Part of our sight seeing brought us to “KL Tower”, the starting and ending point of the “hop on hop off” tourist bus tour. The tower is the highest point in the city, and home to a revolving restaurant and an observation deck.

To watch the video recall of this event please click below, and fast forward to the 7 minutes 30 second mark.

We visited during the day and came back in time for our 6pm dinner seating. This thoughtful planning from my host, guaranteed us a view of the city while it was still bright out; while also giving us the opportunity to watch the sun set and the KL light up with bulbs in its place. The trouble we had in reaching this altitude was definitely worth the view. And a good thing too, as the buffet was only impressive to look at; and after the first round, I didn’t find much I wanted to go back for.

By day the tower is framed with white clouds and palm tree fronds. And by night it is highlighted in the glowing rotation of neon colours. It was all you can eat with a bird’s eye view, and a dress code of smart casual or easy-glam.

But once again, getting to our sky high table would be a challenge. As with most tourist attractions this one had many traps surrounding it. Stores and attractions meant to distract and lure visitors in. This list included a Ferrari themed store and a miniature juggle-zoo. We had to wade past all these in order to earn our spot, in line at the front desk. Our reservation guaranteed us a table at our specified seating times. However the disorganization of the tower’s staff ensured we would be late for that seating. And with only a two hour time cap, we were left scurrying. When it comes to all-you-can-eat, and getting your money’s worth, time is definitely an asset.

But at least we weren’t the only ones left unhappily waiting. With just the one elevator going up to the very top, there was a chaotic queue to step into it. A guard wove in between those in line and those not, but did nothing to regulate. The staff were unable to organize the visitors into a single line for the elevator lobby, let alone one for the restaurant and one for the observation deck. As a result many budged through, and at one point a fight almost broke out at the front of of it. Once again the guard found no action to take.

With crapped patience we eventually go to the elevator lobby. It was a lot nicer than the elevator itself. With patterned tiles and a crystal and gold feature built into the ceiling, I was enamoured over the latter. Whereas the elevator was a tight box, giving us an ear-popping ride up, without a view.

Upon reaching the top floor, the space opens up. As promised the restaurant revolves with a wrap around seating area. This is cleverly done to ensure the maximizing of tables facing the view. It takes a full hour for the restaurant to make a full turn. You are shown your table and give free reign access to the buffet once settled.

Appetizers to desserts it was arranged to flow clockwise from start to finish. There were one bite canapés in plastic containers, pickled vegetables, and mixed seafood and greens salads for appetizers.

Bite sized samoas, spring rolls, and tandoori chicken with naan were all kept under heat lamps.

There were meat on skewers available face down in pots, along side a peanut sauce for dipping; and a couple of seasoned rice dishes and chunky meat stews.

Mains include meats and vegetables within individually heated domes. Steamed root and floret vegetables and roasted duck with rice crackers.

Two steamers kept a collection of dim sum dumplings warm. Rounds of pork and fish wrapped in neat, colourful bundles.

A basin filled with crushed ice kept their crustaceans and mollusks as fresh as possible. None-the-less I tend to stay away from seafood out in the open like this. The rule is, better safe than sorry when traveling, or a higher possibility of food poisoning.

The same went for the sashimi platters. Beside it was tray of curious sushi that I did partake in. The roll made with canned tuna and ranch dressing was most questionable. Yet it continue to be taken and tried, so much so that the three men who continuously rolled had to do so faster, in order to keep the platter filled.

For dessert there was a refrigerator of hard ice creams for you to self scoop, pots of dessert soup to ladle into bowls, mousse and jello in cups, and cakes cut into small rectangular bites.

The food was great the first round, given how long we waited and how hungry we grew because of it.

Though the second round had us struggling over what to get more of, and growing increasingly skeptical of the thawing and slowly discolouring seafood.

And finally the third round saw us sampling much of desserts and needing not to finish any of it.

Through it all the constant enjoyable portion was the view. It never stopped being breath taking. Though being spoiled by the visual nature of Vancouver, I found myself looking for mountains and bodies of water, where there was none. Instead, clusters of steel and iron surrounding sky scrapers, and an angled view of the twin towers. As the first time around, the novelty of this is still fresh for me, and even more so as a visiting tourist. But for a local or as a return trip for myself, it will have to be for the right occasion. The food wasn’t anything to revisit, even for seconds of.

I recommend coming for an earlier dinner like we did. The day light is the best for appreciating the view. It also allows for the best photos, without the glare and reflection off a window at night. Or do as many others did, come to celebrate an occasion with dinner. Tonight it felt like it was everyone’s birthday. One after another, tables were being sung too, and cakes with candles were being delivered to each table. The first three were cute, by the time six and seven rolled around, I just wanted to enjoy my meal in quiet.

Don’t deny your cravings.


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