On a whim we found ourselves at “Honey Salt”, the newest restaurant to call “Parq” its home. We would later make it our first stop at a series of hopping we did in order to try cocktails at a handful, of the restaurants within “Parq’s” six commercial floors.

The restaurant sits at the lobby of Parq, located right by the washrooms and elevators on the first floor. Everyone entering the hotel/casino is bound to pass by its exterior and wander in closer for a better look. Although given its name you can surmise that what it is that they offer is a lighter meal of sandwiches and pastries, and the restaurant smells just as much.

The restaurant is divided into several areas, as defined by its seating. One, a more formal dining room with structured tables and chairs. Two, the bar with high chairs and share style high tops. Three, scattered seating corralling said bar. And a lounge with actual lounge chairs assembled in a salon-type setting. It was the latter that we chose to dine in, and the latter that coincidentally matched our tea to come in motif.

We claimed our own cushions between floral upholstered chairs, and a couch of burnt orange. We were surrounded by pot belly vases stuck with large bouquets in green and yellow. Our backdrop was a collection of framed mirrors to complete the ladies who lunch, tea salon vibe.

Our journey began with a tea tower for one split three ways. Not intended for sharing we did our best to divide and conquer. This was the “False Creek Tier” which included tea sandwiches, warm miniature popovers, scones, pastries and a crepe served on a separate plate. Having to split these three tiers three ways, means I didn’t get a good taste of everything, and therefore won’t be able to provide an as thorough of a review, as I normally do. Overall everything tasted fresh, the doughy parts flakey or cakey; and the savoury and sweet spreads and salsa complimenting it all. Good, but no standouts.

The “classic cucumber & dill” tea sandwich, “BC wild stripe shrimp roll”, and “Montreal smoke meat” on the bottom tier to start with some light savouries.

The middle tier had popovers cradled in a cloth napkin, folded into a box. Here you had the option of slicing each loaf open and filling it with either the “roasted vegetable ratatouille” or the “oolong smoked chicken salad. Both were on the sweeter side for vegetable and poultry.

Lastly, the top plate crowned the tier with a collection of two bite cookies and cakes. “Salted honey pie”, shortbread in lemon and one in lavender, and a chocolate bouchon. Out of all three tiers, the shortbread was my favourite. But sadly, the raisin scones were hard, a crumbly brick that couldn’t really be salvaged. Shame, as its flavour was great and the clotted cream and seasonal jam ideally spread across the warmth of each. Overall I don’t regret ordering it, just so I can now safely say that I would not order it again. A pretty average tea set for such a nice hotel.

I originally wanted this because of the pandan crepe option that came with it. Little did I know that you can actually get a crepe as is. One made to order by their crepe station attendant. She stood in a black chef smock and hat, behind a heated coil, with everything she needed to craft you your perfect crepe.

The green pandan crepe with red bean, mango, and coconut filling was good. I could have used more pandan flavouring, but otherwise it was what I expected from a crepe in buttery flavour and thin chewy texture.

With our set we forgo-ed the tea, and instead shared one of their fish bowl cocktails. This was the “Punch bowl for the party”, but ironically it was not enough for any sort of party. $36 gave us about five cups to share between three with plenty of watering down from the melting ice and fruit. More juice then the spiked punch I was hoping for. Mount gay rum, remy vs, earl grey tea, berry tea, orgeat syrup, coal roasted pineapple, fresh fruits, and fresh herbs. Another one to miss.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
Overall I wouldn’t recommend them for a meal. They are a little over priced for what you get. Come for a snack or some tea, just something small to be able to enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere with. Don’t deny your cravings.


39 Smithe Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 0R3
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For the vlog version of this visit and the rest of our 24 hour stay at “The Douglas” and “Parq” visit my YouTube channel: MaggiMei for all the fun.