This week we got to put some mileage on the beautiful Mazda 6 GT. It is easily the prettiest mid size sedan on market in my partner’s opinion. He believes that once again the designers at Mazda have nailed it. It is aggressive in a subtle way, and easy on the eyes with its curvature.

We tested out the GT (Grand Touring) version, which came with bunch of standard features. This included a head-up display, LED grill lighting, a six-way power passenger seat, driver’s seat memory, and paddle shifters. All this and a full suite of active safety gives you the bells and whistles package. It has features like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, high beam assist, and automatic emergency braking. All the above, help to raise the driving experience and our safety to new heights.

The interior was as alluring as the Mazda CX-9’s, which we had the chance to drive few months back. It came equipped with beautiful nappa leather-trimmed upholstery, heating for the steering wheel and the rear seats, a black headliner, bright finish interior trim, and LED accent lighting for the shifter. All together it made for a chic ride.

And the fuel economy is superb. We were averaging 9.7L/100km, and were expecting to spend a lot more on gas due to the size of the vehicle; seeing as usually a bigger car means more weight to carry around, however this was not the case. It was surprisingly as good on fuel, if not better than the Mazda 3 we had few weeks back.

Powertrain wise the Mazda 6’s only engine option is a 2.5L. There isn’t a V6 or turbocharged option available, but the little 4 cylinder makes 185hp and 184pounds of torque, and it felt faster than any 185hp we have tried. To be honest, most competitors in its class have more powerful engines, but put the Mazda 6 in sport mode and ditch the automatic lever for the paddle shifter, and you end up with a vehicle that is very capable and very enjoyable to drive. There is plenty of fun to be had with the 6’s sporty suspension. With it you have less body rolling and improved cornering control. Coupled with great steering feed back. Such sporty suspensions are usually hard to find on mid size sedan, as we understand that most people would prefer a softer and more quiet ride. However for those who enjoy driving and can be considered car enthusiasts, this is more than just an A to B transportation apparatus. All these little intrinsic touches would have my parter choosing a Mazda over their competitors.

With all that said, he gives the Mazda 6 GT a big thumbs up! Thanks Mazda for the test drive. Looking forward to the next one.