Looking for more food after our initial meal, we ventured across the street to Happy Singh, a fast food restaurant serving Indian street food.

Walking in, I didn’t know what to expect. But simply taking it all in from the threshold it quickly became an exciting experience. The decor is modern and fresh, the space large and inviting. The accessibility of it all, made more welcoming by the helpful staff and a picture focused menu that made Indian food approachable for those unfamiliar. Point in case came from the heavy rotation of ethnicities that ventured in after us, and ordered to go.

You place your desired order through a kiosk, and it prints out your receipt and individual order slips, after payment. You then take said slips to the appropriate counter, where an employee assembles your order. When ready your order number is televised and you are beckoned to pick up your food on a plastic tray. From there you assemble all your dishes at your chosen table and eat.

The following is what we had, based on my guest’s preference and suggestions. All except for the Bun samosa cocktail, which I had to try out of novelty sake. It is exactly what it looks like: a potato samosa sandwiched between a bun with a smear of mint chutney and tamarind chutney. It tasted okay, but it could have been better. The bun was incredibly oily on its exterior. Although the samosa was good, it wasn’t enough to be the main filling of this burger. I needed a different texture to maw through, some pickled vegetable or a protein, if not just more of either chutney spread. Even the side of regular potato chips and ketchup packet would have help as a filling.

I liked the pageantry put into their drinks, from the use of the glass milk bottle, to the striped straw, and the finishing touches in the form of a salted rim and sprinkled dollop of whipped cream.

The Mango peach original is a blended smoothie with the likes of mango and peach fruit. Creamy and rich, it is sweet enough to be considered a dessert. The Gajar halwa badam shake is a delicious carrot and almond Indian dessert, blended and made into a shake. I enjoyed this the most out of the three we ordered. The Tamarind peach lassi is more yogurt focused, and therefore a lot more tangier than the other two shakes above. Not a lot of peach flavour, and you don’t get much tamarind outside of the rim.

My favourite dish that we had, had to be the Gol gappa. I have had it before from other restaurants, but I have always just mixed and matched the water and ingredients myself. So to have it done with a perfect ratio, by someone who knows what they are doing, makes a world of difference. The crispy, hollow round is broken into. You then carve out a hole and fill it with the accompanying ingredients. Then finish by pouring in the mint and/or tamarind flavoured water to your tastes. Then in one bite you take it all into your mouth, and with lips closed bite down. The result, a flood of flavoured water married with a crispy crunch. Both fun and tasty to eat.

The Pau baji is popular in Mumbai. It is a mashed vegetable curry seasoned with lime and onions. Served with two buttered buns, it reminded me of an Indian sloppy joe. The veggie mix even had a chunky meaty quality to it. I just wished it had more salt and seasoning to it.

The Tawa tikki is potato croquettes seasoned with Indian spices. Served topped heavy with a mint cilantro chutney, sweet chutney, beaten yogurt, and onion. It ate like a potato salad, you only need to do all the mixing yourself. This had a great assembly of contrasting flavours and textures, from the spicy chutney to the cooling yogurt, and refreshing pomegranate. Finished with a nice crispy topping.

The great thing about ordering all these small plates and sharing them amongst a group is that not only do you get to try them all, but you also get to mix and match flavours and sauces from all the dishes, as they are all complimentary.

In short, this was a fun place for causal Indian snacks and food. An approachable menu and friendly staff makes this a great place to learn and try more of the cuisine. I recommend it for tasty eats and a good time!

Happy Singh
8821 120 St, Delta, BC V4C 6R6
(778) 578-6666