I have lash extensions, I like the way they look, I like how I don’t feel like I need to apply makeup when I have them on (if thick enough, it looks like you are wearing mascara and eye liner in one), and I love how much time they save me during my morning routine. I have been getting the process done since 2006 and have since grown accustomed to them as a part of me, and have long gotten use to their weight on my normal lashes.

I have been visiting the same salon for over 10 years now, the same one since I started getting the service done every three weeks. And I have never found a reason to switch things up. I appreciated the fact that they are a larger company with several locations, so that if anything were to happen during the process or after it, they had the resources to be held accountable. Plus, if it ain’t broke, I wasn’t going to fix it. However, today I found a reason to try the new salon that recently opened up in my Burnaby neighbourhood.

My usual place has gotten more and more popular over the years. And previously, my ability to call ahead a couple days before, to make an appointment is now having to book a time two weeks in advance. First, I don’t have a fixed schedule, so don’t know what I will be doing a week from now let alone two. Second of all, lash extensions don’t have an expiry date, you replace them as soon as you feel you need to. There is no way I can predict if I will loose a handful of them and when, or may be able to prolong their wear for a month, instead of the typical 2-3 weeks.

So during this occasion, my lop sided lashes had me scrambling for an appointment and coming to “Koko”, who had an opening two days from when I called. So out of need, I learned that you don’t know until you try. And that you could be missing out on better, if you are adamant on not fixing anything until it broke. Today, I was blown away by the service of this new lash place and the end result that I walked out with. So the question is, do I continue to see them, or keep shopping around until I know I have the best for me?

They are a small nail and lash studio located in the same “Solo” complex as the “Whole Foods”, “Shoppers Drugmart”, and the “BC Liquior Store” in the area. There is plenty of free parking, so this is another advantage of switching lash places. I would be now saving on gas for the commute, and the $5 per hour worth of downtown Vancouver parking.

The nail portion of their business fronts the space with a lengthy counter for side by side services, racks of varnish on the walls, and plush recliners for the soaking and treating of toes. For lashes you are directed to a separate room on the left. There, there are two gurneys laid with faux fur blankets, flush against two walls. You are invited to lay down with your shoes on, and the technician taking care of you, covers you with another faux fur blanket. You can’t help but sleep when surrounded by this much comfort and her care. I have never been so pampered in my life. She was so delicate with each of her touches. Gentle in the tilting my head, and kind in checking with me to ensure that I was comfortable.

For the whole service you remain laying down. I came in with my old lashes and they had no problem removing them. You are instructed to relax as gel pads are placed under your eyes and a removal serum is brushed across your lashes in order to remove the glue. It sits until your old extensions can be wiped away with ease. They then rinse your eyes with sponges soaked in water (I can only assume, as my eyes were closed, but this is what it felt like.) One sponge carefully washes away any reside and another is pushed up against the side of your face to soak up any excess liquid that may trickle down. All the while you lay resting. She gave me the option to look at my natural lashes, but I didn’t need that image in my head.

I was then given options for the type of lashes I wanted. Regular synthetic, silk, and mink all cost the same. You choose based on the look you are trying to achieve, the mink is the most dramatic with the most volumous curl, and the silk the most natural. At my old place the former came at a premium, $35 more; with the most expensive treatment at $215. Here I got the most expensive set, which gave me extra drama with three extensions attached to one follicle. This set me back $130, where as I use to pay $95 for 1/4 of the lashes. There I was told my lashes were too thin and that I was constantly on a growth cycle, so my extensions continued to look sparse. Here, my lashes where the thickest they have ever been, and at the perfect length where they didn’t touch the lenses of my glasses when I wore them.

The treatment went by quick, mind you I fell asleep right away, but with the blankets and the pillow it was a well rested sleep. Here I missed the gel pads, and instead got a smear of cream under each eye and tape to cover the bottom lash line. There was no additional tape need to spread apart the lines of my eyes. My guess is that they are familiar with Asian eyes. When they watered she gently used a cotton swab to soak up my tears. And with two hands my head was tiled as she needed and each lash was place so gingerly that all I felt was the tiniest bit of pressure, but each time she combed them straight, I could feel how full she was making them.

The treatment was finished off by the blowing of air to dry my lashes. 30 seconds laying down and another 30 sitting up. When I opened by eyes there weren’t any lashes stuck together and they were the best that they had ever looked. The treatment ended with instructions on lash after care and a disposable mascara wand to take with me, to primp as needed. I could not have raved about my experience more. I made sure to takedown her name, and will be calling to book with her again for my touch up fill, and all subsequent treatments.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.

4465 Skyline Drive, Burnaby BC, V5C 5Y1