salty tang from the crumbled goat cheese. We opted for a half serving to be able to have a couple more sides, and it was nice of our server to suggest this option.

The “Cauliflower gratin” came highly recommend by him. It was either it or the Mac and cheese as both had the starchy cheesiness I was looking for this night. But at least with the cauliflower it would be more healthy. Hearty with plenty of warm, slightly firm florets, and just as much creamy and melted cheese.

And when it comes to steak, mashed potatoes are a must in my book, especially if they are “Roasted garlic mashed potatoes”. It was all whipped smooth like butter. Deliciously amazing, with so much great garlic flavour


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – No.
I would line up, but I never have to, there is always plenty of seating, and if you make a reservation you are guaranteed to get one. You are also guaranteed a good meal with great service, if you can afford it. You definitely pay the premium for quality. Overall a great place to satisfy your steak cravings that you don’t want to deny.


615 Seymour St, Vancouver BC, V6B 3K3