I am not a car person, I have a vehicle to get me from point A to point B, and have only been behind the wheel of two different ones, long enough to get a feel of how they actually handle.

So when I was given the opportunity to test drive a 2017 Honda Civic, hatchback turbo, I jumped at the opportunity; after all my first car was a 1988 Civic. I called him “Rusty” he was brown and old, and as you can surmise, had much of a certain identifying feature to earn him his nick name. He served me well and I never wanted another car, until he was on his last legs and was forced into retirement. So I figured, to be behind the wheel of a newer Civic would be nostalgic, I was wrong. The technology in the 2017 and its features, made it feel like a whole different species, and that’s not even mentioning its exterior.

Now excuse the next part, as I eluded to above, I am no car expert and therefore will be fumbling my way trough the terminology used to describe one. For any car enthusiasts reading this, please considerate it satirical?

The curvature of car and the vents up front helped to make the vehicle more aerodynamic, not to mention giving it a more streamline look. Where as my “Rusty” was a functioning brick. Block, pointy, and as slow looking as it actually was. In retrospect I don’t know why I loved it as much as I did.

Inside, the patchy fabric interior of my ’88 Civic looked grungy compared to the matted leather of the hatchback. And don’t even get me comparing how each smelled.

The 2017 had plenty of cargo space thanks to the hatchback. It was practical, reminiscent of the Civic hatchbacks from the 90’s. It is small and agile, perfect for driving in big city centres. And best of all, its fuel economy is amazing, we spent a week cruising unnecessary and it only cost it $50 for our efforts. This was given the power you get from its turbo engine, which was surprising considering it isn’t a top of the line model; and the fact that it was automatic not manual.

In fact the hatchback was automatic everything; it had every modern convenience, and then some extras that I didn’t know existed. (My current vehicle is a 2002. It has a cassette tape player and a 8 CD changer in the trunk.) With “Rusty”, you had cracking handles, to literally wind down each windows, and were forced to pull a knob up to unlock each door. With the hatchback it was a mere push of a button for most things.

This is the only photo I have of that Civic: my partner working hard to fix yet another issue that arose with it. Brown interior in a brown car…

Here is a stock photo for reference.

So to get this 2017 model for a week meant I enjoyed all its modern comforts and improved handling for a week. And there is nothing like trying a new Honda Civic to reset your previous expectations on the brand and name.