“Mamie Taylor’s” is one of those places I like recommend when suggesting a unique spot. A place for great food and drink, with original offerings and a stand out theme; that is also a little under the radar. Most memorable for me is their taxidermy pieces and their absinthe flights. However having wild life stuffed and mounted on the walls and above your head isn’t for everyone, as is drinking liquorice flavoured spirits. But for those who relish the different, like myself, their is a strong appreciation for the place.

So as one of my preferred drink and dessert places I have come back a few times after my initial visit. But to read my first post on the place click here.

I was back tonight for their limited time only Mardi Gras themed menu. Some authentic New Orleans flavours only available from February 17 to Friday, March 3, 2017. There are no reservations needed, just come in after 5pm daily, to try their fresh sheet.

“Mardi Gras” is the “Carnival of celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday.” It is enjoyed through food, party, and dance. Most commonly remembered in media for the use of beads as currency. And today a couple of their wild game busts had a few beads around their necks, and the bear even had a green and gold masquerade mask on in commemoration.

I learned about this event from a Daily Hive post, unfortunately what they advertised there isn’t what was actually offered here tonight. This was a case of false advertise, and in hindsight I should have brought it to the attention of the management to be corrected, less more patrons like me get disappointed. The article read with “down-home Cajun and Creole delicacies”, but in reality there were only four dishes, and one was a dessert. There was a Jambalaya, but no traditional Gumbo.

And I looked like a fool asking about the “New Orleans cocktails such as the Vieux Carré, the Sazerac and the Hurricane”, the three that the post recommended. Then was further disappointed that the room I planned to save for dessert would be going to waste. I was looking forward to trying kings cake of the first time, a traditional Mardi Gras bunt cake iced in yellow, green, and purple colours. And supposedly (according to Daily Hive) if you find a jade rooster figurine hidden in your piece, it and the cake yours for free. But once again the post mislead and all they had were beignets.

Our server checked with the kitchen and the owner, and they confirmed that what they had was only what their fresh sheet listed, at the bottom of the regularly printed lmenu.

I was originally lured in by the opportunity to try turtle soup and decided to go through with at least that. I was curious to have turtle meat for the first time. I didn’t expect to finish it or want to, I was just interested in the ability to and the experience of; as is often is the case when I try more exotic meats not common or typical to Canada. However it was surprisingly a really good soup, made with sherry and spinach, and topped with soft boiled egg. Although you can’t really tell that it is turtle that you are having. The meat is shredded like chicken, with a beefy taste, although it is the flavour of the tomato sauce base that you are focusing on. It drank like a melding of gazpacho and an herbed vegetable soup. We even asked where the restaurant gets their turtle meat from, and it’s apparently at “Gar-Lock seafood ltd”, the fish market across the street.

We also hopped at the chance to try frog legs off this New Orleans style Southern menu. I have had some before, but these were definitely the best I have had them. The order came with three legs, so I guess they don’t have the whole frog, but just purchase a batch of legs. Each drumstick was hefty, meaty looking from under all that golden brown breading. If you have never had frog legs before, after taking your first bite, you can definitely see why people compare it to chicken. The meat tastes and looks like it, and the legs have two parallel bones covered in meat like chicken wings. But past the breading and without the side of andouille sausage mayo for dipping, it tasted fishy, with the saltiness of sardines. Having it breaded helped in this, and to foster the disillusion of eating a slimy reptile, especially as you can’t see any of their webbed toes.

And since we were here so early, we also decided to take advantage of a few happy hour specials. Monday to Friday Happy Hour is between 5-6pm, and from Saturday to Sunday it run from 3-5pm. Draft beers were on for $5 and their house cocktail was $6 instead of the usual $11.

And for food there were wings, meatballs, and meat bundles for $1 a piece. We had the fried green tomato sliders at $2 each. It was seasoned in a Buffalo sauce that was balanced out with some ranch dressing. Fried green tomato is another first for me, and something I have been wanting to try, after hearing it mentioned in many pop culture references. This was a very saucy burger, with the tomato patty offering a fibrous bite. Tangy and spicy from the buffalo and tart and creamy from the cooling ranch. It was spicy, but not enough to kill the taste of everything else. Overall, a very impactful flavour, best in small servings like this. Although I wouldn’t mind a plate of just their green fried tomatoes with a side of ranch for dipping.


Would I come back? – Yes.
Would I line up for it? – Yes.
Would I recommend it? – Yes.
Would I suggest this to someone visiting from out of town? – Yes.
I would love to visit New Orleans one day, but now and for a while, this might be the closest I get to that. I enjoy visiting restaurants during events like this. It is a new reason to visit a place you already like, or one to bring you in, in the first place; as well as it serves as an interesting experience that you might not be available to get anywhere else. Don’t deny your cravings.


251 East Georgia Street, Vancouver BC
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