My girl friend saw an advert for an adult Easter egg hunt and we had to go. The downside it was all the way in Abbotsford, a far trek from Vancouver. But with the promise of drinking and collecting Easter eggs for chocolate, we were going to put in the effort.

The event was cited for 6-9pm. So we rushed and arrived early, as to not miss any of the action. We were the first to walk through their kitchen meets gift shop door, and therefore the group to wait the longest. We checked in, receiving paper bracelets and our one drink ticket, that came with the admission price.

And there we stood impatiently, as the lobby filled with plenty more adults to come. Majority of them were prepared with proper straw Easter baskets in their hands, and bunny ears on their heads. I asked about the wait time and was told 20 minutes, as the staff were still setting up past 6:30pm. Although the lingering continued surpassing this time and throughout the night. It seemed like they were not prepared. Organizers at least had an Easter bunny mascot come hopping through the crowd. He gave out hi fives and posed for photos. This did entertain for about 15 minutes.

But we weren’t allowed to walk pass their petting zoo, following the lit path to the “Barn” until after 7pm. This was 1 hour spent waiting when the event listed a 6pm start.

Their Barn was set up for a party. Hip hop greeted us and the strings of lights set the mood. Only the goats corralled in the corner and tables crafted on top of barrels reminded you that you were in an actual, functioning barn.

In the centre of the room, a dual sided bar offered wine on one, and beer on the other. We queued at the wine counter and had our choice between three bottle from Maan Farms: two fruit flavours and a more traditional red blend. We went for the latter, and it was a strong puckering punch.

With it we picked at their large charcuterie board. A mix of hard and creamed cheeses served with crispy crackers and stone wheat thins. Salted olives, tangy fruits, a mix of raw vegetables surrounding dip. And plenty of classic East Indian street snacks made my “Mama Maan”.

For a more fulsome dinner there was pre-boxed butter chicken and a chickpea curry in the next room. You ate it out of the take out box or took it as is, home.

The staff informed attendees of a 7:30pm start time, only to have us all wait until 8pm. It was sad that they all weren’t on the same page, or well organized. Here, there was no regard for time, no announcements to inform us what was happening. An hour wait and I didn’t want more of their wine to help kill the time.

When it was finally time for the actual egg hunt, we were disappointed to learn that it wasn’t about collecting the most eggs. Our task was only to collect one of each colour, 5 total. With a chance to find a golden egg for the grand prize: a case of their Maan Farms wine. Then off we scampered as the sun set and the day turned to night. They sold flashlights and buckets when you checked in. I was glad that I didn’t spend money on either as you didn’t need a bucket to hold five eggs and your phone’s flashlight worked just fine to illuminate anything before you.

The hunt was quick to end. As an adult, it was easy to find 5 different coloured eggs. Though the golden egg did require a hint from the organizer. It was on the large tractor that doubled as the DJ booth. We all swarmed and 30 seconds later a winner was declared.

With the competition over, we all assembled back in the barn. There, we dumped our gathered plastic eggs into a treasure chest and collected a goodie bag. Each person got the same bag. A brown paper bag crafted into a bunny with pointed ears and a cotton ball tail. Inside: chocolate eggs, rocket candy, a twizzler, a jar of their wine jelly, and a coupon for 50% off one of their frozen food items. Attached to it was also a raffle ticket. Three participants would win wine and gift baskets. And thus the evening came to a close.

I liked the creativity and appreciated the farm offering such a unique experience. They are always coming up with fun activities for grown women and men, who like to drink. For example, see my past review of their goat yoga class.

Goat Yoga at Maan Farms


But for the price tag and what we got, I didn’t leave on our 1 hour ride home, fully satisfied with the experience. For $50 per entry you expected more. One drink $8, butter chicken $12, the goodie bag $5. The egg hunt itself was fun, but brief, as it was only 30mins of this 3 hour event. Keep the idea, but improve on the execution would be my advice.


For a more visual account of the night, check out my latest drinking vlog, as we drink and hunt of eggs in the dark.


790 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford BC, V2S 7N4