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Not every meal eaten out is done with only enjoyment in mind, sometimes it’s just about being fed. My latest convenience dining brought me here. Hungry and lazy, in the middle of no where. An industrial area of New Westminster, one of several businesses calling 30 Capilano Way its home. They cleverly moved into the most visible unit, facing the main road, behind a fence and gate often left open during the day.


Strictly breakfast and lunch the cafe caters to those working in the area. 6am to time unlisted. I feel these are one of places that closes shop up early as the traffic slows. The main demographic are those who work in the area. Drivers of big rigs and those up at the crack of dawn. This is where they come for their coffee and sustenance. In at wee hours of the morning then back for break mid day. I suppose the proximity of “Jam’s” allows them to make the most of a limited timed break, it beats a bag of chips from a vending machine and gives a pause from fast food “drive thrus”.


The cafe is not much to look at: a mustard tiled exterior, their name in block, a weather worn lawn chair, a sun faded sandwich board, and a planter to add some greenery. But once again it wasn’t about the decor or the experience, but instead the practicality of the food served. A fact repeated yet again when you walk through the door. Off white walls, closer to a pale yellow palette. Tables either clothed in burgundy or cloaked with vinyl sheets. Sheets with a printed pattern of vegetation and vegetables. Similarly the chairs didn’t match, they either had a wood or metal frame.


Each table setting was marked with a placemat. A waxy paper littered with ads, this too catered to their patrons. Advertisements on motor oil, transmissions, and trailers; just to name a few. Were these their sponsors I wondered. The Halloween decorations were still up, pulled cotton transformed into webs, with actual fuzzy fake spiders calling it their home. The effort made was commendable given the clientele.


Their menu spans across three large boards behind the counter. Traditional egg and bacon breakfast platters, omelettes, cold and hot sandwiches, burgers, and Italian paninis. This is of course paired with the usual coffee, tea, and soda beverage offerings. Under all this was their work area, where food was made to order and served at the counter.

The owner/employer was pleasant enough. You eat in quiet with others who are also quiet. It was slow enough with enough tables to have your own four seater. The only sounds: the clearing of throats, the rustle of newspapers being flipped, and the sounds of gentle chewing.


I had a breakfast of two eggs, bacon, hash, toast, and chocolate milk. It was pretty standard, and as I expected.

Would I come back? – No.
Would I line up for it? – No.
Would I recommend it? – No.
Would I suggest this for someone visiting from out of town? – No.
It fills a need in the area and gave me what I needed to start the day. Not a destination, but it sure beats chip and pop at a gas station or heat lamp bites at the nearby 7-eleven. As its decor suggested this was a low key eatery, in its simplicity it offered a seat and a hearty meal. Don’t deny your cravings.

6 – 30 Capilano Way, New Westminster BC, V3L5H2
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