Located in Bellevue, “Great Wine” studio delivers on its name. Showroom, tasting hall, and educational class room all in one. From the moment you walk through the doors you are engulfed by this unique experience. Cast iron cages surrounded bulbs, wine barrels deconstructed to outfit a wall, and more repurposed as side tables; all speaks to the theme.

We grabbed a seat around their heavy wood table with floral carpet under foot. This private tasting room opened 3 years ago, with their original location being in China. We would be exploring their new concept here.

When the majority of us chooses a bottle of wine we tend to gravitate towards either a specific price point, beautifully done labels, or simply stick with what you know. What “Great Wine” is offering is a way to pick your bottle based on taste and what you like in a wine. And they do this through an online quiz. By answering a few questions you learn what your vino type is, and based on the possibility of four outcomes you have what wine is best suited to your palate. The quiz takes into consideration how your genetics affect your taste buds and how many that you have. The more tastes buds you have the more you like sweets foods, whereas those with less taste buds prefer a strong smokey flavour. And at the end of the day there is no good or bad wine, just what you like.

If you are interested in learning what your vino type is and what it says about you, visit the link below. https://www.myvinotype.com/en/

Of the for categories, 50% of people belonging to the “hyper sensitive” category, a characteristic of this type is that they will look at everything, but have difficult time making a choice about any. They have good interpersonal skill and are often seen as leader. Out of our group, myself and Joyce of @VanFoodies fell into this category.

“Tolerant” types make up the smallest percentage. Most of these end up being wine critics, which means they are telling us what to like, when their tastes are so much different from ours. Not surprisingly for those who know him, David of @Pickydiner fell into this category.

“Sweet” types are pretty self explanatory. Sherman of @Shermansfoodadventures lived here. They are particular about their wines, and as expected, lean more to the sweeter bottles.

And “sensitive” types was at the centre of all and pretty flexible in their choice. This was Diana of @Foodologyca. Such types are known for their adventurous and adaptable nature.

So we learned that you drink what you want because your tongue knows best. And “Great Wine” produces their house brand “Percipio” to make it easier to choose. “Percipio” is produced in California, where their wine caters to a specific vino type. They currently the only ones doing this. All of their wines are a blend, typically featuring Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and/or Viognier grapes.

Our tasting started with a white, the “2016 Percipio white wine”. It is a crisp wine on the sweeter side with notes of green grapes, pear, citrus, and vanilla. Naturally “sweet” vinotypes gravitate towards this one. For additional information on the wines, the tasting also came with laminated cards we could reference.

Next we compared three of their reds. The “2104 Stellar 8” is ideal for “tolerant” and “sensitive” types. Made from Petit sirah and Zinfandel it is a smoother red with peppery berry notes.

The “2015 Cabernet Sauvignon” has more body and flavour. Another great one for those who are “tolerant”. A fall wine with dark fruits, pumpkin, cherry and chocolate. This one was recommended for thanksgiving dinner, given its spices and notes of cranberry, as it would pair with a thanksgiving feast.

The “Cupid” was considered an “odd ball” wine, either you loved it very much or hated it a lot. As a sweeter red, they use to only sell this in China; given the country’s higher percentage of “sweet” vino types, of which majority of prefers red. This was an easy to drink red with red fruits like raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and red and green apples. This one was my favourite.

There was a lot of tasting and I waived the spit bucket option, so greedily snacked on the mixed nuts available for balance.

Overall, this was a great way to learn more about yourself and what you like. We found ourselves comparing our types and discussing what we liked because of it. Not only was this a clever and fun way to engage and talk about it wine, but this was also a great way of choosing and trying new wines. I will definitely consider my vino type the next time I pick up a bottle. To learn more and find out how you can experience this for yourself, visit the link below.

958 111th Ave NE Suite 103, Bellevue, WA 98004