Granville Island has several gelato stalls and many of its restaurants offer ice cream for dessert. Ice cream, sun, and water just work together. And Granville island has no shortage of any.

With several ice cream stands around any corner, you need not be more than 50 feet from a scoop or two. Nothing like cold creamy goodness on any hot and humid day.

The outdoor vendor: “Omi Gelato” is located by the marketplace. As the most convenient spot for ice cream, it is my favourite. In the warm outdoors, surrounded by live musicians performing, and plenty of others with cones in hand; you just can’t help but crave one yourself.


Today the there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and therefore the line was long. Behind the counter was just the one employee, feverishly scooping and accepting cash for payment. She had been at this for hours and her smile had faded. Shame, as I imagine working with ice cream as being one of the lost enjoyable things to do. It might have been because the queue slowed to a snail’s pace, due to sampling. Everyone wanted to try a few flavours, distributed on tiny plastic shovels. It wasn’t until I got close enough to see the showcase, and all their flavours did I realize the legitimacy of tasting and trying, before you buy. With 18 flavours to choose from, this counter of convenience offered much more.


All 18 flavours were printed on the sign above the refrigerated showcase, but it’s jut more fun to pick ice cream based on its look. They had the regular and popular flavours of chocolate, vanilla bean, maple walnut, green tea, and mango. And more exciting ones like rocky road, white chocolate raspberry, tiramisu, and a strawberry swirl.


I went for a double scoop of the blue bubble gum (without actual bubblegum pieces, thankfully), and spumone. “Spumone” is a Italian ice cream made with different colours and flavours. It’s most iconic for containing candied fruits and nuts; and typically is made from: pistachio, chocolate, and vanilla.

Learning what spumone was, my guest was left wanting mine instead of her pistachio single scoop. We both splurged on the waffle cone and found doing so well worth it.

For practicality sake, I do advise not being greedy like me, and just having the one scoop. Even as quickly as I attempted to lick my treat, it melted faster than I could keep up, in the direct sun. As for how each tasted, it’s ice cream, who can say they hate ice cream in a flavour they enjoy?


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
This is one of my favourite places for gelato/ice cream. Not necessarily for the dessert itself or the brevity of flavours they provide, you can get most of them anywhere else. It is more the one of a kind setting and the backdrop you get to enjoy them in. There is no other place like this in Vancouver, a space that offers this many seats, to accommodate everyone; and a view that anyone can appreciate. Blue and green with an ice cream: only in Vancouver, only at Granville island. Don’t deny your cravings.


1661 Duranleau Street, Vancouver BC