A bar is such a nice additional to the Lonsdale Marketplace. “Green Leaf Brewing Co.” makes for a comfortable place to sit and drink at. And best of all, since they don’t serve much food, they allow you to bring whatever you like from the neighbouring food court, past their glass walls, in order to enjoy it in their spacious setting, with their refreshing beers.

So after a trip around the food court, we picked up a tray of fresh, fried fish and chips to enjoy with some of their craft beers. Beers are most refreshing when partnered with the oil and crisp of a good deep fry.


The brewing company space is made up of glass walls, a series of storage shelves, and floor to ceiling steel vats. Several book shelves worth of printed growlers, tall boy cans, and 12oz brown bottles greet you at their threshold. This, along with other private label whiskeys makes up their bar. Here they specialize in their beers and outside whiskeys, and is the first place to do so, that I have ever heard of and have been to.


You grab any empty seat surrounding their counter. Either a wooden high top, or one of their larger, polished wood, family style, share tables. Each setting has a drink menu diving beer on tap and beer aged in barrels, with whiskey paired with beer, or whisky alone as a shot. We focused on their in beers. For those on tap: it was 12oz for $5, $7.50 for a 20oz, and $6 for 3 ounces of each of the four 5-6.5% brews. The sours and aged in barrel beers only came in 7oz servings at $5 a glass, and it’s flight was $3 more than what they had on tap.


Our way to avoid making a commitment on any one pint was to invest in a flight, giving us four tastes at a time. Each 3oz glass was poured from one of eight taps, built into the wall over a metal troth. This was done by a young man, who didn’t look like he was allowed to drink, let alone serve me mine.

As one who doesn’t really have a preference in beer, a flight provides me with the variety I need to keep me interested in finishing them all. Like a share platter of drinks. It was served on a wooden plank, marked by dots to indicate and differentiate one beer from the other.


The flight featuring all their beers on tap had Weizenhower”, their Hefeweizen with orange peel and coriander; “Lloyd’s lager”, a classic style lager with Pilsner and American yeast; “Pie hole pale ale”, which is a a clean and fruity, hoppy pale ale; And the “Animal farm IPA” was w clean Belgium farmhouse IPA. Together they were an easy to drink assemble that was smooth and sweet compared to the four below.


Their sours and barrel aged flight was especially tart, you got more sour than you would think the fruit used had to offer. “Dark aged saison”, aged in a red wine oak barrel for a year, 9%. The “raspberry sour” had a pound of raspberry for every litre of their sour ale that they used. The “cherry sour” was similar to the one above, but this sour blond ale was brewed with “heaps of cherries”. And the “modern gentleman IPA” was 100% Brett fermented IPA aged in Merlot barrels.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
This was nice setting for some family brewed beers. And they especially made a great after work stop, if your commute is past the quay. Don’t deny your cravings.


Lonsdale Quay Market
123 Carry Cates Court, North Vancouver BC, V7M 3E4
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